How do I combine direct mail and digital marketing?

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When you are creating your advertising campaigns, there are a number of decisions to make. Among those are what kinds of campaigns to create. Although the world of digital marketing has helped advertisers significantly, the world of direct mail still exists, and it can be quite productive in business. For conversion rates, advertisers can expect to see a 0.5 to 3.0 percent conversion rate with a direct mail campaign, and a 2.0 percent to 5.0 percent conversion rate with a digital marketing campaign.

So it would make sense for any business to combine both methods of marketing in order to produce a successful campaign. If your business has the budget to perform both campaigns, there are ways to do it without feeling like you have too much on your advertising plate. Use these tips to combine both direct mail and digital marketing methods for your next advertising campaign.

Use the Same Information For Both Campaigns

When you are advertising, it is all in the testing. Every campaign will yield results that provide information that you can use in your next campaign. When you are combining both direct mail and digital marketing, use the same ad or same information for both campaigns. In other words, send the same flyer by direct mail and in digital marketing for example. To help you with marketing campaigns, check out this site.

In addition to using Google Ads, you can also bring the same copy to social media, or on other search engines using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) method advertising. When you use the same copy for both digital and direct mail marketing, you save on advertising dollars and may have a little more room in your budget for one method or the other. Use your mailing list to start, and then begin a multi-pronged approach to your digital campaign. Once you have the copy or display ad created, send it by direct mail, and then attach it as a data file to your mailing list.

Combine As Many Methods of Digital Marketing as Possible

The two most common methods of digital marketing are PPC marketing and social media marketing, which uses targeted PPC techniques. Facebook ads are among the most popular method of social media marketing, as the conversion rate for reading and engaging with the ads can be high. Here you also have the advantage of selecting your demographics, which ensures a targeted campaign and good use of your advertising dollars. For example, if you want to target your ad to women in their forties that like pumpkins in Minnesota, you can. Facebook is the only social site that provides this, although there are other methods of targeted campaigning that aren’t as specific on other social media sites. Twitter and Instagram ads can be just as successful.

Email marketing is another prong of digital marketing that can be very successful, and sometimes even produce a return up to 10 percent. It works the same as direct mail marketing, but you are doing it by email. When you are performing email marketing, be sure that you are using tools that yield metrics on open rates, which addresses opened your mail, what addresses clicked on links in your email, and so on. You can get read receipts with many email marketing tools, but advanced methods will provide open rates which is more valuable information in an advertising campaign. You want your open rate to be between 17 percent and 28 percent.

Create an Exciting Campaign

This goes back to the basics of advertising 101, but the key point here is to offer value to your audience that will make them want to click on your campaign, read your email, or in the end purchase your product. There are many ways to do this with your campaign that will be both digital and direct mail.

A time-specific promotion has the tendency to get people moving. If they have already opened your email or clicked on your Facebook ad, they are more likely to consider your product or offer. Put an expiration date on it, or a free delivery on a product they can get quickly.

The product you are offering makes a difference as well. If it is a unique product, something your audience can not find anywhere, the audience is more likely to enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to give away something or give something for free, as many people online will jump on a free trial or product that meets a need of theirs.

Start Your Campaign Today

When you have developed your campaign, it’s time to launch. Start with your direct mail campaign, and hone in on the digital marketing methods discussed here. You can do both without breaking the bank.

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