Top 7 Positive Effects of Social Media in Shaping Brand Reputation

We all have probably heard about negative effects of social media on our lives. While it may be true to some extent, we cannot ignore the fact that social media also has many positive effects that otherwise did not exist. Social media is now an integral part of our lives. The truth is that it is beneficial for society as a whole in many ways. It helps people connect easily, empowers businesses and helps students learn and grow.

According to a study at Harvard, using social media in routine, as long as one remains mindful, is positively associated with an individual’s social wellbeing and mental health. In this article, we will look at some of the positive implications of social media on our daily lives.

1. Easy to Connect and Make Friends

This is one of the foremost positive effects of social media. Perhaps it has never been easier to make friends as it is now with social media. Only a few decades ago, people found it difficult to connect with their old friends, or to make new friends, unless you were a social animal who could easily start conversations.

The trend of smartphones changed this, helping people to connect even better. However, with social media, the concept of friendship and staying connected was taken to a whole new level, and there was no going back.

2. Allows Faster Communication

Phone calls also allow people to communicate easily, but social media allows to communicate instantly with a wider audience. With our time stretching thinner due to family and work commitments, social media helps in efficient communication.

Moreover, many people don’t like making phone calls due to the needless conversations they initiate. It’s not really considered polite to only say what you want to say and hang up. Instead, one has to start with pleasantries before coming to the actual point of conversation, and then exchange more pleasantries before hanging up. Another one of positive implications of social media, it lets you deliver your messages quickly and concisely.

3. Helps News to Travel Faster

With social media, spreading news globally has gone to the next level. A common man can now also report as eyewitness on an interesting story as it happens. We no longer need to wait to switch on the television or read the newspaper to know about the latest news or learn about the events of a developing story.

Obviously, there is a downside to this as well, and that is the ease with which one can spread fake news. However, social media sites tackle this issue by continuously labeling misinformation and blocking fake content.

4. Helps Building a Business

Social media has been one of the biggest contributing factors in promoting businesses through digital marketing, particularly for new and home-based small businesses. It helps businesses build their audience by getting the word out about their offering, sharing valuable content, and establishing a brand. It also keeps buyers updated about the latest products or services, ongoing sales, and time-limited offers. Not only new businesses, one of the positive implications of social media is that it also helps already-established businesses sell and grow through advertising and marketing. With the introduction of marketplaces, you can also buy and sell directly through social media. Thus, some users find it more convenient to do shopping on social media.

5. Allows to Foster Empathy

Constructive effects of social media also include how it fosters empathy for each other. We share our lives on social media, including the ups and downs, with people that we think will care. Generally, people do care and share similar experiences or offer help to deal with your problems. Thus, by sharing our experiences, we are able to empathize with each other.

6. Helps Raise Social Issues

Social media helps raise social issues faster and also facilitates people who want to contribute to social work such as monetary or food donations in times of natural disasters. Although, this has also given opportunities to fraudulent factors to raise funds based on fake incidents, one can always do their thorough investigation before contributing to a social cause on social media.

7. Makes the World Seem Smaller

Perhaps one of the biggest constructive effects of social media, it makes the world seem smaller to you. Physical locations now seem less important, as you can stay in touch at all times with your friends and relatives living thousands of miles away abroad.


As with everything else, there is a positive and negative aspect to social media. When used wisely and in moderation, we can benefit from its constructive effects, and certainly deliver a positive impact on the society in ways mentioned above.

We all have probably heard about the negative effects of social media on our lives. While it may be true to some extent, we cannot ignore the fact that social media also has many positive effects that otherwise did not exist.

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