Top 6 Marketing Automation Software & How They Assist Businesses


Marketing automation relates to the system whose purpose is performing marketing actions by avoiding physical effort. Some of the examples are delivering emails, distributing social media content, and a few more. This software educates prospects using useful or personalized content. The importance of marketing automation is vast in the present marketing industry.

In other words, marketing automation refers to an umbrella phrase for every tool, outlet, or solution. It enables the business to automate the marketing tasks and streamlining the workflows. This comprises everything starting from automating emails to generating leads to income attribution.

Best Marketing Automation Software Solutions

In the above details, we have seen the importance of marketing automation. So, here is the list of the best marketing automation tools for marketers. Many companies waste a lot of time thinking about which is the finest marketing software. The tools outlined in this blog will help the team members of both big and small businesses optimize their lead scoring endeavors in new ways never thought of before to optimize their content delivery & marketing endeavors across multiple channels while abiding with the international data protection regulations and privacy policy norms in the best interest of the target audience groups.

Below is the list of the top 6 marketing automation tools to empower your marketing and sales teams:

1. PeppyBiz

This is one of the best Indian marketing automation solutions. It has the best solutions for a wide range of industry sectors.

  • Some of the key functions include Gantt projects, various tracking tools, calendar views, and many more.
  • This software assists in assigning the tickets to the clients and manages them.
  • It also has various tools for email marketing, lead generation, and conversions.

2. Adroll

This software helps in retargeting consumers using re-engagement methods on the web and social media platforms. Such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the web, and a few more.

  • It has cross-channel, easy segments, and cross-device.
  • Skillful optimization and reporting transformation are some features.
  • AdRoll comes with a free trial for 2 weeks.


This one is amongst the marketing automation tools that allow creating and sending the right messages to your customers. It also helps in integrating with your website or mobile applications.

  • This automation solution allows you to add predefined regulations, and it also gives triggers and real-time actions.
  • They make developing personalized messages easier.
  • Some of the features are tracking conversions, in-context discussions, A/B tests, and consumer forms.
  • It has diverse packages and they depend on the length of the email schedule and total email values.

4. Pardot

Pardot is a marketing automation tool that is good for increasing the firm’s earnings. It also has the best solutions for assisting sales teams in reducing their sales cycles.

  • CRM integrations, landing pages, ROI reports, and web forms are other functions.
  • The users can have access to many scoring sectors, public profiles, calendar views, and API.
  • It has the pro pricing package and ultimate pricing package of its software.
  • They include email pages, A/B tests, and Google AdWords integrations.

5. DialogTech

DialogTech is a good voice-based marketing- sales automation tool. It helps in optimizing voice interactions and also has keyword call tracking tools.

  • It helps in improving ROI with analytics and automation of the calls.
  • The reversal lookup, speech analytics, in-call are other features.
  • It also has great geolocation routing tools, voice reports, SMS, and many more.

6. iContact

They provide email marketing autmation software. They have landing pages, analytics, and social media managing tools for approaching contacts.

  • It also gives entry to strategic counsels that helps in optimization and inbox delivery for modifications.
  • Some of the features of this software are trigger messages, engagement tracking tools, and funnel reporting.
  • iContact software has a basic Email Marketing package and a Pro Automation package.

Significance and Benefits of Marketing Automation

The importance of marketing automation is shown below with a blend of information and stats.

1. Lead Management

  • The marketing automation system automates the lead process starting from observing to transferring the leads. Automation also involves lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead conversions.
  • By using marketing automation solutions, the firms see a 451% boost in capable leads.
  • The businesses that use this software detect a 77% rise in lead conversions.
  • Out of 5, every 4 users see an increase in their leads by using marketing automation software.

2. Time-Saving

Do you have trouble keeping up with back-to-back conferences? Are you not having time to double-check your company’s fresh campaigns? Then marketing automation is the right tool for all your company’s facades.

  • Automating the follow-up emails and outreach emails improves the reply rate by 250%.
  • On average, automating social media posts and ads can save almost, or more than, 6 hours for one week.
  • 74% of business owners are announcing that marketing automation software is conserving the time of staff.
  • Automation of customer meetings and appointments saves 80% more time.

3. Personalization and Email Automation

The importance of marketing automation is that this software provides personalized content for emails. Is your company dealing with the right customers with the right message? This marketing software delivers several great outputs and workflow automation facilities.

  • Personalized emails generate 6X extra high marketing rates.
  • Automating the emails delivers 320% extra income than the promotional emails.
  • Almost every automated email gives a 86% high open rate and a 196% rise in click-through rates.
  • The firms that use marketing automation software observe a 53% high conversion rate.

4. Revenue and Productivity

One of the best elements of marketing automation is it helps in gaining high ROI which in turn gives high profits. It also increases the corporation’s efficiency and productivity.

  • B2B companies that use this software are reporting a 20% gain in their sales chances.
  • More than 3.1% of high income is seen in companies that use marketing automation compared to non-users.

5. Promoting

This is one of the best aspects of marketing automation software. The marketing automation software uses various methods for publishing the company and its product or services.

  • Reports reveal that almost 80% of advertising of the stocks or services is done by this marketing software.
  • A total of 23% of professionals say that marketing automation is nice for PR outreach and promoting titles.

6. Budget

The marketing automation software decreases the expenses of needless works. This software cuts out the necessary budget. 63% of directors are planning to invest in marketing software.

  • In the total marketing budget, an average of 29% is in use for marketing automation technology.
  • Estimates show that the marketing automation platform’s value will reach 7.63 billion dollars by the end of 2025.

7. Consumer-centric

The marketing automation system examines the individuals, primary customers, and clients. This software also organizes the consumer’s data and tracks their movement. It also records and stores the information of the clients and companies. This builds a central database platform that makes it easy for the staff in getting access to the data.

  • This marketing software enriches buyer traffic by 39%.
  • The survey in 2020 reveals that almost 68% of executives and businesses are using marketing automation software.

Beneficial Statistics

The importance of marketing automation is shown using marketing automation software stats.

  • The percentage rate of businesses that say marketing automation is vital for their company’s success is 91%.
  • A survey from 2018 shows that 49% of businesses are using marketing automation software for day-to-day work.
  • A total of 79% of healthy firms have been using marketing automation solutions for more than 3 years.
  • The total amount that will be spent on marketing automation software may reach 25.1 billion dollars by 2023.


As you have witnessed the importance of marketing automation software along with the best software. Almost 75% of all companies are using marketing automation software. It is high time to begin using the marketing automation software if you haven’t. Choose the best software among them that is perfect for your group.

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