7 Best Practices For B2B Video Marketing

7 Best Practices For B2B Video Marketing
The use of B2B Video marketing is one the rise. With the video being a big thing in 2019, the projections for B2B video marketing trends look promising for 2020. According to a report by the Smart Insights, 83% of marketers believe that videos are becoming increasingly important.  /strong> In fact, several B2B video marketing statistics imply that 2020 can be the year for B2B video production.
According to a HubSpot survey involving 3,000 customers, 56% of the customers aged 25-34 years & 54% of the customers aged between 35-44 years want to see more videos from the brands they follow or from the ones which are their favorites. 
The importance of video marketing in the B2B landscape has been highlighted in a post by the Search Engine Journal (SEJ). The post predicts that B2B video marketing will be more dynamic, custom & branded for their pieces of content in the year 2020. The post further adds that along with the increased popularity of YouTube, dynamic imagery & Augmented Reality (AR), B2B video marketing & visual storytelling landscape will continue to flourish & bolster even in 2020. Let’s delve into B2B marketing trends that the video marketers need to look forward to & keep abreast with to deliver the next big video types, keeping pace with the b2b video best practices for optimal returns from video content:

1. Leverage Personalized Videos:

According to Accenture.com, 90% of the marketers are more likely to shop brands who they recognize & who have offered them some relevant & lucrative offers & recommendations online.
Personalized B2B video marketing allows marketers to build a relationship with their audience by providing them with tailored experiences resonating with their pain-points. Personalized B2B videos will awestruck the marketing world to a farther extent than B2B video marketing 2019. Jon Mowat, Author & MD of Hurricane illustrates the importance of personalization in the following words: “Personalized video is an under-utilized tool and worth testing. From our experience, campaigns frequently generate 50%+ email open rates and 40%+ CTRs. The results speak for themselves.”

2. Prioritize Data:

A data-first approach to B2B video marketing ensures that the marketers are targeting the right audiences, at the right point in time, with the right messages. This increases engagement & optimizes the conversions. The B2B video marketing tactics in 2020 will be driven by creative videos & data-driven videos.
James Bryant, Video Strategy Director at Skeleton Productions stresses the importance of shifting from a generic approach to marketing to a more refined & segment-specific targeting approach. He stated that personalized video marketing not only targets a specific set of the target audience but also captures the attention of buyers at different stages in the buying cycles.

3. Employ Long-form Videos:

Much unlike the B2B video marketing 2019, which emphasized specifically on short-form videos, long-form videos will grab the center-stage in 2020.
According to Oberlo, an average user will spend 88% more time on a website with longer content.
Long-form videos specifically aid marketing because of the following reasons:
  • Long-form videos can keep people interested in the brand’s messages – especially in an era where customers have dwindling attention spans.
  • Long-form videos enable brands to tell memorable stories.
  • Long-form videos implied in  Marketing educate your audiences better & leave a lasting impression to digest the information fed.
Daniel Sarath, Senior Digital PR Executive at Click Consult believes that memorable, emotional & long-form video content imbibed in Video Marketing gives brands the impeccable opportunity to connect with their customers leveraging visual-storytelling & on more emotive grounds.

4. Use the 360-degree Videos:

VR headsets like Oculus Rift & other smart devices are making 360-degree videos more common & accessible. According to a study by Magnifyre.com, 360-degree videos are watched by 29% more people than people choosing traditional video formats. Thus, 360-degree videos can be used to optimize endeavors. Furthermore, a study by Brainwire shows that these forms of video drive 7% higher purchase intent – helping brands stand out from the crowd.  Thus, 360-degree videos can help deliver greater ROI than traditional video formats while also increasing brand awareness & engagement. According to Sophie Campbell, Digital Marketing Executive at Click Consult, 360-degree videos can be an important & popular ingredient of B2B video marketing as offering unique experiences while putting the customers in focus of the story can help brands showcase their true personality & excel at their core bottom-lines including an optimized ROI design.

5. Integrate Your Marketing Funnel:

According to Smart Insights, 72% of the audiences prioritize videos over text when learning about a product or service. Brands in 2020 will integrate  across their entire marketing funnel. This would not only streamline the customers’ journeys but will also make them smoother.

6. Use Videos at “Brand Awareness” Stage:

Videos can be used at theB2B Video Marketing. According to Brightcove Inc., 53% of the customers engage with a brand after viewing one of their videos on Social Media.

7. B2B Video Marketing for Lead Nurturing:

According to HubSpot, B2B video marketing is beneficial for email nurturing & for lead nurturing in general & helps improve customer engagement by improving the Click-Through Rate (CTR) by 300%. 
Wrapping It Up Jon Mowat, Author & MD of Hurricane states: Video is the most effective way for brands to elicit behavior change in consumers and reach their goals, so it’s no surprise that it’s a big priority for marketers in 2020.” Videos are not only a highly engaging & digestible form of content but also drive the highest level of audience experiences by visual storytelling. However, video marketing has transcended beyond sharing short-form videos. Going live, producing native videos across diverse social channels & long-from educational videos drive video marketing endeavors towards optimized conversions. Valasys Media is a trusted name amongst the B2B service providers. Our custom-services include lead generation, account-based marketing, lead nurturing, event promotion services, list building services & content syndication services which help our customers optimize their core bottom-line endeavors including an optimized Return on Investment (ROI). marketing endeavors. Follow Us on LinkedIn: Follow Us on Facebook:
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