B2B Marketing in Martech Age

B2B Marketing
B2B Marketing is witnessing a sea-change & is profoundly being swayed by the blending of marketing & technology i.e. after the advent of the era of Martech. Almost every B2B marketing company these days is beholding technology in its rapidly evolving form & is assimilating it with their marketing endeavors. Martech is a catchword in the B2B marketing realm these days. It inferences the innovative practice resulting from the amalgamation of marketing & technology. The term “Martech’ specifically applies to all the major initiatives, efforts & tools using technology to help marketers achieve their desired marketing goals & objectives. Mary Beth Parks, former Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Hilton Worldwide conjures how technology can boost marketing endeavors:
“Great campaigns result from collaboration, and technology should help support that collaboration. By bringing individual brand processes together & moving to a common platform, we gain efficiencies while encouraging deeper levels of creativity across organization.”
The modern Martech age aids B2B marketing. With the help of automation, marketers can keep a track record of the entire customer journey at multiple campaign touchpoints & can keep a track record of the funnel with ease. How Martech Benefits B2B Marketing According to Martech Today, the marketing technology landscape now asserts of having a roster of 5,000 companies. New marketing technology solutions keep on emerging with each passing day. Marketers in the modern Martech age have new data points to attract, engage & drive the audiences to sales. The following are some essential benefits of assimilating Martech solutions in B2B marketing:

1) Hyper-Personalized Content Enhances Customer Experience:

According to Salesforce, an astounding 72% of B2B buyers expect companies to personalize communications in ways that suit their needs. With the help of Martech solutions, the realm of personalization has been revolutionized like never before. Marketers can create highly specific pieces of content. They can leverage artificial intelligence & machine learning algorithms to learn more about the buying behaviors of their customers & the preferences they display on multiple channels across the web. Learn more on 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Scales up B2B Sales & Marketing With the help of several marketing automation programs, B2B marketers can deliver personalization at scale. They can learn about their target markets & craft niche-specific audience segments. Predictive & dynamic content strategies further boost customer experience.

2) Automation is a boon to data gathering & customer profiling:

B2B marketing thrives on getting customer profiling & targeting right. Automated data collection & the right targeting is something every B2B marketer strives for. Martech tools leverage AI & Machine Learning. Customers are segmented into specific clusters based on their demographic, firmographic & psychographic insights & thereafter, cluster-specific targeting strategies are devised for the personas. Automation simplifies the process of prospecting & can even be used to analyze the behavioral data of the prospects to further refine targeting. Learn more on 5 Reasons to use Emotional Analytics in B2B Marketing

3) Chatbots Assist in Branding:

Not only the acquisition & retention of customers is important but equally important is customer experience. In fact, customer experience lies at the core of customer retention & brand advocacy. Chatbots can be used to automate the initial process of lead capturing. They can also predict customers’ buying journey by collecting information such as location, price range, gender, characteristics & lot more. Bots can help marketers in delivering exemplary customer service by engaging with the customers in real-time. As brand equity is cultivated, there automatically flows a lot of positive Word-of-Mouth for the enterprises that manage to resolve the problems of their customers promptly. With the rapid evolution of the machine-learning algorithms, bots are increasingly being used to resolve customer problems with ease by critical analysis of a wider array of situations. Thus, bots can engage customers across omnichannel & can assist you with your branding endeavors.

4) Re-energize Your Email marketing efforts:

HubSpot predicts that email marketing will continue to grow in the year 2020. Modern B2B buyers expect marketing emails to be uniquely tailored to their needs. An irrelevant email can adversely impact open rates. According to a study by MailChimp, the average open rate for emails from 50 different industries is a mere 21.33%. The problem of poor open rates can be resolved with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & dynamic content. Automation helps in designing a behaviorally-targeted & data-driven email marketing framework. Furthermore, marketers can analyze how their target audience groups engage with emails. Accordingly, the loopholes in the content strategies can be defined & fixed. As the triggers of different personas are identified & fixed, email personalization can attend new heights. B2B marketers can serve different pieces of content to different audience segments while still running the same campaigns. The results from email marketing endeavors can be qualitatively & quantitatively analyzed with the help of email marketing KPIs, can be subjected to multivariate analysis & then can be optimized.

5) Strengthen Your B2B Social Media Strategy:

According to a report by Edison Research, approximately 223 million U.S citizens used social media in 2019. When it comes to B2B marketing, LinkedIn is heaven for B2B marketers. The professional networking site boasts to be the progenitor of 80% of all the business leads & is preferred by 94% of marketers to publish content. However, marketers should also do extensive research to choose other apt social media platforms where their target audiences reside. Leveraging the singularity of audience mirroring & look-alike audiences, B2B marketers can enhance their ideal persona-base. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) come in handy as they can help you discover audience groups that display similar research behaviors as your ideal persona. Equipped with the power of AI & machine learning, B2B marketers can make optimum use of social media to generate high-quality leads, build their brands and enhance their customer service. However, care should be taken that you don’t automate your social media marketing end-to-end. While automation can assist you with timely delivery of content, keeping yourself engaged with audiences is also equally important. Automating social media marketing can be productive as well as profitable. Marketers can automate their content curation, social media posts, RSS feeds, marketing flows; however, automating customer interactions & troubleshooting should be avoided. Tools such as Buffer, IFTTT & Zapier can help you automate your content strategy for social media. The postings should be scheduled for times when audiences are most engaged on social platforms.

Wrapping Things Up

The realm of B2B marketing has changed & customers are in total control of the sales process. They set the pace for their buying journeys & might quickly get distracted if enterprises fail to deliver the optimum customer experience that they are expected of. The stakes are high for B2B buyers & Martech tools help them sustain & grow their businesses. Embracing marketing & technology duo refines B2B marketing endeavors, ensuring that they are trustworthy, precise, and authentic, designed to meet the prospects & customers with well-timed & hyper-personalized messages. As the customers are well- armed to research & gain proficiency in their preferred research queries, the ultimate aim of customer success is guaranteed. This helps B2B businesses accomplish their core bottom-lines associated with customer success such as the snowcapped ROI goals & enhanced sales revenue. Valasys Media is a well-renowned name when it comes to gravitating B2B marketers towards their ROI goals. Our personalized B2B services include lead generation, account-based marketing, lead nurturing, event promotion services, list building services & content syndication services. Contact us if you have any thorny marketing problems or simply want to optimize your ROI goals & we will be happy to help.

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