How to Increase Followers on LinkedIn Business Page

How to Increase Followers on LinkedIn Business Page

LinkedIn is the progenitor of 97% of the total leads on several social media platforms.

Having said that, one of the most obvious questions on the minds of B2B marketers would be how to increase followers on LinkedIn Business Page.

LinkedIn has been an impeccable social networking platform – one of its kinds that have transcended beyond just being a place for social media personalities to hang on to being a place where brands project their visions & run their marketing & advertising campaigns. To increase followers on LinkedIn business page, marketers need to realize that building followers are a strategy that doesn’t happen all of a sudden.

To increase the followers on your LinkedIn Business Page, it takes time, patience & excellently tested & optimized social media marketing tactics.

We have put together tips that will help you increase followers on LinkedIn business page:

1. Mind Your Company Page:

Having a compelling, attractive & clutter-free LinkedIn Business page assures that the platform is perfectly set to win more businesses for your company.

The LinkedIn company page should have succinct, yet sufficient information on the business the company is into.

Also, a couple of lines should be dedicated to reflecting on the vision of the company & the approaches are chosen by the company to solve a specific set of problems.

To create a stronger presence for their companies on LinkedIn, the marketers need to deploy the following techniques:

  • Use your Company page to communicate directly with your Potential Employees. This Helps propagate the vision of the company & also helps strengthen the omnichannel reputation management framework
  • Use Content strategy to describe your products or services, in a way that allows customers to simplify & solve several technical & social problems pertaining to particular products or services
  • Synchronize your LinkedIn content strategy in a way that is innate & allows the customers to benefit from product guidance as well as guides them appropriately on what the companies’ business is all about
  • Occasionally take some time out to promote your Company Culture over LinkedIn
  • Make it a practice to tag the industry influencers & promote the pieces of content created by influencers which resonate with your niche

2. Use an Innate & SEO optimized Content Strategy for Your LinkedIn Page:

To increase followers on LinkedIn business page, marketers need to make sure that their LinkedIn company page is easily discoverable. The inclusion of relevant keywords in the description page of your company will make your LinkedIn company page easily discoverable.

Using relevant keywords on a LinkedIn page can enhance the discoverability of the pieces of content published on the platform.

After optimizing their brief tagline, the marketers can shift their focus to the ‘About’ section.

This section includes the overview of your business as well as details like the size of the company, industry that you are in, your specialties and your website URL.

A strong ‘About Us’ section has relevant keywords crafted in an engaging manner that answers all the questions that the audiences might have. The marketers can opt for the following framework to optimize their ‘About Us’ section & to increase the total number of followers to the LinkedIn business page:

  • The content must reflect on the vision of the brand
  • The content must describe how the brands are working to achieve their underlying missions
  • There must be a clear mention of who the brands are & what they do i.e. an introduction to the Values of the brand
  • There must be a clear mention of positioning, i.e. what makes a particular brand different
  • There must be a clear Tagline describing what makes a particular brand different
  • Compelling Imagery should be included in LinkedIn Page which includes a particular Logo, an appropriate banner size & an SEO-Friendly LinkedIn page to enhance the visibility of a company

3. Focus on winning Employee Advocacy:

In order to grow the total number of followers on your page, you must first focus on growing a page following. Marketers should encourage their employees to spread positive word-of-mouth amongst friends & colleagues interested in what the marketers do.

In the words of Douglas Conant, Founder & CEO of ConantLeadership, “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”

Tagging of the pages in the updates by the employees, sharing of the pages by the employees within their networks & the benefits of the employees following the company page strengthens the brand resonance and provides a big boost to the company by optimizing the traffic & the revenue management framework.

4. Adding a “Follow” Button:

Adding a “follow” button on the website assists the marketers in converting the visitors on the website to the followers on LinkedIn. To inspire the “Follow” action, some complementary text can be added such as, “If you like reading our blogs, follow us on LinkedIn.”

5. Post pieces of Content Regularly:

Publishing high-quality content at regular intervals boosts the visibility of the LinkedIn page. Ensure that you amalgamate the content with the right hashtags & witness the upsurge in the traffic.

The content should be relevant to the niche and must be able to captivate the attention of audiences for it to increase followers on LinkedIn page.

Keeping the audience intrigued ensures that they keep on coming back for the new pieces of content. Also, sharing the content with as many relevant groups as possible helps a lot to increase the followers on LinkedIn business page.

Also using lots of visual & video content ensures that the visibility of the pieces of content on the LinkedIn platform is enhanced. This not only helps in increasing the number of followers on LinkedIn business page but also helps in improving the reach of your posts as the LinkedIn algorithms prioritize visual & video-based content strategy in its newsfeed.

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6. The link to Company’s LinkedIn profile must be included in your email signatures:

Successful marketers understand that it is extremely important to recognize the importance of linking social media in email. The email list subscribers are likely to click on the social media buttons in email & this helps drive more traffic via LinkedIn.

7. Adding LinkedIn Company Page link to your personal LinkedIn profile:

Adding a link to Company Page to your personal LinkedIn profile helps companies to capture relevant members & direct them on the company’s page.

Creating a page link to your company’s LinkedIn profile redirects the new connections in your profiles to your LinkedIn company page & from there they can follow your LinkedIn profile page. This helps to increase the followers on your LinkedIn Business Page.

8. Flaunt Customer Testimonials:

Brands tend to have customers crazy about their brands.

Flaunting testimonials from ardent brand advocates on the LinkedIn company page now & then is an effective way to increase the number of followers on LinkedIn.

Buying is more of an implicit decision & as such incorporating customer testimonial videos can help companies win more potential customers by increasing the total number of followers on your LinkedIn Business Page.

Also, displaying brand advocates on LinkedIn company page inspires trust about the brand. This further assists potential purchases & helps in improving sales ROI.

9. Go Live:

Once in a while, the well-known faces of the brand can go live. Though this activity is more advisable to boost personal branding endeavors; it can also be very well used to reflect on the subject-matter-expertise of the brands at large.

Employing proper topical conversations, with relevant community-specific hashtags and often the use of video content strategy for going live & interacting with the prospects in real-time strengthens the positive brand resonance & helps to increase followers on LinkedIn business page.

10. Prioritize the Intent-based Content:

The admins of the LinkedIn company page can benefit from a robust set of analytics to provide demographic information about their followers & visitors. Combining the data from website analytics & audience insights from first & third-party intent data, allows the marketers to strategize their content deliverance framework on LinkedIn in a way that prioritizes the forms of content that the audiences want to consume.

Consequently, better audience engagement results in increasing the number of followers on your LinkedIn business page.

Wrapping Things Up

Increasing the number of followers on your LinkedIn business page has innumerable benefits. Some of these include strong brand equity, positive brand resonance, enhanced brand reputation & an increase in the total number of sales prospects, ultimately contributing to optimized overall revenue.

To increase followers on LinkedIn business page, the brands need to make the best of the opportunities to engage with their niche-specific audience groups.

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