6 Laptop Accessories to Boost Your Productivity

As someone who uses a laptop for work, you might experience some downtimes when the overall feeling of your productivity is not where it should be.

Finding a cause behind a sluggish personal performance is difficult, especially if these instances come and go quite fast and at random.

One of the potential solutions is to improve your computer setup. Since you own a laptop, you can consider investing money in certain accessories. The purpose of this article is to cover laptop accessories that should help with your work.

External Storage Accessories

A USB flash stick or a hard drive offers external storage, which is a worthwhile consideration for a couple of reasons.

First of all, you can use these accessories as a means to back up data. A precautionary measure to fight off cybersecurity threats is a neat advantage to consider.

Another reason to have external storage accessories is to deal with potential clutter issues on the computer. Only a few gigabytes of free disk space cause notable computer problems. Working on a sluggish device is hardly what you want when the goal is to achieve productivity.

Keyboard and Mouse

The built-in laptop keyboard might not feel too great on your fingers even if you get used to it. Flat keys or missing keys that you would find on other keyboards can make a difference.

As such, you might consider getting a third-party solution in the form of an external keyboard. Both membrane and mechanical keyboards have their pros and cons, so be sure to check those and make a decision then.

Now, as for the computer mouse, laptops do not have that. Instead, they come with a touchpad that replaces a computer mouse.

In terms of productivity, you might find that using a touchpad consumes too much time. A computer mouse is often a much better solution for smoother work. And it is not like you need to spend a lot of money on a computer mouse. Even a cheap mouse will be fine so long as it is working.

An Ethernet Cable

One of the biggest advantages of using a laptop is the fact that you are not restricted to using the device in a single location. Having the option to carry the computer with you is neat. 

However, this freedom also leads some laptop owners to rely on a wireless Internet connection. 

In some cases, Wi-FI is slow, and you might even have to deal with no Internet connection because of third-party peripheral interference or other factors.

An ethernet cable is a possible solution to Internet problems. Sure, it eliminates the portability factor of your laptop, but if you have a dedicated workspace, such as your desk, you are going to place a laptop on it anyway and use it there, right? Connecting an additional cable should not be too much of a problem. 

A Cooling Pad

A cooling pad is another example of a laptop accessory that is worth the money. On older laptops, you might hear loud noises due to overheating. The noise is distracting, not to mention that overheating is a problem by itself.

Putting a toll on the internal hardware leads to performance issues. In more severe cases, you might need to replace the hardware, and doing that on a laptop is a real hassle.

Using a cooling pad means giving your laptop a source of cool air. By lowering the internal temperature, you can expect to minimize the overheating problem. 

A Laptop Stand

A laptop stand is great for when you need to adjust the computer’s height. Even a few centimeters can make a significant difference. Considering your health benefits, you want your laptop to be at an appropriate level. 

In addition, when you do not sit with your back hunched, overall productivity should increase as well. If you have felt like your current setup is a bit of a mess because of where you have to place your computer, then a laptop stand could prove to be the right fix to the problem.

Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds let you enjoy high-quality audio without complicating things for yourself. Regular headphones are a bother. They are pretty clunky and sometimes annoying to use.

On the other hand, wireless earbuds are one of the most popular laptop accessories at the moment. Whether you need to hear others via an audio or video call or listen to music to help you concentrate and make the work easier, a good pair of wireless earbuds is the accessory to go for.

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