How Many Blog Posts Should a B2B Company Publish Per Week?

Blog posts should a b2b company publish


How many blog posts should a B2B company publish per week? Well, the answer varies as per the different schools of thought and as per your operative niche, company size, industry & sales & marketing strategies. Also, the frequency of B2B weekly blogs is impacted by the purpose of blogging. So, more isn’t always better & less isn’t always bad. It’s primarily about prioritizing Quality over Quantity; however, there remain other vital rules of the game as well. For example, the marketers focusing on organic traffic are bound to have the obvious question on their minds: How many blog posts per week for ranking? Relevant & engaging content delivered to the right customers at the right time to help expedite their sails through the buyers’ funnel, has always been the lifeline of B2B marketing. According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, about 91% of the marketers are doing content marketing. Furthermore, another research from Forrester substantiates that more than half of all the B2B buyers view 8 pieces of content at a minimum & 82% of the buyer view a minimum of 5 pieces of content from the vendor before making a buying decision. Nurture examined that 81% of the businesses reported blogs being imperative to B2B lead generation. Moreover, blog content creation is a top priority for 53% of the marketers as per the State of Inbound Report by HubSpot. If starting a blog is tough – deciding about how many blog posts should a B2B company publish per week is even tougher. Let’s delve deeper into insights, trends & expert opinions & derive ramifications nonetheless, on how many blogs should I have.

How often should you blog for business?

There is a lot of confusion in the minds of marketers with regard to the question: how often should I write my blog. Clearly, a lack of confidence in answering delineates that probably you are not executing an optimal blog content strategy focused on bolstering the Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). Deciding on the frequency of B2B blog posts i.e. answering how many blog posts per day should be published for your businesses to flourish, outlast the competition & establish their individual identities in the marketing landscape, maybe utterly difficult. The frequency of the B2B blog posts depends upon what’s best for your company. To answer how many blogs should I have per week, one can start with deciding on the delimiting their core purposes to blogging – which, in turn, can be different for different businesses. Studies have substantiated that smaller businesses can succeed by posting one to four times a week while larger companies need to write blogs on a daily basis or even multiple times in a day. The answer to the question of how many blog posts should a B2B company publish per week is categorically impacted by the different blogging motivations or the core objectives behind writing a blog. Let’s separately scrutinize the different blogging objectives & how they influence the vital B2B problem statement: How many blog posts should a B2B company publish per week:

1. Organic Traffic:

Blogging is an imperative practice to draw an increased number of followers on your website. Ensuring that your blogs abide by the best SEO practices ensures that not only there is high-quality traffic on the website but the website conversion rates are also optimized. Oftentimes, the traffic on a blog post compounds over a period of time & hence, marketers need to upgrade their blog posts from time to time. Learn more: 11 Practices for B2B Landing Page Optimization (LPO) For optimizing the organic traffic marketers need to publish as much as optimized content as they can.
HubSpot advocates that writing small blogs 3 to 4 times a week & publishing larger blogs 4 to 5 times a week (including both the new, upgraded as well as the repurposed blogs) helps in increasing the influx of high-quality organic traffic on the website.

2. Brand Awareness:

Google can crawl each page of your website for SEO & therefore, every blog post that brands create has the ability to not only enhance the website traffic but also can improve the brand awareness of the websites. Producing high-quality content with the right mix of the requisite keywords, with images & infographics helps in increasing the brand awareness. Learn more: Benefits of Content Personalization for B2B Marketers Blogging is of high importance for brand discovery as well as for the lead generation. Having a content diversification strategy in place along with addressing the pain-points of the customers & providing vital information holds the key to succeeding in branding through content marketing.
Creating small new blogs between 1-2 times a week & creating large blogs 3 to 4 times a week (including the new, updated or repurposed blogs) according to HubSpot hold the key to succeeding in brand awareness endeavors. 

The Schools of Thoughts on Blogging Frequency

For the marketers struggling with the question: How many blog posts should a B2b company Publish per week: A recent study from HubSpot substantiates that B2B companies that publish over 16 blogs per month receive 3.5 times the amount of traffic as compared to the ones that publish only 0-4 posts per month. Thus, thinking in terms of numbers while resolving the conundrum how many blog posts should a B2B company publish per week –  the clear answer that comes out is roughly 4 times a week would suffice. Furthermore, according to Forrester once the companies publish their 401st blog post they experience about twice as much spike in the traffic as compared to the ones with 301-400 blog posts. Posting at the rate of 16 blogs per week consistently, the marketers can achieve 401 plus blog entries over a time span of six & a half months. At this time the value of the blog can be maximized both in terms of traffic generation & generating the website conversions. However, thinking in terms ofinstant traffic gratifications isn’t the only way to think. Another study from HubSpot shows that 75 percent of their total blog views & 90% of all their blog leads come from older posts. This indicates that the performance of a particular piece of content can actually pick-up over time – particularly if the content is relevant & manages to hang around for quite some while.
While retaining relevant content is essential, HubSpot also advocates of the famous 80/20 rule of content eradication. While you can upgrade, repurpose or stick to the 80% of your best performing B2B blogs, you can always think of strategies to get rid of the 20% of the least performing pieces of the content from time to time.

Wrapping It Up

Taking into account all the food of thought mentioned above, allows marketers to finally understand how many blog posts should a B2B company publish per week. Any number should, however, be tested & backed by data-driven analytical insight. For the marketers trying to comprehend how often should I write my blogs, the above-mentioned statistics & facts can be of great help. However, your current situation in the market, online reputation & the marketing strategies opted for also hold special importance. Question yourself on the following vital points:
  • Whether you’re in a position to attract reputed personalities and influencers as guest bloggers on your website
  • Whether the Denzel strategy i.e. prioritizing quality over quantity or the exact opposite spray & pray strategies would be the best fit for your business model
  • Analyze your brand’s position in the marketplace & whether ample resources are available to you to post on the pre-decided frequency rates
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