10 Best B2B Marketing blogs for Entrepreneurs

B2B Marketing Blogs For Entrepreneurs

When thinking about an all-inclusive content strategy, the first thing that comes to our minds is the original ideas generated from deep insightful research.  Let’s face it – we all draw our inspirations from several people and resources – whether online or offline.

B2B marketing is a monolithic & ever-transcending field & thriving in a knowledge-based economy takes a lot of effort – particularly in terms of delivering the value with the help of content.

According to Forbes Customer Experience Management (CXM) is amongst the potent most important investment areas for the marketers to thrive amidst the cutting-edge competition in the B2B world & establish their omnichannel reputation.

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According to research by Forbes, 89% of the companies today compete primarily based on customer experience, as compared to 36% back in the year 2010.

Certainly, companies have a long way to go in terms of optimizing their customer experience management (CXM) thresholds.

B2B marketers need to look forward to nothing but the best B2B marketing blogs for entrepreneurs to accentuate their levels of creativity, industry benchmarking & Martech insights.

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The following is a list of the best B2B marketing blogs for entrepreneurs to look forward to learning about the latest trends in the B2B dominion & architect all-inclusive omnichannel marketing models:

1. Search Engine Journal:

The website was founded in the year 2003 & has been consistently providing the readers with the latest news & best practices employed by the industry experts to scale their businesses. The website provides valued & well-researched pieces of content related to the cores of digital marketing, content marketing, social media, paid search, WordPress & SEO.

The website is quite popular amongst the SEO community across the globe & publishes valued insights on topics such as SEO, Paid search, Content strategy, Content Marketing & Social Media.

The website operates with a vision of educating & empowering the SEO community & has a humongous monthly traffic of over 9, 00,000. They broadcast the motto: “work smarter, not harder”.

2. Content Marketing Institute:

Next-up on the list of the best digital marketing blogs is the Content Marketing Institute. This blog helps you with every how-to advice about content marketing. The practical insights enlisted in the blog can help marketers architect an invincible content strategy.

The well-researched articles in the blog can be B2B marketers’ ultimate guide to optimizing their content strategy including the blog posts, blog posts, and original pieces of research, case studies & much more. Besides, the experts at the Content Marketing Institute also help the content marketers scale up their specific business endeavors.

The B2B marketers trust the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) to seek answers to some of the most common questions in the realm of B2B marketing such as:

How to develop a content strategy?

How to create content that the audience will find valuable?

3. Valasys Media:

Valasys Media a globally acclaimed company that assists B2B clients with an array of tailored services such as lead generation, account-based marketing, lead nurturing, event promotion services, list building services & content syndication services to help marketers optimize their core bottom-line endeavors.

Besides, helping its B2B clients master the overall art of sales enablement, Valasys Media also has a highly resilient & consistent content strategy.

Leveraging an exclusive, well-researched & diversified content strategy Valasys Media has a treasure-throve of content in the form of top stories, journals, white papers, case studies & e-books.

The blogs published are amongst the best B2B marketing blogs for entrepreneurs. Valasys Media understands the importance of user-generated content (UGC) & curates its content strategy around the latest B2B products or services. In a lesser cohesive world of B2B content marketing, where the majority of marketers are oblivious about the power of a consistent content strategy, Valasys serves its readers with the latest news, reviews & insights in form of blog posts & news articles regularly.

4. Social Media Examiner:

The world’s largest social media marketing resource, Social Media Examiner has also published the best B2B marketing blogs for entrepreneurs to help businesses connect with customers, drive traffic, generate awareness & increase sales.

The articles published on the platform are relevant & comprehensive & derived from original research. The pieces of content published on the platform are related to social media, Video marketing & marketing on diverse social networking channels. The platform provides marketers with access to the opinion of the industry’s top experts.

Founded in the year 2009, the company operations the vision to help marketers navigate across & reap the maximum benefits from the ever-dynamic social media jungle.

5. Marketing Profs:

MarketingProfs is yet another on the list of the best B2B marketing blogs for entrepreneurs. The blog is pledged to fuel your inner marketing genius by giving the marketers practical marketing training & education on everything related to developing, executing & measuring successful campaigns.

The blog is preferred by more than 6, 00,000 marketers worldwide. Founded in the year 2000, the write-ups are specialized on a wide array of topics such as advertising, podcasts, marketing training, SEO, digital advertising, online marketing, case studies, research, seminars, webinars, conferences & B2B.

6. HubSpot Blog:

HubSpot was founded in the year 2006 & is amongst the best B2B marketing blogs for entrepreneurs to follow. They specialize in an array of topics related to inbound marketing & are pretty well-known for writing the how-to-blogs on subjects such as marketing, inbound methodologies, blogging, SEO, automation, social media marketing, customer support  & customer relationship management.

HubSpot leverages a wide range of marketing tools that help businesses & start-ups across the globe grow better.

7. Drift:

Drift is a business website founded in the year 2014 & specializes in creating well-researched & unique write-ups on topics such as Marketing, Sales, SaaS, Inbound & Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Drift is the world’s leading conversational marketing platform. It helps B2B clients connect with their customers & expedites their buying cycles.

8. Kissmetrics:

Founded in the year 2008, the blogs on kissmetrics are written on topics such as analytics, web analytics, A/B testing, Event Tracking, Conversion Funnels, Performance Tracking, Marketing, Customer Intelligence, Customer Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Conversion Optimization, Notifications,  Customer Engagement & Email Automation.

Customer Engagement Automation is a unique feature of kissmetrics that helps grow more customers. The other services provided by the company include behavioral insights, segmentation data & data pertaining to campaign automation all in one place. These help the B2B marketers & product teams increase conversion, engagement & retention.

9. Marketing Insider:

The company was founded in the year 2015 & the blogs are articulated around specialized topics such as Content Marketing Strategy, Content Development, and Creation, Content Marketing Training, Digital Marketing & Leadership Strategy.

Their well-strategized content strategy poses them on the list of the best B2B marketing blogs for entrepreneurs to reach engage & convert new customers for their businesses.

The blogs authored by Michael Brenner, who also devised The Content Formula are an essential addition on the fed of every entrepreneur.

10. Convince & Convert:

This one is amongst America’s fastest-growing private companies that create some of the best B2B marketing blogs for entrepreneurs on specialized topics such as social media strategy, social media marketing, social media consulting, content marketing, marketing strategy, email marketing, podcasts & word-of-mouth-marketing (WOMM).

President Jay Baer has his unique humorous tonality in content creation. The pieces of content are related to the business-bottom lines & insights are always backed by well-researched data.

Wrapping Up

As we head closer to the year 2020, it is important for us as marketers to keep themselves abreast with the latest trends & transitions in the marketing world. Keeping an eye on the above-listed best B2B marketing blogs for entrepreneurs will ensure that the marketers are amazed by a sense of awe & compelled to act according to the latest marketing insights to realize their business bottom-lines.

The blogs have a people-centric approach to content marketing that keeps marketers insulated from boredom & on their toes to track, analyze & optimize their marketing endeavors.

Contact us at Valasys Media to discover the power of optimized customer experience & emerging technologies to help you reap the benefits of optimizes sales revenue.

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