How to leverage Social Media Intelligence?

How to leverage Social Media Intelligence

Social Media Intelligence: The New Way of Competing

Today, it is almost unheard of that any user needs a social handle. More so for the businesses. Whether Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, every business and user is on one of the social media platforms. Typically, businesses use these channels to reach their target audience and personalize their outreach. Unsurprisingly, over 97% of the businesses listed in the Top 500 Fortune list have a presence on at least one social media handle (source:

However, only 28% of the overall businesses are experiencing any success on these platforms (source: backlinko). This leaves 72% of businesses implementing social media without concrete results. Because of this, many quickly claim that social media is only the right platform for some businesses to rely upon.

But upon a careful examination of the businesses that have failed to leverage social media to their advantage, it is apparent that it is not the platforms that are to be blamed but rather the execution of the strategies and, most importantly, the lack of awareness of leveraging Social Media Intelligence into their marketing plans & campaigns that are causing the maximum damage to their marketing ventures. Because the market is overcrowded, using a generic approach to social media is not helpful. Your brand and business will get easily lost in the mix. If you want to stand out with a social media approach for your brand, social media intelligence is something you have to know and implement.

This blog will examine how businesses can leverage Social Media Intelligence into their marketing plans and fetch better results. Also, what tools do you need to manage social media efficiently and seamlessly?

Let’s get started.

How to leverage Social Media Intelligence?

Today, not only the phones & techs getting more intelligent, but so do social platforms. Your market presence on social media is as good as your strategy. It would be best to leverage every aspect these platforms offer to avoid losing out to someone who does. So, what is Social Media Intelligence?

Digital platforms today are laden with data. Facebook alone generates over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily (source: selecthub). What do you do with this data? If this data is lying idle and no action is taken against it, you are already losing the race. Social media intelligence is the strategic acquisition of data from users interacting with your business on social handles. It also includes segmenting the data into various categories and cross-referencing them to multiple standards to give the companies actionable insights.

So, what sort of data can social media platforms collect?

Everything you can ever imagine. Demographics, location, number of visits, engagement, reach, interaction, shares, and every other parameter you can use to understand your audience on social media better.

And what do you do with this data?

So, by gathering this data, you can analyze them against your competitors to understand where you need to catch up, what you are doing better than them, what you are missing out on, and how you can go past them.

Also, by comparing the data you collate against industry standards, you can extract actionable insights, interpret trends, and predict outcomes. Also, going through these data will help you understand if you are pricing your products correctly, what are the general opinions of your target audience regarding your service/product, how they are using it, and what are challenges they are facing.

Intrinsic details like when your users are the most active on social media and how your brand is aligned with a particular promotion can also be interpreted if you use social media intelligence in the best possible way.

How does Valasys Media leverage Social Media Intelligence?

We are an award-winning social media agency. Recently, we’ve been awarded by Vega for our Best Overall Social Media presence and innovation. One of the key reasons for our superfluous presence on social media is our ingenious use of social media analytics to create a presence for our clients.

What direct benefits have we experienced from leveraging social media intelligence?

1. We were able to streamline our social media workflow. What does it mean? By referring to the analytics, we knew what type of content was getting more traction and what was not. For example, our reels showed 431% more engagement than statics. Hence, we knew we had to focus more on reels while we changed our static strategy.

2. We could predict and bank on the trends better. By analyzing the competitors and the general trends on social media, we could understand what is going viral. Like a lot of our competitors were getting better engagement with memes. So, planning for memes was in the pipeline for subsequent campaigns.

3. We could understand our audience’s behavior more closely. Analyzing the insights told us the best time to interact with the audience. Social media insights tell you at what time during the day your audience is most active; hence, scheduling the posts around the same time helped us triple our engagement rate.

4. We also understood what the client’s social handle required by diving into the demographics. Our US-based audience has a different preference than our UAE-based audience. Hence, we could curate specific content resonating with the given demographics.

5. Social media insights tell you the frequented age group that visits your page. This helps understand the mentality of your targeted audience, and hence, you will be able to curate specific content that resonates with them the most.

6. We could better track the mentions, shares, and retweets by leveraging social media intelligence. This helped us curate content along the same lines, thereby making us and the pages of our clients (that we manage) more talked about within the niche.

7. Most importantly, we built a consistent brand image, voice, and tone. We were able to align marketing and sales seamlessly for maximum results.

5 social media Tools to Leverage Intelligence:

 If you are looking to get maximum out of Social Media Intelligence, the following tools will set you up:

 1. YouScan:


Source: Wikimedia Commons

In contradistinction to competitors, YouScan maintains uniformity across all its plans, rendering five searches available. However, each of these searches, or Topics, is meticulously detailed with an array of inclusionary and exclusionary parameters, such as keywords and hashtags, that can be regulated. Boolean operators must be employed to input search queries, although they are of limited number and readily comprehensible. Even so, many marketers may be required to elevate their proficiency in Boolean logic before engaging with this tool.

