5 Rare SEO Techniques that will Increase Your Traffic

5 Rare SEO Techniques that will Increase Your Traffic
Want more website visibility and increase your site traffic? Know how to multiply your search traffic through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Understanding 5 SEO and its techniques are crucial in amplifying your organic search presence. It also helps people get the content and information they want by appearing on the first page, if not at the top. SEO is an essential part of developing a website and placing it in the higher rankings of search engines. Without SEO, the rankings and traffic of a website will be much less. One can start by completing an SEO audit on the website to ascertain its overall site performance and follow the below SEO techniques to improve the website ranking and target audience.

Enhance User Experience

Any search engine’s objective is to attain the most satisfactory conceivable results for each user’s query. If your site is unreliable, sloppy, and not optimized, the chances of hitting a high ranking as well as increased traffic is entirely implausible. First of all, headings are the driving factor in enhancing the user experience as it captures the main principle of the underlined topic. Also, a combination of videos, audio, and pictures can effectively capture your target viewers’ interest, thus boosting your site visits. Include fluid content and generate attractive headings with a content title generator for user-friendly content. Your site must always be user-centric with unique personalized substance and discerning design. The site UI layout should appeal to the viewer to make them return to your site in the future. Search engine analysis highlights that a user would only spend a fair amount of time on a site if it’s worthwhile reading. Having a trustworthy, innovative, and specific professional site will discourage bounce rates and, consequently, higher view counts.

Provide Maximum Internal links

Internal linking or backlinking can explosively impact the positioning of a website in Search engine outcomes. The linking to authoritative sources increases the credibility of a site. Furthermore, backlinking to and within your blog posts helps your lower-ranked pages increase traffic. However, internal links should always be topic relevant to garner the trust of viewers. Searches come under four main categories – Informational, Commercial, Transactional, and Navigational. Therefore, it is up to you to use the relevant internal links and keywords to obtain user attention.

More Words, More Content, More Traffic

Don’t mistake word count as a trivial factor in determining your search engine rankings. Research indicates that having a higher word count of more than 1500 per blog post yields higher search traffic. There is a specified correlation between the content length and site rankings in general. The more you increase your content production, the more you can expand the collection of relevant keywords to boost your site traffic, thus providing answers to the questions searched. Additionally, featured snippets are present for nearly every other question searched on Google. Be smart enough to drive further traffic using pages on your site already ranked on Google’s first page.

Use Social Media to your advantage.

If your website is relatively new, you would need an ace up your sleeve, and SNS (Social Networking Sites) is for you. Use social media to your advantage to gain credibility and following. Since not all media platforms offer you authority and traffic, it is imperative to know which networking platforms are the most beneficial of them all. Quora, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SlideShare are specific authoritative platforms that have a high-quality content requirement. You can create blogs and topic relevant articles on LinkedIn and SlideShare. Moreover, In Quora, you can consistently answer some questions every day and gradually build a reputation and following that leads to referral traffic. On Pinterest, use the most relevant pictures from your site that direct users to your posts. Active engagement on Social media platforms helps in understanding your target audience and demographic better. It also helps in finding popular topics for your Website.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

After 2016, sites that are mobile optimized are relatively ranked higher by Google. Statistics indicate that users on their smartphones now perform over 60% of daily searches. With this in mind, you can’t afford to lose your target audience by not having a mobile-friendly website any longer. You must admit that it’s easier to read and scroll through on a mobile than a PC. An optimized mobile site must always be dynamic and responsive and not be tardy. Websites allow desktop webpages to be viewed in retort to the screen’s size or web browser one is viewing with, like making it mobile-friendly. With the ever-changing search engine algorithms, it’s essential to experiment with new ideas and tactics and find out what works best for you. We have kept your interest at heart while preparing the article to help you effectively use these SEO techniques to monitor your website’s performance and improve your search rankings.

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