Driving Business Growth With Instagram Giveaways

Driving Business Growth With Instagram Giveaways

The age of digitalization has rapidly accepted the real potential of businesses skyrocketing at the stellar heights of success. The Instagram giveaways have turned out to be a modern-day magical wand for brands whose thirst grows for recognition and online growth.

Instagram is currently reported to house over 2.4 billion users, and the number is forecasted to reach 2.5 billion by the end of this year. Amidst the commotion of online marketing, our post sets sail, charting the unexplored waters of the progressing strategies for Instagram giveaways this year. We will gear you up with the treasure map leading to greater brand exposure, engagement, and a loyal following who will eagerly interact with your brand.

The True Concept of Instagram Giveaways

Instagram Giveaways is a time-restricted promotional campaign that is managed by a brand, enabling the users to win their products by performing tasks on the basis of the set criteria. Mainly, the giveaway ideas on Instagram need better engagement of participants with the posts, following their social media accounts, and promoting the brand under the social circle.

However, the sky is never the limit here!

Shaping the best Instagram Giveaways for Small Businesses and Enterprise-levels presents an opportunity for the audience to complete and win big, making the promotions highly interesting. For instance, you can ask the participants to create a video that features your product or execute distinctive photography ideas using your brand. The next step involves sending entries and trying their luck to win.

Therefore, you can set forth ideas for your giveaway on Instagram based on the niche of your brand, the persona of your audience, and the goals you aim to achieve. Before diving into the possibilities of forming the best Instagram giveaway ideas to execute, let us go through a few of the benefits of running an Instagram giveaway that convinces you better.

Top Benefits of Running Instagram Giveaways

Execution of a proper giveaway idea on Instagram involves a lot of fun as it brings out the best in your brand without asking much. The following are the main benefits achievable by running trendy and amazing Instagram giveaways.

Enhance Audience Engagement

The ideal benefit of Instagram giveaway ideas is that it invites better user engagement. Users can interact with your brand by knowing about your service in a better way by taking part in the contests and giveaways. Try out the easy-to-participate ideas involving a comment-to-win, a poll, and more, ensuring an enhanced audience response.

Generate Quality Leads

Instagram giveaways can help you generate customers in the long run. Offering the winners or the participants contests for the products will enable them to try your product or service. They may have turned out as your regular customers and buy your products. They would even refer your product to the relevant customers by driving more leads.

Winning Marketing Strategy

It is needless to mention, the Instagram giveaway proved to form the winning marketing strategy especially for B2B businesses. You can gain user-generated content that gets repurposed and posted as customer testimonials on social media platforms. The single technique, greater engagement, enhanced traffic, and better brand awareness will drive business growth.

How To Structure Instagram Giveaway For Business Success

Plan on your giveaway.

You can pick from a digital or physical product, or you can offer something intangible, like a service. You can also present store credit or gift cards as giveaways. Whatever you pick, it should be relevant to your business. It is in this way you can allure the right kind of people or your potential customers instead of picking any random people who wish to get their hands on some free stuff.

If your giveaway is something physical, then try choosing something inexpensive and light since you need to pay to ship to its winner.

Plan For Giveaway Entry Requirements

You may have to decide on the way you want people to enter into your giveaway. You can ask them to like and comment, tag their friends, share the giveaway post in the story or report the giveaway post onto their account.

It can be in the form of a combination of both. You can use the point system for rank shares and reposts higher than the comments since, this way, you can gain more reach. The main point of the giveaway is to spread awareness about your products and brands as you want the others to enter this giveaway by tagging their friends and sharing giveaways on their accounts.

The real deal is to get on the top posts of a hashtag or onto the explore page for people who are keen on your niche. Ensure that your entry requirements encourage people to like, comment, tag, and share. The more likes and comments your post gets, the more likely it will appear in both places.

Choose The Contest Type

After you pick your contest goal and review every rule, it is time to pick the kind of giveaway you wish to host. The following are a few options to include:

  • Instant Wins: Customers will register to win a grand prize and then click to win the prize instantly, like a discount or a coupon code.
  • Photo Contests: These kinds of contests are the best for Instagram. You can ask the users to share their best summer photo or a brand-related shot.
  • Hashtag Contests: Ask your users to share a photo that is related to your brand and use a branded hashtag. It will make it easier to track the entries and increase the brand reach. Pick the winner on the basis of the votes for reaching out to the wider audience.

Create Your Contest

After you have decided on the kind of contest, you have to make it live. Host it onto your own Instagram profile by creating a post with its own set of rules. But, consider using a platform like Woobox that will make it easier for you to create a contest, set the rules, pick a winner, and track the effectiveness of the contest.

Ensure that your contest rules are easily understood and thorough. Plan out how long you will run the contest and the rules of eligibility.

Promote Your Instagram Giveaway

Never launch a contest by thinking that the audience will come to you automatically. You need to ensure that they are hearing about it. Create a good giveaway promotion plan, ensuring that you have sufficient entries. Start posting about your content across several social media platforms; however, also consider adding a pop-up to your website and sending emails to your newsletter subscribers.

The other best way to drive entries is by using user-generated contests since people will share their entries and inform their friends regarding the contest.

Pick a giveaway winner

After the entry period for the giveaway ends, ensure that you use a random generator site or Instagram giveaway picker tool. You should ensure that your giveaway is fair.

Announce your winner through the stories and ask them to send you their shipping address as well as their name.


Instagram giveaways offer you an effective and interesting way of boosting your follower count and enhancing brand engagement. The strategic planning of the giveaways and using innovative ideas can gear up your business’s marketing strategy. So, drive your business to greater success by planning your next Instagram giveaway and watch how your followers grow as you connect to the right audience in a meaningful way.

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