7 Golden Principles of Protecting Data in Cloud


You have to take every available precaution in order to preserve the integrity and status of your data stored in the cloud.

Any potential weaknesses could potentially be exploited by hackers. That’s why you need to consider all options when it comes to protecting your data. You might decide to take advantage of a professional solution such as an Impact ICT fixed fee IT option, for instance. It will also help if you diligently observe some of the golden principles that help to keep your data safe.

Ensure access is as secure as possible

Despite the fact that your cloud provider should have robust defenses in place to protect their cloud infrastructure you should also further reduce the risk of data being compromised with your own security measures.

A good starting point would be to make sure that your password management protocols include complex passwords and regular rotation of passwords.

Review access privileges

It is not a good idea to give every user the same level of data access. Applying a “need-to-know” approach by strictly controlling access permissions will reduce the risk of a security breach.

Be vigilant with regular monitoring of activity

Monitoring and recording employee activity will improve your cybersecurity profile.

When you see activity from an unknown IP address or suspicious activity you can act swiftly if you are constantly monitoring every user.

Don’t disregard privileged users

A common security weakness is when an organization fails to track the activities of privileged users who have access to all areas and sensitive data.

If a privileged user’s account is compromised it could have serious consequences. That’s why privileged users also have to be monitored.

Make every employee aware of the dangers

Educating every employee who has access to the cloud and updating their education is often the key to keeping data safe.

When everyone is aware of the signs that point to phishing and social engineering being used to compromise your data it can bolster your defenses and help to resist attacks.

Are you fully compliant?

There are numerous laws and regulations in place that are designed to protect consumer data. Any data held in the cloud that is covered by these regulations need to be protected by way of meeting all compliance requirements.

Do you know if every aspect of your data infrastructure meets current laws and regulations?

You might want to use an external IT provider to review your measures and point out any failings or weaknesses that need to be addressed urgently.

Make sure you deal swiftly with any incidents

Despite your best efforts, there may be data breaches that need to be investigated and addressed.

Your aim should always be to respond urgently to any incidents and nullify or remove the threat before the situation gets any worse.

Liaise with your IT partner to formulate a plan of action if you are using an external provider to help you deal with your cloud requirements and security protocols.

If you adhere to these golden principles of protecting your data in the cloud it will help you to maintain the integrity of sensitive information and allow you to use your data with a greater degree of confidence.

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