5 top public relations management tools & tactics in 2023

5 top public relations management tools and tactics for 2023

The field of public relations includes a wide range of public relations management tactics, tools and strategies. As a result, depending on the campaigns’ objectives, the actual implementation of any two PR campaigns can look very different. Modern digital communication, traditional media placements, large-scale event planning, and other related tasks frequently require a unique blend of abilities.

While concentrating on investing in marketing and sales strategies to increase lead generation and customers, it is also crucial to invest in public relations tools to improve your agency’s visibility and reputation in the market.

To manage, track, and monitor your clients’ PR efforts as well as those of your own company if you want to increase your earned media efforts, you may need a few tools. Your agency is losing money if it can’t establish a link between a media mention and an increase in leads or inquiries.

5 trending Public relations management tools and tactics

Press releases

The tried-and-true, mainstay media relations tactic is this one.

Press releases are a relatively affordable outreach strategy. Considering that “65 percent of communications leaders said the tightening of budgets” is one of the top three challenges, it’s important to keep that in mind.

Moreover, 92% of consumers believe in earned media. Building trust is a key objective here, and placements in news publications, blogs, websites, and magazines are regarded as reliable.

Prowly tool

PR professionals can handle media relations more successfully while using Prowly to cut down on time spent on repetitive tasks. You can locate pertinent media contacts with the aid of the contemporary and user-friendly tool, which also enables you to maintain journalist-friendly newsrooms, create visual press releases, send personalized email pitches, and organize them in a PR CRM.

The free 7-day trial, clear and reasonable pricing options, and friendly support receive high marks from users. Prowly offers monthly and yearly plans, unlike the majority of PR tools, so you are not required to make a long-term commitment.

Regional media and TV stations

If your objective is to share your brand’s story with as many people as you can, you may already have major media outlets in mind. Although there is nothing wrong with this aspiration, getting coverage in the national media is actually very difficult.

Prior to establishing enough credibility to break into the national press, it is much preferable to concentrate on getting your story on local news. At the local media level, there is less competition, and a newsworthy story doesn’t necessarily need to be extraordinary.

By focusing on local media, you’ll have a better chance of getting your story seen by your intended audience. If your message is compelling enough, it will spread until the major leagues take notice of it.

Cision Tool

One of the most popular and feature-rich options for PR software is Cision. More than 1.6 million journalists, editorial contacts, and influencers are in its database. The platform offers sophisticated distribution, tracking, and analyzing features to ensure that you never miss a mention or fail to demonstrate the effectiveness of your agency’s PR efforts. Additionally, you can use the website to run content amplification campaigns so that your editorials and content appear in modules for recommended content on websites.

Depending on the client’s requirements, Cision’s pricing can be as low as $20 per month for small businesses.

Leveraging Social media platforms

Any company that takes its PR strategy seriously needs to stay active on the social media sites where its target market frequents. The main reason for this is that social media promotes brand awareness, expands the reach of your message, and helps you avoid potential PR crises by changing the narrative and taking charge of the situation in real-time.

Don’t just create an account and leave it alone. The secret is to actively interact with your network, participate in pertinent conversations, and share worthwhile content that will interest and inform your audience.

You can use social media listening tools to track what people are saying about your company, products, and services in real-time and take appropriate action to make the most of this PR strategy. It’s also best practice to provide excellent customer service by answering messages and resolving issues as soon as you can.

PR tactics examples that worked

PR Stunts for footage

Due to brands using publicity stunts solely for shock value in recent years, they have come under heavy criticism. Even though PR gimmicks occasionally come off as tacky and annoying, when executed properly, they can really help your brand stand out.

Your PR stunt must be original and clever in order to be successful. To get media attention and the public’s attention, it must somehow push the envelope and buck the norm. However, when deciding on the message to deliver, be sure that it also somewhat reflects your brand identity.

A good illustration of this PR strategy? Everyone is aware that Elon Musk’s goal is to get people to Mars, but nobody anticipated anything unusual when SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy, its most recent rocket, into orbit.

Therefore, the media and the rest of the world were ecstatic when Falcon Heavy launched a red Tesla Roadster into orbit while it was playing the 1971 hit song Life on Mars by David Bowie. A crazy, original, and unusual idea like sending a car into space made people sit up and take notice.

Social Media to the rescue

In order to spread joy and cheer on Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year, Orchard Pig used Twitter to promote their #AsHappyAsAPig campaign back in 2017.

Anyone who tweeted the hashtag along with a photo of themselves received an illustrated caricature showing them smiling broadly. Additionally, some fortunate pigs received a basket of Orchard Pig juice and cider.

To conclude

Public relations is essential for building relationships with your target audience and significant stakeholders, and it can assist your brand in utilizing earned media.

The roles that PR professionals frequently play include crisis management, community relations, influencer marketing, and many others.

Press releases, original research, and events are just a few PR strategies that can help you achieve your objectives, which are typically to increase positive brand recognition and foster relationships.

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