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When you are a podcast anchor, you always want your podcast to reach the masses and have a wide range of listeners. But where do you find the right platform to host it? Consider a reliable podcast hosting platform as the keystone for a successful podcast.

Your podcast idea is ready, you have even scripted the very first episode and you are all set to go. But, there is still the question: “ Where to host the podcast?”

In order to offer the listener a good experience, you have to have a legit website that provides the listeners to graze through the episodes apace. Parallelly, you have to make sure the podcast is open to all prime podcast directories.

That is exactly where platforms like Buzzsprout come into the picture.

What is Buzzsprout?

Buzzsprout, an online podcast platform offers audio and video content hosting. Their logo is also something that might seem familiar for this prime platform has been offering for more than a decade.

Buzzsprout comes as this all-in-one platform to analyze, host, and monetize podcasts. The majority of the podcast directories take up content from hosting platforms such as Buzzsport and then distribute it to the customers. This hosting platform does not only accommodate the media files but also offers a range of other solutions to ease up the editing and promotion of the podcasts.

What is Buzzsprout used for?

Buzzsprout basically hosts the uploaded content such that the same can be captured by other podcast listening sites and shared with the audiences.

The podcasters have to be considerate about the below in order to host a massive audience:

  • Diverse software for podcast recording
  • Throughout appealing content for the audiences
  • Sound podcast hosting services
  • Good quality and apt audio gear

How to get started with Buzzsprout

Once you are all set to host your very first podcast, your content needs to go online in order to make it available to your audiences. With Buzzsprout you can not only start with the podcast episodes then and there, but also upload the pre-recorded ones to schedule and even backdate the same.

A new podcast show setup

Only with a few clicks here and there, you can set up a whole new show or podcast within a few minutes. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the “My Podcast” button on the navigation bar that is on the top right-hand side of the screen
  2. Click on the “Create New Podcast” button
  3. Enter the name of your podcast and then click on the “Create New Podcast Button”
  4. You can start uploading the episodes through the “Episodes” page

How to air an episode from Buzzsprout?

Uploading a new podcast to Buzzsprout is easy and takes not much time. In a matter of few clicks, your new podcast episode should be aired right away:

  1. Find the page “Episodes” then click on the button named “Upload a New Episode”
  2. Choose and upload the audio file of your podcast
  3. Provide the details of the podcast episode. Title it, and also provide an explanatory description along with will the other asked-for fields.
  4. Buzzsprout offers the users to schedule the podcast as well as backdate it to the time and date they want it to be published
  5. Click on the “Save Episode Button”

Features of Buzzsprout

The features put up by Buzzsprout for podcasters are something that will catch everyone’s eye. The software being insightful makes it an apt platform for podcast freshers. The podcast also caters to some advanced features that are productive for the experienced lot as well.

Magic Mastering:

The magic mastering tool from Buzzsprout helps with the streamlining of the audio modification and enhancement. This implies that the amount of time you might need for scripting and recording the podcast will be more than the editing one. Saving one ample time and effort that goes into editing the podcast. This is a wonderful tool for the ones who do not have detailed insights into audio engineering.

This feature also caters to the enhancement of the audio, background noise removal, and many other audio-related enrichments.

The Distribution

The “Directories” section on Buzzsprout gives detailed directives on how one can add the audio to the major online podcast directories such as Spotify, Podchaser, etc. this helps in escalating the reach of your podcast.

Buzzsprout also simplifies content sharing on all prime social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook. Buzzsprout also caters to email campaign promotion with their paid plan offers.

The Statistics feature

Buzzsprout collates the statistics from the most trendy podcast episodes by plays and the number of times it was played in the past 7,20,90 days and even the overall life of the show. This helps in understanding on the dashboard of Buzzsprout what kind of content your listeners prefer to listen to.

The analytics dashboard also shows the analysis of every single episode along with the demographics of the audiences. How many live listeners do you have and also the rate of average plays for the most recently aired episode?

Video Soundbites

Video clips are known to be the most watched form of social media content. Buzzsprout offers its users this feature to create short videos using audio clips externally as well as from the uploaded podcast itself. This backs the social media advertisement by providing the audiences with a gist of your podcast content catching their interest to listen further.

The chapter maker

Podcast streamers like the feature of chapter makers for this feature give them control over their podcast list. Buzzsprout enables adding and editing the chapter markets directly within the platforms, so there is less to worry about the chapter making in the editing process.


Many of the podcast hosting platforms charge by the uploaded megabyte, whereas Buzzsprout, charges on the basis of the number of hours of content that has been uploaded per month. Buzzsprout also caters to a 3 tiered pricing with varied paid subscriptions. The hosting platform also offers a free plan that is inclusive of plenty of features.

All of Buzzsprout’s paid plans are inclusive of a podcast website, podcast statistics, custom integrated players, and distribution features to some of the prime podcast directories. The paid plans also inclusive of the Magic mastering tool to the existing subscription for an added cost. The plans are billed on a monthly bases so the user can select to close or opt out at any point in time.

If you do not prefer using Buzzsprout, you can also upload your own audio that is up to 2 hours every month for free! That plan also gives access to the statistics of the podcast and unlimited user access.

The only drawback of Buzzsporut’s free plan is that it will only host the episodes of the podcast for 90 days. For a more hosting time, you are required to subscribe to the paid one.

The subscription plans from Buzzsporut also include unlimited storage. The only prime differentiating factor is the amount of content you can upload every month and the cost that is required to upload beyond the set plan limits.

Below mentioned are Buzzsprout’s paid plans:

  • $12/mo : 3 hours of content upload and $4 per additional hour
  • $18/mo: 6 hours of content upload and $3 per additional hour
  • $24/mo: 12 hours of content upload and $2 per additional hour

The user needs to have a clear idea of the upload requirements and their podcast budget before subscribing to Buzzsprout. It is suggested you refrain from paying for the services or features you won’t be requiring.

Final review words

If you are on the lookout for an ideal podcast hosting platform, Buzzsporut is the ultimate solution for your requirements. The pricing of the platform is quite reasonable despite some of the constraints. One can access all the prime podcast directories with ease to host and deliver your podcast content. Additionally, by dint of some options and features that can be customized, video sound bites, and the liberty to customize your own domain, one can present their podcast in a professional manner.

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