HCLTech Boosts AI/ML with Azure Specialization

HCLTech Boosts AIML with Azure Specialization

22nd March, New Jersey:  HCLTech, a recognized international technology provider, has successfully obtained two Microsoft Azure specializations, the first being in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), and the second one in the field of machine learning (ML), thus becoming an even more proficient provider of AI and ML solutions. These specializations – AI and ML on Microsoft Azure and Build and Modernize AI Apps with Microsoft Azure – reveal HCLTech’s commitment to service the needs of its clients by supplying complete AI and ML solutions.

Enhanced Capabilities with Scale AI Platform

HCLTech strengthens its ability to secure such specializations through its proprietary framework, Scale AI, for machine learning and data science platforms. This platform represents the key component that enables fastcoming development and implementation of highly customized ML models for clients. Scale AI enables businesses to leverage Azure AI services for improved customer experience, streamlined operations, and intelligent decision-making for growth.

HCLTech, leveraging its AI and ML expertise, integrates Scale AI platform and Azure specializations, emerging as a top AI-solutions partner.

Expanding Azure Expertise: A Strategic Move

Azure specialities provided by HCLTech are about much more than the AI and ML certificates delivered in the short term. Expanding its capabilities, HCLTech now boasts 21 Microsoft competencies, encompassing Azure, Office365, security, analytics, and business applications. With a technically diverse portfolio, the company showcases expertise in Microsoft systems and a commitment to holistic customer service.

Through Azure knowledge extension, HCLTech remains a trusted partner for companies navigating digital transformation, ensuring continuous support. By harnessing Azure platform expertise and leveraging AI/ML, HCLTech can deploy agile systems, fostering client innovation for business success.

The Continued Innovation in AI and ML

The acquisition of Azure expert specializations by HCLTech is a clear testament of its commitment to being #1 in the cutting-edge technologies like AI (artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). Vijay Guntur highlights ScaleAI’s role in enabling client access to AI solutions on Azure as head of HCLTech’s R&D group. HCL Technologies CEO reaffirms expertise in AI and Microsoft tech, highlighting exceptional integration into client ecosystems.

HCLTech, through continuous innovation, emerges as trusted partners for businesses seeking AI and ML advantages for competitive growth.

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