9 Cyber Security Mistakes That Can Cost You A Fortune

9 Cyber Security Mistakes That Can Cost You A Fortune

With increasing cybersecurity threats, it becomes important to stay vigilant all the time. Here, cybercriminals wait for users’ mistakes to steal their data and ask for ransom. In this article, we have discussed 8 such cybersecurity mistakes that can cost you a fortune, and you should avoid.

Using Primary Account

If you are using primary account with administrator privileges then it could cause trouble to you in case your system security is compromised. Here, certain settings and apps require administrator privileges to make changes. Thus, it remains crucial to keep your system’s security intact to avoid situation when cybercriminals get access to your system password and make unnecessary changes to critical settings. To avoid this situation, you should create local account on your system with all necessary permissions. This simple trick will keep your system & data security intact.

Blanking on the Basics

Passwords play a crucial role to keep you safe. If you don’t adhere to basic security steps like using strong passwords and not sharing it with others, then it could cause you trouble. If you keep passwords simple so that you don’t need to remember them, then you are giving chance to cybercriminals to steal your data. To avoid this problem, you can use best password manager tools to create strong passwords. You can also try to create strong passwords manually. Here, you should create at least 8 characters password with combination of letters, numbers and special characters. In addition to that, you can use password manager tools to keep all your passwords secured in secret vault.

Not using Reliable Antimalware Software

A good anti-malware tool keeps your system security intact. Working on advanced techniques, these smart tools offer comprehensive data security. Here, it deep scans your system storage to find and remove all malicious content. You can these tools to schedule scan process to save your time and reduce manual efforts. The best part about these tools is that they not only protect you from existing threats, but it also covers you against emerging malware threats. These tools also provide you real-time security to avoid installing & downloading malicious content accidentally. You can use these tools to secure your system against Trojans, spyware, ransomware, viruses, and other malware threats.

Avoiding Identity Protection

The threat to your identity is real and emerging with each passing day. Here, cybercriminals try to steal your identity traces for nefarious usage. They may steal your identity to fill tax returns, apply for insurance benefits, may commit various crimes, and do similar things. To avoid threat to your identity the best solution is to use identity protection services. It helps you track all your identity traces and secure them in protected vault. It offers real-time protection to avoid all security threats effectively.

Avoiding Network Encryption

Security experts strictly prohibit using open networks like free Wi-Fi to avoid security threats. If you find free Wi-Fi lucrative deal, then you are putting your security in trouble. Here, it is easier task for cybercriminals to target you and breach your system security using small piece of malicious software. Furthermore, you should never use open network for important & sensitive tasks like online banking and shopping. For better security, you should keep your network password protected and encrypted. Though most service providers keep your network encrypted still you can ask them to check for encryption services for better security.

Avoiding Phishing Attempts

While half of your emails you receive everyday go to spam folder, phishing is serious issue users are facing today. Here, cybercriminals try to lure users with big discount offers, etc. and they ask users to click on links and attachments in the emails. Here, these links & attachments contain malicious content that spread on user’s system to steal data. So, if you tempted to click on links or open attachments offering you unbelievable discounts or prizes then you are causing security threat for yourself and that’s what these criminals want.

Allowing Unnecessary App Permissions

Whenever you install any app or software on your system it asks for certain permissions for smooth functioning. While most of these permissions remain critical for seamless app performance, still there remain certain apps and software that seek for unnecessary permissions on your device. If you find apps that are seeking for unnecessary permissions on your device, then you should be quick to uninstall that app. For example, calculator app on your device asks for permissions to your contacts then you should decline the request and uninstall the app instantly.

Not Updating Software

Software update remains critical to overall system security. Here, you get useful additional features, security patches, and bug fixes with each software update. To keep your software up-to-date your device manufacturer, keep on sending regular updates automatically. You should be prompted to install all these updates for better security. In case you have missed these automatic updates, then you can also try updating your software manually on your system. To do this, you need to visit your system settings to find & install latest updates. In addition to software update, you should also keep all apps & software up-to-date on your system. To do this, you can visit your official app store or visit third-party websites to update the apps & software.

Not Shredding Data Properly

If you simply move your data to recycle bin when you don’t need it, then you should think it twice. Cybercriminals could easily retrieve this deleted data from recycle bin and misuse it. Thus, it is best to permanently delete all important files & folders on your system. To do this, you can use best file shredding software for enhanced results. These tools work on military-grade shredding services to help you delete your data permanently.

So, these were few security mistakes that could cause you serious trouble as cybercriminals wait for such mistakes. If you have faced any such issue before or have some suggestion for better security, then feel free to share your experience in comments below.


With increasing cybersecurity threats, you should remain vigilant to security mistakes that could cost your fortune. Let’s discuss more about it here.

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