B2B Blog Post Ideas: Tried And True Ideas for B2B Brands

B2B Blog Post Ideas: Tried And True Ideas for B2B Brands

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When it comes to generating the B2B blog post ideas, the marketers must understand that blogs are not only important to drive additional traffic on the business websites of the brands but also assist in reputation management.

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blog post ideas need to be both intriguing & informative & include an
array of categories such as customer success stories, mention a popular post,
disagree with popular opinion, a riff on the news & many more.

Marketers can use several tools for
B2B blog ideas such as HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator, BuzzSumo, Moz, Alltop,
UberSuggest, Google Trends, Portent’s Content Idea Generator & Content
Row’s Link Bait Title Generator.

The digital marketing blog topic ideas
might not always be superfluous, especially when you have figure out new &
trending topics to write about every week.

The marketers can get bugged by the
question: "What to blog about"?

To top it all if you have some sort of
a stagnant mindset – devoid of fresh perspectives, you can also face something
known as writer's block. Any which ways, the situation just worsens.

Blogs are vital & absolute
indispensables tools in the modern marketers’ arsenal.

As per to search data from Jumpstreet & analysis from Rand Fishkin, Google properties have owned over 90% of all searches in 2018, an ascendency of 1.5 percent since 2015.

Clearly, the inclination of people towards reading blogs has vastly improved. We have compiled a list for the B2B marketing blog topics 2019:

1. Leverage Multimedia:

Multimedia elements are amongst the impeccable B2B blog post ideas
as they allow the marketers to create & leverage on a round-up of all the
best GIFs that prospects can relate to.

The blog posts with videos can do wonders. Even the videos
reflecting on the niche-specific trends & transcribing the episodes of your
podcast on blogs can prove to be impactful strategies.

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Besides recording videos with colleagues & influencers &
uploading it on the social media platform & then molding it in the form of
blog posts is an impressive strategy.

2. Research properly & write about some off-beat topics:

Playing around with the key business keywords is fine. You can
always get n number of permutations & combinations based on the latest
trends operative in the market. However, diversifying your content strategy
with research & studying it with some unorthodox topics from time to time
is amongst some of the most impactful B2B blog post ideas.

Even the start-ups can come up with business blog ideas or can
work on ideas around holidays & use it with their content strategy.

3. Keyword-Driven & Case Study Related Posts:

Oftentimes, the blog posts with specific keyword density do well.

The blog posts can be optimized with the help of keeping the
proportion of main keywords anywhere between 0.5% to 2%. Adding the Latent semantic
indexing (LSI) keywords can improve the discoverability of the blog posts

In addition to the
keyword-driven strategy, amalgamating case studies in the blog posts also works
wonders. People like storytelling & they feel empathetically intrigued by
posts that tell personalized stories of brands.

If brands publish their case studies by compiling the research
data, this can help them with maintaining & consolidating their brand

4. Community Engagement Ideas:

The modern marketing strategy requires you to develop an
omnichannel content strategy that is not only fascinating to your prospects but
also your competitors & influencers within your niche.

Asking influencers for guest posts, running product/service
giveaway & throwing, recapping & molding blog posts around
community-based events are all useful in engaging the customers & keeping
them lured to optimize the sales conversions.

It has been substantiated in several studies that customer
engagement is one of the key drivers of sales revenue.

Any B2B blog posts ideas that are fresh & inspiring to
generate optimum customer engagement creates a good probability of ascending
your sales revenue.

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5. The How-to-Guides:

How-To-Guides are meant for a cluster-specific audience &
invite engagement. They clearly can be repurposed & published in the form
of blog posts. If you are a B2B company operating with a specific set of
products or services, you can always keep on upgrading your pieces of content
based on the launch of new product lines or the up-gradation of the existing

Again writing the How-To blog posts works as the web search of
audiences often starts with the ‘Wh’ – questions, ‘How’ in particular. So,
automatically, the “How-to-Guides” are also SEO friendly.

6. Writing the “Ultimate Guides”:

Writing the subject matter knowledge in the form of specific
guides helps the marketers in showcasing themselves as pioneers in the field.
It gives the prospects as well as customers a strong & underlying
impression that their favorite brands are very-well familiar with the problems
being faced by them.

Creating a pillar page can also be of great help.

It is advisable to write the ultimate guide on the – beginner,
intermediate & expert levels separately keeping in mind the target
audience. Thus, the ultimate guides are amongst trendy & compelling B2B
blog post ideas.

7. Create Evergreen & Humorous Posts:

The evergreen blogs are blogs with almost infinite vitality. With
minor tweaks in statistical figures from time to time, these blogs just never
lose their effectiveness.

Much like the evergreen posts the humorous posts are also
associated with improved customer engagement & conversions & are
amongst the unique & in effect B2B blog post ideas.

Wrap Up

B2B writing has to be informative, though not essentially boring.
Surrounded by the monotony of the stagnant trends in the industry, often the
B2B blogs can be rendered ineffective. Revitalizing your B2B blog post ideas is
important for B2B marketers as blogs are important for SEO as well as lead
generation. Having similar blogs can prove to be a hindrance to optimize
audience engagement. Remember that blogs are an asset to your business &
with the help of the above-mentioned B2B blog post ideas, the brands can
optimize their core bottom-lines for improved return on marketing investment

Valasys Media helps their B2B clients with custom-made services such as lead generation, account-based marketing, lead nurturing, event promotion services, list building services & content syndication services. Our services have been engineered to help our customers with their core bottom-line endeavors.

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When it comes to generating the B2B blog post ideas, the marketers must understand that blogs are not only important to drive additional traffic on the business websites of the brands but also assist in reputation management.

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