Top Facebook Ad ideas for B2B SaaS Businesses

Top Facebook Ad ideas for B2B SaaS Businesses
As most of the popular B2B SaaS companies are advertising on Facebook, the B2B SaaS marketers want to comprehend the best digital advertising strategies for their businesses.
According to ZoomInfo, 39% of marketers stated that they have been using Facebook to converse with their audiences. Moreover, 91% of B2B SaaS marketers prefer Facebook Ads over LinkedIn (Source: Statista).
So, if you’re a B2B SaaS marketer undoubtedly Facebook advertising is for you. Talking of the Facebook Ad ideas for the B2B SaaS companies, test running different ad layouts is an essential trick. This fetches the marketers a positive ROI from their marketing endeavors after a while. According to Aaron Zakowski, a Facebook Ads Expert helping SaaS companies grow & scale user acquisition & revenue & founder of Zammo Digital Marketing, the key for B2B marketers to succeed with their Facebook advertising lies in constantly testing new ads. Only, 10%-20% of all the ads are successful in driving conversions of some kind. He also stated that constantly trying to scale up the top Facebook Ad ideas for B2B SaaS companies is a strategy that might backfire. As targeting becomes more tailored & hyper-personalized, more & more ads are served to the target audiences. The audiences might be overwhelmed by the total number of impressions or the B2B ads being served to them. Coming up with the best B2B SaaS Facebook ads is a constant challenge for SaaS marketers.
Facebook boasts of having 2.45 billion monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2019 & has emerged as the biggest social network worldwide.
In such a situation, the chief question on the minds of every B2B SaaS marketer remains: what type of posts/content would be suitable for a B2B SaaS Facebook account to share organically? For the B2B SaaS marketers trying to craft the best SaaS B2B Ads, it is important to realize that Facebook ads work as long as you design them effectively. Let’s delve in to find out top Facebook Ad ideas for B2B SaaS businesses. Steps to Optimize Facebook Ad ideas for B2B SaaS Businesses When it comes to Facebook advertising, it works differently for B2B SaaS companies as compared to the B2B companies in general. B2B SaaS companies operate differently than other businesses – the product isn’t physical, the purchasing process usually isn’t self-service & the buying cycle is often prolonged beyond expectation. However, no points for guessing that much like any other ads, the core purpose of the Facebook Ads designed for B2B SaaS business is to optimize the ad conversions. Let’s delve into some of the Facebook ideas that have been crafted to optimize the B2B SaaS businesses:

1. Entice your Audiences with Value & Humor for a Free Demo Sign Up:

Amongst the Facebook Ad ideas for B2B businesses, the foremost is to add more & more demo requests to the pipeline.  In general, promoting awareness also drives conversions. Several B2B SaaS businesses use humor to entice users & drive them to the conversions. As per Tim Soulo, Head of Marketing at Ahrefs, promoting content via Facebook Ads shows value to people & causes them to sign up.

2. Tap into & Scale-Up your Audiences Based on Language & Region:

The dynamic ads feature from Facebook automatically translates the ads into different languages.
According to Facebook the dynamic ads “automatically show the right products to people who have expressed interest on their website, in your app or elsewhere on the internet.”
Some of the top Facebook ads for local businesses include the ones which have been designed to advertise in the native languages. Advertising the local languages ensures that marketers get better results. In a study by Facebook, it became evident that the US Hispanics extend their language preferences to ads as well.
In the research, 79% of the participants surveyed from the Spanish dominant regions, 82% of the bilingual participants & 60% of the participants surveyed from the English dominant regions think that brands should advertise in both Spanish as well as English.

3. Invest in Visual Storytelling using Facebook Ads:

For generating the top Facebook Ad ideas for B2B businesses, the companies will require to think outside the box. The following forms of visual storytelling may help marketers in winning the deals & scaling up their Facebook Ads for the B2B SaaS companies for optimized revenues:
  • The visuals of Facebook Ads can only include text that takes up to 20% of the image. Some marketers decide to shrink the size of the text to fit more in. Therefore, including a product image with legible text can drive the maximum action from the audiences.
  • Employing video marketing looks promising. Videos will undoubtedly be the most influential type of online content in the year 2019 & beyond. With half a billion people watching videos on Facebook every day, ads assimilating video marketing will be amongst the best B2B ads for SaaS businesses.
Videos are amongst the most impactful Facebook Ad ideas for SaaS businesses because of the following reasons:
  • Videos gain a lot of traction as they engage the maximum number of audiences
  • According to a report by Buffer, Facebook videos engage 135% more organic traffic than images
  • According to Socialbakers, native video ads perform 10 times better than other forms of video ads on Facebook
  • Facebook reports that its live videos are watched by 3 times more by the audiences & gain 10 times more comments than the normal videos

4. Audience Building Remains the Core Focal Point:

Audience building lies at the core of executing the most critical Facebook Ad ideas for B2B SaaS businesses. Audiences targeting comprises of two stages which are prospecting & remarketing. Audiences can be targeted based on their demographic, firmographic, technographic & psychographic insights as well on the basis of their past buying-behaviors & research habits. Targeting the audiences based on their first & third-party intent data as well as at times targeting only the key-decision makers pertaining to specific accounts sets the pace to scale up Facebook ad ideas for B2B SaaS businesses. B2B SaaS companies often have multi-channel attribution philosophy. Prospecting audiences are the audiences who are not new to your marketing funnel & haven’t visited your website or interacted with your content. Facebook ads have an effective Facebook Lookalike algorithm to reach “Lookalike Audiences“. The Lookalike Audiences feature allows marketers to tap into large audience bases that Facebook determines to be similar to a smaller source audience that they provide. Lookalike Audiences are amongst the best-performing prospecting methods when it comes to designing the Facebook Ads. Building an effective Lookalike Audience is a consequence of choosing the right source audience & the right balance of size & quality for the ideal source audience. The phenomenon is greatly helped by highly integrated CRM platforms & is sometimes referred to as audience mirroring.

5. Display your research, resources & testimonials:

For coming up with highly effective Facebook Ad ideas for B2B SaaS businesses marketers need to leverage their creativity, understanding of sales funnel & willingness to test & experiment. Marketers can start experimenting with alternative forms of low-risk CTRs & can launch different formats for sneak peeking at the pricing part. The testimonials about the benefits of the products by the clients & customers in the form of Word-Of-Mouth-Marketing (WOMM) are effective stimulators of conversions & also assist in omnichannel reputation building & management. The marketers should effectively showcase the value proposition of products & services & try to build a positive brand resonance. The SaaS marketers also need to share their wealth of product & technical knowledge in an easy-to-understand language. Writing case studies, employing influencer marketing & event marketing, inviting guest blogs, writing & promoting in-house blogs, guides, whitepapers & exclusive research ideas are amongst several ways marketers a project themselves as subject matter experts to scale-up their Facebook Ads to realize their business bottom-lines.

Wrapping Up

For marketers trying to come up with effective Facebook Ad ideas to scale-up their B2B SaaS businesses stagnancy is synonymous to death. A testing platform & team of creative professionals to constantly test-run & optimize the framework of advertising in terms of coming up with effective designing of the ad formats is a must. Competitive benchmarking helps you through the days when you are trying to draw inspiration from the brands in your niche & figure out what’s working for them & what’s not. Valasys Media is a well-renounced company to help you optimize your time, money & business bottom-lines by providing you with tailored B2B services such as lead generation, account-based marketing, lead nurturing, event promotion services, list building services & content syndication.

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