Altafiber and the Internet of Things (IoT): A Seamless Connection

Altafiber and the Internet of Things (IoT) - A Seamless Connection

The idea of the internet of things still feels unreal at times. Having an array of devices, sensors, and software all speaking to each other autonomously seems like something from a movie. The IoT has also come a long way thanks to newer technology and better internet. In this article, we talk about how an ISP such as Altafiber internet helps you create an effortless network to work with.

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An Introduction To Altafiber Internet

Once known as Cincinnati Bell, Altafiber internet is often termed one of the best fiber internet providers in the US. Having been in the telecom business for a century and some change, they have all the experience once would expect. This shows when you look at what an Altafiber internet connection comes with. There are three Altafiber internet plans to work with:

Internet Plan Internet Package Price Download Speed Upload Speed Features
Fioptics 400 $39.99/month 400 Mbps 200 Mbps ·        No data caps

·        Low-latency

·        Support for up to 10 devices

·        Two-year price lock

Fioptics 800 $49.99/month 800 Mbps 400 Mbps ·        No data caps

·        Low-latency

·        Support for up to 15 devices

·        Two-year price lock

Fioptics 1 Gig $59.99/month 1 Gbps 500 Mbps ·        No data caps

·        Low-latency

·        Support for up to 25 devices

·        Three-year price lock

Altafiber shines bright in this area because it offers incredible speeds, uncapped data, and has low-latency. These three combine to create the perfect circumstance for your smart home integration.

Understanding The Internet Of Things (IoT)

While we’re raving about how good Altafiber internet is, you should know what the internet of things (IoT) is. We’ll keep it short and sweet but ensure you learn everything.

What is the IoT?
It is best defined as one of network made up of devices fitted with sensors that use compatible software to exchange data. They may do it in a closed network or with other smart devices. These smart devices could be as small as a smart light bulb or a 20 foot tall robot in a manufacturing plant. The key benefits of the internet of things include, but aren’t limited to:

  •       Smart sensors which have a specific task or tasks that they’ve been programmed to do. 
  •       Interconnectivity which allows these smart devices to connect with the internet and each other
  •       Actuation which makes it possible for these devices to be controlled remotely
  •       Data collection and utilization which is responsible for processing the large number of data that is generated from smart devices. This data can be used in machine learning for device functionality to be more customized towards you.

Altafiber Internet And IoT

The real question is, why should you choose Altafiber for the internet of things. We’ll give you five reasons why this makes sense:

Extensive Fiber Optic Network

Altafiber internet is available across three states i.e. Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Residents of these states can get the best fiber internet in the country for their home or offices. This way everyone can benefit from the power and convenience of the internet of things!

Incredibly Safe And Secure Connections

Any and all Altafiber internet connections come with robust internet safety protocols. Not only are the cables physically protected, the bandwidth flowing through them is also safe. They have intrusion detection systems along with the best encryption possible, ensuring that no one gains access to your smart devices.

Scalable Internet Infrastructure

Fiber optic internet is known for internet speed, reliability, and scalability. Seeing as the internet of things allows you to create incredibly modular home automation systems, Altafiber offers different high-speed internet plans depending on how comprehensive your system is. 

Best-In-Class Customer Service

Altafiber doesn’t just sell you a great internet connection and call it a day. Their amazing high speed internet is paired with the renowned Altafiber customer service. This includes a team of trained professionals that will help you with everything Altafiber. Want to sign up? Can’t decide which plan is right for you? Having trouble with your internet? Considering picking a faster fiber internet plan? Want to learn more about Altafiber? Altafiber customer service has all the answers you need! 

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