List Building Services


Building and maintaining customer database lists that are up-to-date and accurate is the single biggest challenge that any B2B enterprise faces. You need to invest time and energy in finding, selecting, qualifying and building lists in order to generate leads, schedule demos, and close deals.

As an experienced business development and list building company, Valasys Business Solutions is able to provide a wide range of list building services, offering relevant and high-quality lists no matter the type of business you’re involved in and what your goals are.


1. Identify and focus on target customer databases

To effectively target your customer base, we at Valasys build business email lists that focus on your specific business criteria, record and then segregate the customer list based on their specific requirements.

2. Compile and verify data

Valasys has their very own CRM platform called Valasys Business Solutions Data Drive where all the data collected by Business Development Executives are stored in one area. By using different filters, the BDEs can access the appropriate data that correspond to the respective campaigns.

Through Valasys’ in-depth research techniques, our list building experts will be able to give you the relevant list once they know your target audience so that they can apply the appropriate filter in the VBS Data Drive when searching for them. The Valasys team will first collect accurate data and then once they feed it into the drive, they just need to search by entering the specifics of their campaign and the relevant list will come to them. This considerably reduces the time, resource and cost spent by you and us.

Email lists get higher conversions than social media campaigns and so spending time in email list building is very beneficial. If you have a website, and you want to turn your visitors into returning customers, then you need to get them in your email database list. The advantages of using Email as a communication channel are as follows:

  • Personal – Email allows you to land directly into a user’s inbox, which is personal and keeps it casual.
  • Purposeful – The user is much more receptive to your message as they have already shown their interest to you by sharing their email ID.
  • Targeted – Since you already know what your user likes, you can deliver highly relevant content and offers to them to get better results.
  • One-on-One – People are able to read emails in the privacy of their inbox. They can then confidently ask you questions, knowing it is in private. This helps build trust and connection.

3. Data deduplication, augmentation, and standardization

Using the VBS Data Drive, there is no possibility of duplication as the data is checked and rechecked regularly. We keep unique data that is up-to-date. Our BDE teams tirelessly research, verify and build on the exhaustive list we possess.

Valasys Business Solutions has a master database of opt-in contacts from various industry verticals. Our data specialists select relevant contacts from our master file, based on your business requirement.

By using Valasys Business Solutions’ List Building services, you also get to experience the advantage of using the VBS Data Drive and our hard-working technical professionals. Some of those advantages are:

  • Prompt data availability as most of the data is stored in the VBS Data Drive already
  • Short delivery time with the help of our experts, in the rare case when we do not have the data asked for
  • Ready to use data will be delivered with no need for filtration

In this intensely competitive market, every second lost is a deal lost. So when Valasys’ expert service and effective VBS Data Drive is available for your perusal, why spend your precious time and money conducting your list building service in-house?