Once the search criteria have been defined, YouScan compiles a comprehensive page of all the collected mentions matching the search requirements. These results can then be filtered according to various specifications, facilitating access to pertinent information. YouScan’s exceptional forte lies in Visual Insights. This characteristic enables users to peruse images and, with specific parameters established, uncover visuals that meet precise criteria. An incredibly accurate AI engine powers image recognition, enabling detailed demographic and psychographic insights into the individuals utilizing a particular brand.

YouScan can be utilized to locate the most influential individuals referencing a brand and subsequently identify those with the most engaged audiences. The tool’s Smart Alerts system can be configured to send notifications whenever it detects negative sentiment about a brand, and the complaints can even be integrated into a Helpdesk system.

2. BrandMentions:


Source: Medium

Leverage Social Media Intelligence with this TOOL

BrandMentions is a sophisticated tool designed to scour the vast expanse of the internet for any and all relevant mentions of its clients or any topic of interest to them. With its advanced capabilities, BrandMentions empowers businesses to monitor all chatter surrounding their brands across many channels spanning the entire web and social media landscape. This platform seamlessly integrates essential channels where brand-centric conversations abound, enabling users to leverage its comprehensive sentiment analysis functionality to glean insights into the prevailing tone of discussions about their brands.

Moreover, BrandMentions is an indispensable competitive intelligence tool that enables businesses to surreptitiously surveil their rivals’ marketing strategies and obtain invaluable insights into any brand or topic in any market. In addition, the platform’s sophisticated real-time notification capabilities make it a breeze to stay up-to-date on any mentions related to your brand, with timely email and link alerts that ensure you never miss a beat.

3. Digimind:


Source: G2

Leverage Social Media Intelligence with this TOOL

Digimind offers tools to help businesses make sense of the information found on social media and online and turn it into valuable insights that can improve their strategies. They have two main products: Social Listening and Market Intelligence, which are very useful and have many features. With Digimind’s Social Listening tools, you can watch specific words or topics, see what people say about them, and engage with your audience by sharing content. You can also create reports and see the return on investment for paid and organic media. Digimind can also help you manage your reputation by using search data.

Digimind’s tools allow you to see what people say about your brand in real-time across millions of online sources. You can use this information to improve your marketing strategy and gain valuable insights. You can analyze as many social media accounts as you want with Digimind Social Analytics and even track your brand’s reputation based on Google search data. With the Top Reputation module, you can see what your customers and competitors’ customers say about your brand, products, and people, all in real-time.

4. Brand24:


Source: Brand24

Leverage Social Media Intelligence with this TOOL

Behold the social media analytics powerhouse of Brand24, providing unparalleled insights into the online conversations revolving around your brand. Distinguished from its competitors, Brand24 caters to businesses of all sizes, offering a remarkably affordable package of just $49/month, specially designed for small or emerging companies. Gaze upon the mention’s feeds, where you can swiftly discern what the public is saying about your brand, with the ability to take immediate action in real time. Partake in the discussions directly from Brand24, and engage with your audience more intimately.

Take heed of the Discussion Volume Chart, an impressive visual representation of your brand’s mentions, making it a breeze to detect any surges in brand mentions and identify potential issues. Indeed, full-mention analytics is available, providing a comprehensive understanding of those who are discussing your brand online. Brand24 has fashioned a proprietary Influencer Score designed to zero in on the industry’s most notable influencers, empowering you to forge connections with those who hold sway in your niche.

Finally, revel in the satisfaction of sentiment analysis, where you can view the mentions of your brand and obtain a detailed appraisal of the sentiment conveyed, whether it be positive, negative, or neutral.

5. AgoraPulse:


Source: AgoraPulse

Leverage Social Media Intelligence with this TOOL

Agora Pulse is a preeminent, top-tier social media management application with various features, including social listening capabilities. With an uncompromisingly streamlined and facile interface, it’s sure to impress even the most exacting of users. Through setting up pertinent brand-listening parameters, users are empowered to listen in on dialogues relevant related to their brand. Furthermore, the search parameters on both YouTube and Twitter are infinitely customizable, enabling users to tailor their searches with greater precision by specifying the exclusion of certain words and utilizing Boolean operators to narrow their focus on the salient topics they wish to monitor. With the integration of location and language parameters, users are afforded even more precise control over their Twitter searches.

Crucially, Agora Pulse’s greatest strength lies in its capacity to take affirmative action on the insights derived from its monitoring capabilities. Users can swiftly and deftly click on any monitoring item and react to it via numerous options, including likes, retweets, replies, and private messaging. Additionally, users can adeptly assign labels and bookmarks and delegate monitoring items to a designated teammate or client, enabling timely action on identified concerns.


As the competition in the market gets steeper, marketers and businesses will require new ways to navigate the challenges. Social listening has become a critical feature. You can monitor multiple channels, blogs, and websites for relevant content by leveraging social media intelligence. You can observe various parameters for better engagement, reach, and interactions. Social media intelligence will also help you understand where the gap lies in your strategy and what external threats your business can succumb to, and take action accordingly to build your brand consistently. Above all, social media intelligence will always bring the result you are aiming for.

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