Omnichannel Marketing Tools for 2023


Omnichannel Marketing Tools for 2023

If you struggle to manage one client across multiple channels and platforms, imagine what would happen when you expand and your client count increases. Burn out!!! That’s what will happen to you and your team. Complete burnout will creep into the quality of your work. And drag down your progress as a marketer.
How do you avoid this? Simple, start using an Omnichannel Marketing tool. There are plenty of these tools available with free trials and affordable subscriptions. But most importantly, these tools are worth it. They are.
We will answer everything you need about omnichannel marketing tools trending in 2023. But then, which tool should you pick? What do they offer? Which are the most recommended ones? Are they useful? Why should you even try one? And which are the ones to watch out for!

What are Omnichannel Marketing Tools?

Imagine you need to run a social media campaign for a client. As simple as it sounds, ask the social media managers and they will tell you, there are plenty of things to get done between getting the brief from the client and delivering the project. From brainstorming on a campaign theme to aligning the content tonality, and from overseeing the integration of graphics to scheduling and posting, and the never ending back and forth in between for approvals, make campaign delivery a huge pain point for the marketers. Top of it with the number of channels that are trending, your task keeps multiplying. And all hell will break lose if you keep adding clients to that.

But there is a way around this challenge: Omnichannel Marketing Tools. A set of tools that reinstate the fact: Multitasking is the name of the game. Also known as cross-channel digital marketing tools, these are applications that facilitates distribution and delivery of a campaign across multiple interactive social media channels and platforms. Essentially, omnichannel marketing tools reduce the touchpoints for a marketer, making it easy, for them to manage multiple channels from a single view perspective and achieve better consistency across what otherwise would seem isolated platforms.

Omnichannel- Marketing -Tools- 2023

A omnichannel marketing tool allows you to manage platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, SMS, WhatsApp messaging, YouTube, and every other trending platform you can think of. One tool to rule them all! These tools are the Lords of The Marketing Platforms.

Why should you be using omnichannel marketing tools starting today?

As I said, there is a lot to manage for a single social media campaign. The smart thing to do here is to automate all the redundant tasks that is occupying a considerable time of your schedule. Like scheduling, posting, keeping a tab on activity on your profiles, insights & analytics: these tasks can be simply automated.

“Automation fosters healthy efficiency. Efficiency in turn, boosts productivity.”

Moreover, these tools allow consistent messaging, communication, and design across platforms. Because each platform requires a specific communication style, marketers know they need different sets of creatives for each platform. Due to this diversity in the platforms, there is a chance for marketers to use these isolated platforms without cohesion. This leads to fragmented and inconsistent communication with your target audience, leading to confusion or misinterpretation.
How do you fix this? You guessed it, Omnichannel Marketing Tools. Because they provide a holistic and unified view of your campaign across platforms, marketers can produce consistent messaging with continuity. You can knit your diversified messages into a synchronized symphony. This also creates a positive user experience. Users can progressively view designed content across multiple channels, magnifying the overall impact.

“Unify the platforms to achieve better consistency. Synchronize your messaging to maximize the impact.”

One of the consequences of achieving better consistency in your messaging across platforms is redirections. Cross-linking the platforms work wonders in the long run. You can redirect your online visitors to your desired channel. You can redirect users from an average-performing platform to your best-performing platform to help them learn more about your brand. Or you can turn them from a high-performing platform to your low-performing platform to popularize your presence in the latter.

“Redirections help you bounce off visitors & traffic from one platform to another as required.”

When managing multiple channels for your client, one of the most challenging things you need to get right is collating, analyzing, and reporting your insights and analytics. But the cherry on top, the icing of the cake, & the crème de la crème is the centralized access to key performance indicators to track your marketing campaigns. Because these omnichannel tools provide a unified approach, you can infer a holistic view from the analytics. Identify the performance of the channels, trends that are working well, types of content performing well, which channel is consuming what kind of content, and several other parameters crucial to gauge the campaign’s performance. The insights collected are then translated into actionable measures, further amplifying your marketing efforts.

