Here are 50 lead generation strategies that will help you generate a new sales lead which is one of the biggest keys to a successful business. Many salespeople are under the impression that they have hit the limit of people and companies they can sell to. When on the contrary they are just

  • Not looking in the right places for new business
  • Haven’t set a process for qualifying leads
  • Haven’t mapped out their buyer persona

Finding the right target to sell to is as important as actually selling to them and due to this it is important that lead generation becomes a vital part of your digital marketing strategy.

1.  Website

It is obvious that you must optimize your website to generate leads through it. Having a website is essential to any business and once you have the right features set up, the right people can find you instead of you seeking them out.

2. Landing Page, Thank You & CTA pages

The landing page has the sole purpose of converting website visitors or to collect information which will then be used for marketing and sales purposes.

Once the form has been submitted on the landing page, take the visitor to your “thank-you” page, where you can include a link to informational content related to their purchase or suggest other offers.

Persuade your website visitors to provide their contact information to you via CTA pages at the end of blog posts and strategically place them in your website so interested readers can drop you an enquiry.

3. Opt-ins

A perfect opt-in incentive gets your ideal customer to sit up and take notice, willingly give their contact information and become your email subscriber.

4. Feedback

Lead feedback acquisition is extremely important for the fluidity and optimization of your lead business. Organize and create a feedback loop so you can avoid overlooking essential information, then present the most relevant information to prospects. As much as comment sections, reviews, and polls are great ways of obtaining feedback data, complaints shouldn’t be ignored.

5. Exit Detection

Bounce rates and time spent on site can be significantly increased through the use of exit popups. Unlike entry or timed popups, exit popups appear based on user action. They present an offer to the viewer which works as an incentive for them to convert and provide their contact information.

6. Toll-Free Number

When embarking on a new marketing campaign, you could consider using a toll free number to affordably boost the success of your campaign. By customizing your toll free number you can do one of two things: share the name of your business or communicate a benefit you provide. Your number should reinforce your brand’s image and differentiate you from your competition.

7. Free Downloads

A good lead generating website offers some sort of free downloads which can be eBooks, templates, or any other helpful resources that people need to fill out a simple form to download.

8. Email Marketing

The person who provided their contact information to you so they could download your eBook might have been interested solely in its contents. That individual may or may not have much interest in your line of business. Your job as a marketer is to take that persons young curiosity and nurture it until it evolves into product interest. Email marketing will help you accomplish this through consistent and highly relevant email communication. Build credibility and trust with your leads which helps keep your brand at the top of the decision makers mind when they are ready to select a solution.

9. Free Products

Giving away your products for free can work as an excellent lead magnet as they give people a taste of what you offer. It will work for your business if you have several products or if you have a premium version of the same product. Free products can get you a lot of free subscribers, but the free sign-ups will only convert to customers if you give away a top quality free product.

10. Discounts and Offers

Receiving a great deal on a purchase is a lovely feeling and that is why special offers and discounts produce real conversions. These incentives make the customer feel valued enough to finally make the choice of doing business with your company.

11. Testimonials and case studies

Conversions increase by 50% when you place testimonials on a lead generation page. . Your landing page gets added credibility as visitors get a strong social proof when they view testimonials.

12. Blogs

Blogs need to be leveraged by companies for the purpose of increasing lead generation. Content marketing and SEO need to go hand-in-hand and it is due to this businesses are making blogs a priority. Companies need to create relevant content and captures the attention of potential prospects which can be done by researching keyword opportunities.

13. Customer / Client referrals

Referrals are relatively untapped by most companies even though they are potentially the most valuable sources for leads. Referrals come from people the customer’s trust and are referred to the right customers as recommendations are made to only those whom it would help. So delight your customers and in turn they will happily refer your brand to their friends and acquaintances.

14. Press Releases and Newsletters

Press releases and newsletters help keep your customers informed about your company and your products or services. There are many potential stories that pop into a B2B business’ mind but you need to weed through them to find a newsworthy topic that deserves a press release. Let your newsletters solve problems instead of just promoting the company. Your content needs to have a problem versus solution angle to it which will increase its usefulness in the eyes of the customer.

15. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The process of identifying why visitors are not performing a preset goal and working on those numbers after a comprehensive analysis is called Conversion Rate Optimization.  Instead of attracting more visitors with low conversion rates, concentrate on increasing your current conversion rate and then investing your time and money in attracting targeted visitors.

