6 best Marketing and Advertising Campaigns for B2B Businesses

The only constants about the personality of the marketing & advertising campaigns for B2B businesses are that they are ever-evolving & dynamic, yet innovative. Amidst the intervention of data & the Internet of things (IOT) that surround the B2B ecosphere, the renaissance in the creative avenues of the advertising campaigns for B2B businesses is something that precognitive marketers have always seen. Owing to the rapid innovations in the ways audiences are being discovered, engaged & tempted to take actions to expedite & optimize the conversions, the subsequent multi-variety testing of the marketing & advertising campaigns for the B2B businesses is an uncompromising & core marketing activity for the B2B marketers. Marketers need to break the glass ceilings associated with stereotypical B2B marketing activities & focus on creating new creative strategies to reach audiences, earn their attention & inspire actions to drive sales conversions and positive word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) as well as retention post-purchase. Read more: 8 Reasons why B2B Marketers should Prioritize Word-of-Mouth Marketing (WOMM) The B2B world is transcending publishing the envelope for all it can be. The marketers are increasingly operating from a place to improve the customer experience in an experience-driven economy & most of them aim to improve the traditional ways of customer experience management.
According to Gartner, more than 66% of CEOs say that they have it on their minds to change their business models in the coming three years.
While some companies are gearing up for a major transformation that will alter nearly everything about the company, others might just start by addressing smaller areas within the organization at a time. Business transcendence is anticipated, particularly as marketers embrace multi-channel attribution modeling, an increased inclination towards data-driven decision making by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML) & think about optimizing the conversions by revolutionizing the aspects of audience targeting. According to a blog by Alexa, targeting is one of the most crucial parts of marketing. With the digital footprints of the prospects studded all across the web & marketers having an Engle-eye to keep the track-records of the buying histories, research methodologies & the omnichannel research habits of the prospects, targeting nowadays is as virtual, refined & niche-based as one wants it to be. Clustering of the prospects by the means of AI-based algorithms such as K-means clustering & sub-clustering has become an important component of targeting. Employing Intent data from first & third-party sources & combining it with the demographic, technographic, firmographic and the fit-data of prospects further create new scopes to refine targeting. Going forward, as the Martech technologies continue to blur the lines between the physical & digital world, the world of B2B marketing will witness transcendence like never before. In fact, the glimpses have started becoming quite evident even now in ways several marketers have shaped the marketing & advertising campaigns for B2B businesses. The following is a list of 6 marketing & advertising campaigns for B2B businesses will show you the sneak peek of innovation flowing in the B2B world & will keep you inspired to experiment with your current business models, so as adopt business transformation & optimize your bottom-lines:

1. The Use of Account-Based Marketing by Couchbase to generate a sales pipeline worth $1.5 million:

Couchbase provides an enterprise-class, multi-cloud to edge database & unlike other NoSQL databases offers the robust capabilities required for business-critical applications on a highly scalable & available platform. Couchbase is focused to revolutionize digital innovation by enabling rich & personalized customer experiences. But the products of Couchbase despite offering substantial business benefits only had a niche appeal. Also, Couchbase had to match-up with big incumbents including Oracle & many other better-established NoSQL rivals. So, Couchbase decided to adopt Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to tap into bigger accounts. It also realized that turning bigger accounts into customers would require a much deeper level of insight, focused on appealing to more strategic & high-valued audiences. Couchbase used social persona data & keyword volumes to eradicate the guess-work from its content strategy. It also employed persona workshops to better understand the roles, pain-points, buying cycle relevance & content preferences of each individual involved in the decision-making process. Thus, they were able to create hyper-targeted content for each persona & deliver it to their targeted accounts. As a result, Couchbase was quickly able to build a pipeline worth 1.5 million. It was confident that it could create the content necessary to move the prospects down to the sales cycles.

2. Salesforce’s Campaign introducing SaaS/Cloud software services:

This campaign was launched by Salesforce with the slogan: “Software is dead.” This was the one advertising campaign for B2B businesses that had a clever positioning & sharp messaging that forced the industry & potential customers to take notice. The campaign inspired the potential customers to realize that the old model of buying license software is dead & that the new model of renting software as a service was emerging. The campaign was effective because of its clever positioning, catchy slogans & other provocative tactics.

3. Drift’s campaign to optimize Email Conversions with “Live Chat”:

This was amongst the revolutionary advertising campaigns for B2B businesses in that it categorically proven that one can capture leads without using forms. The campaign is amongst the best B2B campaigns in 2019 in that it paved ways for alternative approaches to lead gen & pioneered the era of advertising with no lead forms. Drift ditched the website forms & promoted the live chat functionality to gain impressive results.
Drift also claims that 63% of people who open chat box on Drift’s pricing page choose to converse with a sales representative.
The typical email campaigns fueled by addresses gathered from lead capture forms generated click rates of 2 – 3%.

4. HubSpot commercial called “What is HubSpot?”

This is amongst the best Advertising campaigns for B2B businesses & almost every marketer can relate to this. In the commercial, HubSpot explains industry dilemmas & states why their products are the ultimate solutions to the problem of every marketer. This commercial is fresh & combines the elements of animation with moments of live footage. The ad is eye-catching & ends on a happy note.

5. Carpathia proves that referrals are a B2B thing:

Amongst the most influential advertising campaigns for B2B businesses is the one from Carpathia. Carpathia was a large scale enterprise cloud solution provider & was later acquired by QTS Realty Trust in a $326 million deal. The marketing campaign from Carpathia was amongst the advertising campaigns for B2B businesses that proved that referral programs are a universally hit formula to target people both in B2B as well as B2C dominion. Carpathia leveraged a simple referral program to promote its complex products. It only took 3 short steps to become the referral partner of Carpathia. After having registered, the partners gained access to case studies, white papers as well as an array of sales tools. One used to get paid with a commission for referring new customers. The company also leveraged social proof to highlight the strength of its offers in the form of positive word-of-mouth referrals.

6. Dropbox’s campaign with thought leadership that delivered an ROI of 25:1:

Dropbox is a file hosting service that wanted to tap into a new audience market. Consequently, it built an interactive microsite with an assessment tool that enabled users to discover what type of marketers they are. The results were hyper-personalized & shareable prompting entire agencies & marketing departments to get involved. The content marketing campaign can also be termed amongst the best marketing & advertising campaigns for B2B businesses as it incorporated psychometric research, infographics, blog posts along with a 20-page ebook & invested time in content to create an advertising pattern to outlast the competition. This campaign is amongst the best advertising campaigns for B2B businesses as it delivered impressive results. The campaign achieved 220% of its lead generation target & delivered an initial ROI of 25:1. Wrap Up Talking about the best advertising campaigns for B2B businesses, trend mapping isn’t easy. B2B marketing is an ever-transcendent field and even though new trends come & go almost every day, marketing lack insight on what to do with those trends. In order to survive in a fiercely competitive B2B world for designing effective advertising campaigns for B2B businesses, marketers need to overcome complacency & continually re-evaluate their processes, products & business models. Making an impact in the minds of the customers is of utmost importance. The above-enlisted advertising campaigns for B2B businesses can give you some perspective  & can help you in envisioning your future marketing & advertising campaigns by drawing some inspiration. Valasys Media is a renowned company that leverages an array of hyper-personalized B2B services such as lead generation, account-based marketing, lead nurturing, event promotion services, list building services & content syndication services to help our clients achieve their business bottom-lines. Contact us & our experts shall help you nourish your revenue growth stacks by assisting you with lead generation, closing sales deals & managing your pipelines.

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