“You can derive the best actionable insights from your marketing campaigns with a single-view omnichannel marketing tool for all your platforms.”

Factors to consider while choosing an omnichannel marketing tool:

Now that you know what an omnichannel marketing tool is and why you should use it, let us help you understand which one you should use. We have tried and tested each of these, and these tools are the best you can get. The factors we took under consideration here are:

1. Utility: The obvious thing to look for in a tool is its functionality. How many problems can it solve? And what uses does it render?

2. Ease of Use: You don’t want to complicate simple tasks like posting and scheduling. You want a tool that can do these boring & repetitive tasks with relative ease and at the touch of a button. So, the interface of these tools must be user-friendly.

3. Pricing: You want to automate these tasks without incurring a too heavy budget. Tools are to assist you. Not burden you!

4. Flexibility: Because there is a wide range of devices, you want your tools to be compatible with all devices and formats. Be it APKs or SDKs; your tool should be digital-friendly and easily integrable.

Managing Expectations: What can you get out of these Omnichannel Marketing Tools?

Based on what aspect of your marketing you want to streamline, there are various types of omnichannel marketing tools one can consider and use. From scheduling and posting to sending mails, you can do multiple tasks based on the type of tool you are using. The common omnichannel marketing tools will help you:

1. Manage chat marketing across messenger, WhatsApp, and text message services.
2. Manage timely schedule of emails.
3. Manage social media postings, scheduling, and analytics.
4. Manage SEO efforts.
5. Align sales and marketing efforts.

The Countdown List:

Coming to the crux of the blog, so here are the long-awaited Top 5 omnichannel marketing tools will set you up for 2023:

1. AgoraPulse


A social media marketing tool that lets you manage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube with in-built analytics dashboard and content scheduler, AgoraPulse is ideal for gaining audience insights and identifying missed opportunities. AgoraPulse provides complete monitoring of social media activities and comes in with an engagement kit. You can queue and store unlimited posts and get seamless reporting of analytics.

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

2. MeetEdgar

meet edgar

The best content-recycler out there MeetEdgar is one of the most preferred omnichannel marketing tool. Unlike AgoraPulse which is inclined toward analytics, MeetEdgar is more focused on content scheduling and creating auto-generated & preset themes for posting. Accessible across major social media channels, MeetEdgar’s striking feature is its ability to identify important post and recycle it over and over in the schedule as per requirement. This tool lets marketers test variations of the posts.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

3. Keap

Keap:Top 5 omnichannel marketing tools

A multi-purpose campaign builder, Keap tracks activities of your clients and collate all the contact information in a central unit and moves them along the sales pipeline. Easily integrable into your CRMs, Keap will help you set automated follow-ups, send personalized emails, reminders, customize dashboards, trigger email sequences and everything you can think of.

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite:Top 5 omnichannel marketing tools

Hoosuite is a perfect tool to link your website and social media profiles, the most visited platforms by the users. Manage comments & mentions from a single platform, furnish world-class customer service, and use engaging CTAs to deliver more than you are used to using Hootsuite.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

5. Zoho

Zoho:Top 5 omnichannel marketing tools

Ideal for automating advanced lead generation management, Zoho is a single-stop for all your marketing needs. From capturing, engaging, qualifying, educating and influencing your audience Zoho helps you double down on conversion giving you a significant boost in your ROI. Manage campaign effectiveness, leverage precise real-time analytics, and connect with your prospects over text messages or email as per user preference. It is perfect tool if you want to acquire more leads for your business.

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Concluding Note:

Identify the process you want to streamline your marketing efforts, identify the relevant omnichannel marketing tools, compare, and try the demo versions for a few. Then, you will have much better clarity about which omnichannel marketing tools you need. Irrespective of your choice, these tools will streamline your process and bring about a significant change in delivering your bottom lines.

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