16. A/B testing 

Through A/B testing, you can compare two versions of a webpage or an offer against each other to understand which one performs better. With rigorous testing on landing pages, home page messages, email subject lines, CTAs, and images, you can optimize your webpages to begin generating and converting more leads.

17. Gated Content

As much as 80% of B2B content marketing assets are gated. In order to generate leads, marketers use gated content which provides prospects with valuable data in exchange for their contact information. 

18. Chatbots

Chatbots provide a banner opportunity for generating quality leads allowing brands to have plenty of conversations at the same time 24/7 while simultaneously providing valuable customer insights. They have the ability to answer questions and use that data to give prospects scalable, personalized one-to-one recommendations and move prospects through the purchase funnel.

19. Retargeting

Also known as remarketing, retargeting works as a form of online advertising which helps keep your brand in front of bounced traffic. The common misconception is that retargeting needs to be left with ecommerce companies but in reality, targeting and retargeting displays can be powerful lead generating sources for B2B companies.

20. Cross Selling and Upselling

It is important to know how to sell to your customers and for this, including cross selling and upselling in your lead generating strategies is quite beneficial. Both the selling techniques increases the average amount spent on orders while simultaneously adding customer value. To generate leads using this approach, you would need to set clear goals, know your audience, determine the customer journey, and segment your customers into 2 groups; big selling segments and the ones with low lifetime value potential.

21. Cross Promotion

Once you’ve worked at building a loyal network of customers, you still need new leads. For this, you can collaborate with another industry influencer through webinars, eBooks or hosting a Twitter chat. This method will help get your brand and the partner brand seen by new faces.

22. Strategic Partnerships

Find larger companies that need what you provide and then build your product into theirs using an API in return for promotion of your partnership on their site. This is the key to finding and building strategic partnerships. Through the help of these integrations, you will get a direct connection to potential customers who use the larger company and you will be able to create entry barriers for your competitors.

23. Account Based Marketing (ABM)

For a successful ABM strategy, you would require more than a unified sales-marketing goal and an intelligent account list. You need to also engage specific decision-makers within your target organizations that can help move opportunities forward. Before the ABM lead data enters your CRM system, the data needs to be accurate, complete and marketable in order to increase conversion rates and drive pipeline value.

24. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Marketing Automation

As the best AI systems excel at surfacing insights from large datasets, lead generation and lead qualification become a big use case. With the help of your marketing data, AI can be used to know more about your prospects and customers and to even find new leads or recommend existing prospects to pursue. Marketing automation helps you achieve lead generation through effective marketing and enables a marketing process that works in the background generating results with little effort from your end.

25. Native Advertising

The use of paid ads that resemble the look, feel, and function of the online publication it appears in is called native advertising and don’t look like normal display and banner ads. These ads offer an increase in intent to purchase and brand favorability. By choosing the right native advertising channel, telling a good story, and including a CTA the native ad will be able to help generate leads for you.

26. Skyscraper Technique

First find link-worthy content, make existing content even better and then reach out to the right people. Take content that already generates links and make it longer, more up-to-date, better designed, and more thorough. You then reach out to those site owners that have already linked to content similar to yours.

27. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

With the help of PPC, your website can instantly appear on page one of online searches and be presented in front of people who are searching for a solution to their problem. This results in more awareness of your brand and what you have to offer.

28. Webinar

In B2B marketing, the fastest growing marketing technique is the webinar. They are remarkably effective as a lead generation, lead nurturing and thought leadership tool. As they are a 100% online event, marketers can reach a large yet targeted group of customers and the data that they provide becomes a part of your well-stocked database.

29. Quizzes And Surveys

Surveys and quizzes are some of the creative ways savvy marketers use to bring in new leads and to learn more about them. But the biggest hurdle is getting your prospect to take the quiz or survey. To surpass the hurdle:

  • Be considerate and personal in your message when requesting them
  • Provide enough incentives for them to do so
  • Keep the surveys and quizzes relevant

30. Guest Blogging

From a SEO viewpoint, guest blogging helps generate leads by being an effective way to build up your backlink profile and helps establish you as a thought leader in your industry. Businesses feel a lot more comfortable and trust more when they see you establish a sense of authority about a subject.

31 Trade Publications

When generating leads through traditional advertising, trade magazines are much more beneficial than newspapers as it is focused on a specific industry and you can be assured that you are reaching your target audience for a reasonable price. When selecting a trade publication, check their circulation rates to make sure you get the most for the money you will spend.

32. Community Involvement

Help make your community a better place to live in while getting face time with potential clients who will then get to know you on a personal level which no newsletter, cold calls or emails can ever hope to accomplish.

