When Your Company Requires B2B Marketing Agency


Nowadays, the definition of marketing has been changing consistently with growing company density in the market. The idea of marketing is not limited to boost brand awareness. It has shifted towards lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead conversion.

Nowadays, the definition of marketing has been changing consistently with growing company density in the market. The idea of marketing is not limited to boost brand awareness. It has shifted towards lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead conversion.

In this bottleneck situation, companies need to apply new formulas and tactics to stand out in the crowd. In order to apply an overall approach, the team should consist of all-rounders, which is a complex situation.

Failing to do so, often, results in the downfall of the growth trajectory of business- an undesired situation. This is just one of the circumstances out of many.

Hiring a B2B marketing agency helps avoid several challenges associated with marketing such as- lack of market experts, lead retention strategy, limited resources, resource training, and marketing automation.

A B2B marketing agency could only benefit the company if it is hired at the intersection of the right time and interest intensity. However, the companies remain confused about the pros and cons of hiring a B2B marketing agency.

Here are a few points to decide when your company needs a B2B agency-

1. Mix of Marketing Elements-

When it comes to marketing there are lots of elements involved such as content marketing, marketing research, social media marketing, lead generation, and sales. The lapse of any of these factors might lead to the failure of the overall marketing strategy.

And practically, it is not possible to have experts in every vertical. In fact, as per the survey report of Oracle, 75% of marketers lack expert skills, and 74% of marketers are leading to a misalignment between the marketing and sales teams.

B2B marketing agencies provide services to companies belonging to various domains. Hence, hiring a marketing agency brings all the spices together under a roof. Marketers working with marketing agencies have broader exposure in terms of marketing strategies suited to particular services, products, and regions.

Collaborating with a B2B marketing agency provides access to experts belonging to different dimensions of marketing- inbound, copywriting, web development, campaign creation, advertising, digital outreach,  direct mail, marketing automation, analysis and tracking, and many more.

Applying expert skills boost the probability of reaching to the target audience and conversion of leads into prospective customers.

2. Cost Regulation-

As mentioned in the previous point, marketing is a broader concept with several dimensions integrated into it. To manage every aspect, various verticals must be functioning simultaneously. This, in turn, will result in more number of employees that further poses budget constraint.

When you hire a B2B agency, you don’t need to invest extra in resource management. You don’t need to pay full-time salary, employee benefits, and other overhead that contributes to extra budget allocation.

Thus, a B2B marketing agency is recommended if a company wants to save on the maintenance of in-house team and yet wants all the services on the table.

The cost of hiring a B2B marketing agency is very less when compared to the cost of hiring an internal team, training, and retaining them. Also, the agency comes with strategies, tools, technical skills, and well-established formulae.

However, it is always suggested to check the services offered and compare the pricing model of various agencies.

The outsourcing marketing agency can reduce the cost of resource management and lower the risk of strategy failure.

3. Time Management-

Apart from resource management, B2B also offers time management. Time is one of the crucial factors in the success of marketing strategies, especially in B2B marketing strategies.

In general, 25%- 40% of the time is consumed in designing marketing and sales strategies. Rest time is reserved for purpose of scheduling meetings, prospecting, research, data entry, email writing, and content writing.

So eventually, companies are left with a very little fraction of time for lead nurturing and sales closing- that are important for revenue generation of business.

Hiring a B2B agency helps divide the workload of the core sales team of the company. This, in turn, provides them more time and space to reach the audience, nurture leads, and convert leads into prospective customers. Growth in the number of sales is directly proportional to the revenue propagation of business.

4. Propagation of Brand Story-

The aim of the marketing strategy is more than telling the story. With growing competition, it is crucial to know who is listening to your story. Telling the story to relevant people boost the chances of attracting quality leads.

B2B marketing agency such as Valasys Media recognizes this challenge well. Hence, they work on reaching the target audience using various mediums such as email marketing, webinar, content syndication, and many other similar strategies.

This, in turn, helps the company to attract quality leads whose chance to turn into prospective customers are quite prominent

5. Alignment of Sales and Marketing Team-

B2B marketing agency does tend to give equal weightage to both sales and marketing teams. To get a significant overall result, the agency applies its own set of tactics and processes. The marketing agency work in a coalition with the sales team to find out challenges, define the idea of lead generation, applies formula to nurture leads, and work towards the conversion of prospective leads into customers.


Different companies hire B2B marketing agencies to serve a different purpose. However, the end line remains the same for every company- Boost the business and revenue.

B2B agencies come with their own set of well-established formulas and experts who help drive the business extensively. Further, a mix of various elements at a low cost is a bonus. And thus, the demand for the B2B agency is burgeoning recently.

Hiring a B2B agency are helping companies to boost their business.

If you are looking for a B2B marketing agency that can provide business assistance in enhancing brand awareness, lead generation, and lead nurturing, Valasys Media is a platform to look for all your requirements.

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