The Best Content Collaboration Tools for B2B Brands

The best content collaboration tool

Content creation is a collaborative effort. B2B marketing teams should learn how to collaborate on content. Knowing about some of the best content collaboration tools for B2B brands can help marketers improve on the quality of their content, drive high-quality traffic & create valuable pieces of content.

Content collaboration is a great way for people to contribute ideas, knowledge & expertise for the creation of valuable pieces of content. Using the content collaboration tools makes the process of content creation hassle-free & seamless. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best content collaboration tools which allow marketers to brainstorm & produce pieces of content offering better results for the readers as well as the business. Using some of the best content collaboration tools can help marketers in the following ways:
  • Indulging the Team Members:
According to a report by, only 33% of employees in the United States are engaged. Collaboration can compel the office members to get engaged.
  • Deriving Unique & Useful Insights:
Having the right tools at disposal not only helps in connecting people but also helps in compiling unique perspectives to create specific pieces of content. The pieces of content are of high-quality as they assimilate the insights from all the important stakeholders.
  • Streamlining the Process of Content Creation:
Marketers may need to collaborate with people from outside the organization. The best content collaboration tools must provide seamless communication. The following is a list of the best content collaboration tools that can help B2B brands optimize their content creation & optimization endeavors:

1. MindMeister:

MindMeister is an effective tool for brain-mapping that allows brands to map out their content strategy. The tool qualifies amongst the best content collaboration tools for B2B brands & can be used for envisioning how one idea flows into another & how complex concepts can be broken down. The tool is mobile-app friendly & has an array of templates & additional features for coming up with unique project plans, after brainstorming on additional features. The content strategy can be mapped out regardless of the physical location of the team members. The free plan of MindMeister can be used to gain access to three maps & the collaboration features. Multiple premium plan actions are available. Pricing starts at $36 for 6 months with a 30-day free trial.

2. Google Docs along with the Entire G Suite:

For accessing Google Docs, all you need is a Google account. Google is a free, cross-platform word processor (meaning that it syncs with all your devices) and can work online as well as offline. Marketers just need to have a Google account to start with. Whenever a document is created in Google Docs, the tool automatically saves all your work. As the daily tasks are synced, there is no separate task of looking up for a back-up. When it comes to collaboration, Google Docs is amongst the best content collaboration tools. The links to the pieces of content created can be shared with colleagues & editors & they can view as well as edit your document, as per the liberty provided by you. As the same document can be edited in a hassle-free manner by various users in real-time, it becomes easier to gather consensus on a cumulative endeavor & create one in the first place. Benefits of using Google docs:
  • Ease of access:
Google docs can be used by collaborators 27/7 on any device with internet access. This means that the documents can be assessed & edited from any part of the world. This increases productivity & helps in accomplishing tasks more quickly.
  • Simplicity:
Google Docs is a simple tool to learn from. Almost all the features & functions are self-explanatory & simple.
  • Importing or Exporting the Files:
If marketers need to import a file to Google docs or export a Google doc to Microsoft word, this can be easily done by Google Docs. The tool cooperates with other types of files allowing the team members to send or receive the files with ease.

3. Microsoft SharePoint:

SharePoint is a cloud-based intranet platform & is considered amongst the best content collaboration tools for B2B brands, being used for content management, communication & resource sharing. SharePoint sites can be accessed from a basic web browser. This can help geographically decentralized businesses. Even while working remotely colleagues can connect with the help of SharePoint. You can upload your exclusive documents on SharePoint & can share it with the entire team or a selected few as per your will. SharePoint is amongst the best project collaboration tools & a holistic enterprise collaboration software that allows the potential for mixing-up of the multiple versions of the same document. The documents can be modified with ease. Consider a hypothetical creative project, such as designing an impactful presentation; colleagues can keep on improving a standard design by collaborating on SharePoint until an optimal design is achieved. The exclusive personal storage & selective sharing is allowed in the personal storage space called OneDrive. Multiple users can work on the same document at the same time by using the co-authoring feature. Benefits of Using Share Point:
  • Integration With Microsoft Office: 
This is amongst the most valuable benefits of SharePoint. SharePoint integrates with all the other Microsoft products such as Word, Excel & PowerPoint.
  • It is Secure:
The pieces of content on SharePoint are secure from unauthorized usage as users can manage permissions for folders & documents.
  • It can be Customized:
SharePoint can be used to create custom applications & components. Taking the help of IT, marketers can access the tools they need for their jobs & can collaborate to shape several pieces of content. SharePoint has several pricing plans. The plans start with as low as $5 per month. The basic plan allows users to access SharePoint & OneDrive. Additionally, with this feature, the team members can access online features such as file storage & communication tools.

4. Scribblar:

This educational tool also qualifies among the best content creation tools for B2B brands & can be used by marketers for collaborative brainstorming sessions. Users can create multiple “rooms” and collaborate in real-time. They can even text & audio-chat during the process. Scribblar can be used to document the free follow of ideas in the form of a free-form conversation. The basic pricings (for 2 users in a “room”) costs around $9 a month.

5. Trello:

Next-up on the list of the best content collaboration tools for B2B brands is Trello. Once, marketers have a plan, they can create boards and then pin cards with tasks to each one. Check-lists or standard text-instructions can be used to describe what each task is all-about. Then, the tasks can be assigned to different team members. Once, the task is finished, documents can be attached to the completed card & thus, the list gets completed. Trello is available free of cost. It can be used to tag team members, facilitating easy project management.

6. Dropbox Paper:

For facilitating the collaborative endeavors for the success of the business, Dropbox introduced Dropbox Paper. This tool is amongst the best content collaboration tools for B2B brands that allow users to create, organize the review of their shared pieces of the document. The files created can be shared in diverse formats including Word, Excel, Google Docs & Google Sheets. Each project can be assigned to a team member who can access as well as control the project through Dropbox Smart Sync. Benefits of Dropbox Paper: The key benefits of the tool include the following:
  • Brands have freedom with their documents – the documents can flow from checkboxes to images & there’s no restriction on how different elements can be put together
  • Not only Dropbox Paper can be used for sharing files but different team members can also be tagged using the platform
  • Besides, text videos & GIFs can also be embedded in Dropbox Paper. Having a Standard Business Account with Dropbox allows marketers to get an administrative feature starting $17.50 a month; otherwise, Dropbox Paper is available free of cost

Wrap Up

Having a robust content strategy helps marketers at every level of organizational hierarchy innovate without any biasedness or constraints. This helps the brands aiming for strong brand equities. Using the above-mentioned content collaboration tools marketers can engage & communicate effectively within an entire organization, specifically with their team members. Strategizing & sharing engaging content helps in bringing quality traffic to the website. It also helps in adapting to ever-changing marketing dynamics by enhancing the users’ experiences. Ian Laurie, Founder at iD Social states: “Content is a product, not a tactic. It is the customer’s first purchase.” Selecting amongst the best content collaboration tools helps the marketers collaborate better within their workplaces. As collaboration flows naturally & in impactful ways, this helps the businesses optimize their core bottom-lines. Valasys Media helps B2B marketers with wiser decision-making to boost their sales productivities. We leverage an array of B2B services such as lead generation, account-based marketing, lead nurturing, event promotion services, list building services & content syndication services.

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