33. Lost Opportunities

Moving on to bigger and better opportunities when a sale falls through, works in the short term but it is not necessary that a lost prospect is gone forever. Do not lost touch with former prospects and revisit them when the timing is right as most of them still have a possibility of turning into new buyers.

34. Radio

Seeking to generate leads through radio would require incentives of urgency for the listeners. As radio is normally played in the background, you would need to use ad frequency to capture the attention of your listener and get stored into their memory.

35. Event Marketing

More than 45% of a company’s sales and marketing budget is spent on event marketing and many valuable leads come from personal introductions made at these events. Once you align public relations, digital marketing and your social media efforts with event marketing, you will be able to gather thousands of ideal prospects in one location with a similar mood for making purchase decisions.

36. Bulk SMS Services

Using the service of bulk SMS, you can attract people towards your services and even reach a large number of people with very little effort from your end. After sending your SMS, ask them for feedback and reviews to help better your services.

37. Workshops

Organizing your own workshops is a great way of demonstrating your expertise and helps attract leads and build relationships in a value-added approach.

38. SEO

As part of your marketing strategy, SEO helps generate qualified organic leads by driving traffic to your website and increasing your site’s search ranking through the use of targeted business related keywords.

39. Social Media Engagement

Sales teams need to be active in online communities where their customers are. Through Social Selling, sales professionals can connect and engage with decision makers. With the power of social listening you can monitor searches done for your product and service by prospects. Once you discover leads through this method, engage with them to help nurture them into customers.

40. Influencer Marketing

The digital arena is filled with information trying to grab the attention of your prospect. So to gain a stronger online presence and increase the amount of exposure you have with your audience, influencer marketing is the best solution. For this, you can either work with those individuals who already have a huge social following or you can become an influencer yourself.

41. Online Forums

In spite of forums having a strict no-follow link policy, they play a big role in lead generation. For this, you would first need to choose an ideal forum where you can provide additional insight and add credibility. Contribute your insights to chosen conversations without adding any back links. Users and admins need to know that you are there to add value and not to fulfill a self-serving agenda.

42. LinkedIn

With rich analytics and marketing tools, LinkedIn has become a very big part of B2B social media marketing and helps generate relevant leads. It has the highest conversion rated among all major social media sites, half of which will most likely purchase from a company that engages with them on the site.

43. Twitter

With 330 million active monthly users sending out 500 million tweets daily, Twitter has become a platform that creates a lot of buzz, delivers good customer service and helps create a network of influencers and followers. 94% of Twitter users plan to make a purchase from the businesses they follow.

44. Facebook

Facebook lead generation isn’t limited to just ads. Lead ads help push customers further along the sales funnel but it is not the only approach. By using Facebook forms, posting visually appealing content, creating an interactive lead magnet and by changing the CTA on your Facebook page you can generate leads.

45. Instagram

With Instagram, you not only share photos but you also share a personal and visual element of your brand to your audience in real time. This helps create and nurture a relationship filled with trust and loyalty.

46. Quora

As a free question and answer site, Quora has reached a milestone of 100 million monthly unique visitors. With the aid of this site, companies can answer crowd sourced queries and establish themselves as authority figures among the members of this rapidly growing community.

47. Google+

Even though it is not as successful as the other social media networks, Google+ still deserves to be a part of your social media strategy giving marketers the unique opportunity to interact with visitors directly through touch points like Google search results and YouTube. An active presence on this platform helps improve your search engine rankings.

48. SlideShare

On SlideShare, every month more than 70 million professionals actively look for content like yours. This platform is particularly effective as users can share videos, documents, infographics, eBooks, and presentations on it which can increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

49. YouTube

Videos uploaded on YouTube are very search-engine friendly as they appear well ranked on a Google search and even on YouTube’s own search engine. This matters because YouTube is second only to Google as the most used search engine. Videos uploaded here directly translate to more sharing, more visibility and more lead generation.

50. Outsourced Lead Generating Services

By hiring an experienced lead generation company, you can be ensured a steady growth for your company and guaranteed a good ROI. In case you are interested in learning how beneficial outsourcing your lead generation campaign is to you and your business, do contact us. We at Valasys would be happy to discuss this further with you.we hope you liked the top 50 lead generation techniques we list out.

It is critical that your leads convert to sales. Companies have begun setting aside more budgets to fund lead generation methods. In order for businesses to break through the noise and get in front of their target customers they spend a lot on inbound marketing. So as to not be left behind by your competition, it is critical to make lead generation a priority.


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