Marketing a New CoWorking Space in the New Normal

Marketing a New CoWorking Space in the New Normal

Coworking spaces truly define the “new normal.” Professionals can access these paid spaces to concentrate, grow, and enjoy a sense of community without the demand of a full-time website. 

Free communal spaces such as cafes and libraries pose the greatest competition, so creating a strategic marketing plan is key to generating leads. Read on for five components of an effective marketing strategy.

How to Market New CoWorking Spaces

How to Market New CoWorking Spaces

Recent studies predict that the number of coworking spaces worldwide will rise by over 20% between 2023 and 2024, after steady growth in 2022. Get ahead of the curve by using the marketing plan checklist below:

Define Your Target Audience

Yes, coworking spaces are open for everyone, but different demographics don’t hold the same pain points. Find a target audience breakdown below with what they’re seeking:

  • Agencies and startups: Smaller agencies and businesses offering a hybrid work schedule may want professional working spaces for a fixed number of days a week. They may require meeting room facilities for collaborative projects.
  • Freelance and remote workers: Individuals may use coworking spaces to separate home and work life. They may want dedicated work facilities like desks, guaranteed charging ports, and networking opportunities.
  • Corporations:  Large corporations prefer coworking spaces with several locations to broaden their talent pool while offering an established, flexible workplace. As an example, Salesforce uses WeWork, a leading coworking brand. Innovation is key for them, so targeting technical facilities, like apps, presentation boards, and monitors, is key.

You might also consider the industry. For example, you could target marketing, media, and advertising specialists if you have creative facilities such as Apple Macs or access to Adobe Creative Suite as part of a package. 

Improve Online Visibility

High-quality content creation through search engine optimization will help you rank on a search engine results page, generating more organic traffic. 

Obtain professional digital marketing support in performing keyword research for long-tail terms relating to hybrid work, flexibility, and office facilities. 

Share various content forms, such as blogs and videos, to improve relevancy and trustworthiness. Backlink building by writing guest posts for other relevant industry personnel improves your authority online, helping you rank higher.

Optimize Your Website

Virtual tours of where people would work and the facilities they’d use, including kitchens and accessibility aids like ramps, will instantly pique prospective clients’ interests. 

This smart tool requires minimal effort from the client while looking for what they need, preventing them from abandoning conversion. Ensure the tour works on mobile, tablet, and computer devices to maintain a satisfactory user experience. 

Promote Physical Security

People will bring valuable goods like laptops, hardware, and headphones, so they’ll only consider places they feel secure. Advertise physical security measures, such as:

  • Bullet, dome, sensor, wireless, and 4K cameras 
  • Keypad, keycard, and physical lock access controls for individual rooms and parking lots
  • Fire and security alarms
  • Light sensors for darker months and evening workers

Upload images of strategically placed cameras and controls to your website to address potential client concerns on security priority. Mention your opening times, and discuss exclusive access for members with keycards of fobs, for example, if you offer it.

Harness Social Media Coverage

Social media marketing enables you to connect with your target audience, fostering a sense of community-something certain demographics seek. 

Share candid images of people using the space to show its well-occupied, potentially generating leads. Post updates on new equipment, facilities, or local events nearby to show the space values its users.

Get users involved in your posts by sharing individual success stories for dual benefit-they’ll get professional exposure, and you’ll appeal to a broader market seeking a supporting environment.


Coworking space marketing massively relies on spotlighting your unique features, facilities, and security measures because users want to feel productive and secure. Support your digital marketing strategy with an engaging, user-friendly website and connect with your community more personally.

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