Rules For Designing Your Own Flash Cards

Rules For Designing Your Own Flash Cards

Flash cards are known for generations as one of the best study tool. The flash cards promote active recalling study method. This practice helps our brain in learning thing more effectively. Many students use flash cards but not all of them are using the, in the most effective manner. Some of the students make a few common mistakes while creating and studying these flash cards. Some of these mistakes are as follow:

  • Using flash cards only to promote rote memorization
  • Creating highly complicated flash cards that might not trigger proper recall can lead to poor recognition for actual facts
  • Over-use of flash cards

These are some very common mistakes that people make while creating or using flash cards. To help you avoid such mistakes here are some tips for making and using flash cards in the most efficient way –

Design Your Own Flash Card – Lots of students like to share their own set of flash cards or you may easily find some programs or apps that will provide you with pre-made set of cards. This might be helpful if you have limited time to prepare yourself. Although, the best method is to study the syllabus and design your own personalized flash cards in a way that can help you memorize and learn information easily. You will help your brain better by designing your own cards.

The most important part of the learning process is to intake new data, wrangle it into your brain and create a new way of explaining the collected information. This will strengthen your neural pathways.

Add Pictures – Adding relevant images to your flash cards can make them more efficient. The Image Superiority Effect is a psychological concept which emphasises on how students tend to remember pictures better than words. Our brain has always been sensitive to pictures. This doesn’t mean that your flash cards should have only images but it should be a mix of words and pictures. This is surprisingly more adaptive method for the brain. By adding short descriptive information along with pictures related to it will increase the ability of your brain to recall information.

One Question One Card Rule – Including multiple details on a single flash card will create illusions of competence. This will not let your brain recognise or recall. Recalling is retrieving information from memory storage without a clear cue. So, learning and memorizing on information one time will help you recall that information without creating illusions. This is one of the best ways to keep information on your fingertips.

Thus, if you have kids going to school or as a student you have your exams coming up and you wish to create the best flash cards to help you learn better but still wondering about to how to make flashcards, then this blog will surely help you. The above mentioned tips will not only help you create the best flash card but will also assist you in using them in the most effective way possible. So, hurry start designing them now!

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