How to Get Auto Insurance Leads?

How to Get Auto Insurance Leads?

Getting in front of people and selling auto insurance or making a winning sales pitch is hard.

As an auto insurance agent, you have to perform a lot of tasks. Feeling like buying auto insurance leads from an agency or seemingly from an incredible website to make your day easier?

But we are here to demotivate you to buy leads from a company. Buying leads off the internet may not be the best idea for your agency.

Firstly, you don’t know if the leads are even in the market to buy auto insurance anymore.

Secondly, the leads are not qualified or verified enough.

So, it’s always better to curate your own list of auto insurance leads yourself.

Trust the process we are going to share to get auto insurance leads. Of course, the process will take time and effort compared to buying leads.

But it’s so much more fulfilling. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

How to Get Auto Insurance Leads?

To get qualified auto insurance leads, go along with these 7 simple steps:

How to Get Auto Insurance Leads?

1. Create Your Own GMB (Google My Business) Profile

Google offers a free website to promote your business. Create a Google My Business account to offer your service.

Your customers can leave reviews, ask questions, and contact you directly through your public GMB profile.

The benefits of having a Google My Business account are-

Your business profile will appear on Google Maps.
Your business profile will rank at the top of the SERPs for local searches like auto insurance near me.
Boost the algorithm scores.

And having your GMB account on top of the SERPs means more leads to your business.

2. Create A Website And Publish Relevant Articles

Creating a website and driving traffic is one of the most effective strategies for collecting auto insurance leads.

People who need auto insurance search on Google to find relevant information.

If you drive those audiences to your website with helpful information related to auto insurance, they will trust and buy from you.

It doesn’t only help you get quality leads but also assists you in building your brand.

3. Partner with Auto Dealers and Service Centers

100% of shoppers who buy from auto dealers need auto insurance.

Build a relationship and partner with auto dealerships. Then, ask them to recommend your service to their customers.

In short, collaborate with auto dealers and create a referral program.

For example, the auto dealer company will refer your service to this existing client base to purchase your auto insurance.

Similarly, you should recommend the auto dealer’s service to your customer.

It’s a win-win way to help each other.

4. Partner With Driving Schools

Similar to dealing with auto dealerships, you can collaborate with driving schools.

Let the trainers learn about your auto insurance service. Then, tell the driving schools to influence their students to buy your insurance.

To attract more customers, offer car wash coupons to the students of the driving schools.

5. Ask Your Existing Customers for Reviews & Referrals

Word of mouth is reliable.

Ask your existing customers to give reviews about your auto insurance service. It will help you gain trust and attract new customers.

Don’t forget to create a referral program. Offer a basket, car wash coupons, and exclusive discounters to each customer who generates qualified leads.

This simple strategy will help you get more qualified leads to sell your auto insurance.

6. Paid Search Advertising

Run ads on Google Ads to target and attract users who search for auto insurance services.

Write an engaging ad copy by highlighting all the benefits of your service so that it attracts your target audience.

Don’t only run ads on Google Ads. Try other search engines like Facebook, Pinterest, and Bing to reach more people.

It will also help you analyze which platforms work best for you to get more leads.

7. Connect With Insurance Agencies

With competition piling up every day, the pressure to sell more insurance than your fellow agencies can be nerve-racking.

Yeah, it’s not easy selling insurance or generating auto insurance leads from the get-go.

But with proper guidance, career support, and financial backing, you will be well on your way to making big bucks in the industry.

To sum up, strategic relationships with insurance agencies can help you get auto insurance leads.


What Are Auto Insurance Leads?

Auto insurance leads are the persons who have an interest in buying or learning about auto insurance options. You can get these leads from referrals, ad campaigns, or content marketing. Each lead should give their contact number or email to receive quotes and information about auto insurance policies.

Do you have to buy leads as an insurance agent?

No, buying leads is not compulsory for the insurance agent. There are free methods (we already broke down) to collect qualified leads for insurance service providers. Of course, collecting leads for free takes time and effort on your part.

How can you identify your target audience for auto insurance leads?

To identify your target audience, you should have information including age, location, driving history, vehicle type, and insurance coverage needs of a potential customer. Analyzing this info, you can detect what interests your potential prospects and how you can approach them to sell your service.

How can an insurance agent leverage social media to attract auto insurance leads? 

By creating valuable content related to auto insurance, engaging with the audience, and running targeted ad campaigns, an insurance agent can attract leads from social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and X.


You already know how competitive the auto insurance industry is. To gain success, you should keep building auto insurance leads to reach more prospects.

And generating auto insurance leads is a continuous process that requires time, effort, and resources. Try the seven steps I mentioned above to get qualified leads.

Don’t forget to track the success of lead generation efforts by monitoring the performances. It will help you refine the strategy to get more leads.

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