6 Social Media Trends Delivery Businesses Should Focus in 2022

The platforms provided by social media and the Internet are constantly evolving. Every once in a while, social media platforms & trends change because of the constant introduction of new updates. People used to crack jokes about anything almost possible a few years ago when flying cars & trips to the moon were regarded as futuristic-only hypothetical talks.

Everything seemed like a bluff & impossible chase, whether talking to a person miles away or finding a different form of entertainment. Flying cars and trips to the moon may not be a real thing yet, but Social Media & the Internet certainly are!

On the other hand, digital ordering is not something new. In the Internet age, something revolutionary occurred that revolutionized how people live and connect – Social Media! A living human is provided with almost everything they need through social media platforms!

Ordering food has become as simple as, well, heating a frozen TV dinner. You can now place your order over the phone or via an online platform linked to a specific restaurant.

Over the past five to seven years, companies across the globe have successfully re-invented a way to deliver food and other essentials online; instead of focusing on a single restaurant or store’s menu, they are now providing a virtual buffet with hundreds of thousands of restaurants and millions of products.

But how do people get aware of these new trends and business models? The simple answer is social media. Yes, social media has changed business standards, and it’s worth watching trends that every delivery business owner should consider. So without any ado, let’s jump to it.

Social Media Trends Delivery Businesses Should Watch Out

Consumers are driving social change as technology has advanced, and technological advancements have accompanied the shift towards virtual living. A new customer base with special requirements has emerged in 2021, and social media trends reflect the same. Marketing strategies must recognize these forces and adapt to them, or they will eventually die because they will not thrive if they cannot adapt.

But before exploring social media trends, let’s have a loot some social media statistics,

  • The average user spends almost two hours on social media daily.
  • If we talk about monthly active users, Facebook stands first with 2.7 billion users, followed by Instagram at 1.5B.
  • Before it got banned, TikTok posts were used to receive the highest level of engagement.

Keeping in mind the above stats, more and more delivery business owners are investing in social media marketing. Moreover, people’s inclination towards digital ordering has been increasing; whether they want to have delicious food, grocery essentials, or healthcare products, they are turned online. If you are also engaged with the same sectors and thinking of pivoting existing business models, consider below solutions offer ample growth opportunities, E-Delivery is one of the finest platforms that automate the delivery process and comes with lots of social media features so that business startups can stay hooked with customers right away.

Mile Suite is also designed and developed especially for delivery businesses that make their delivery services highly optimized.

Here’s a look at the most crucial social media trends for 2021 and beyond – trends marketers should be aware of to bring positive outcomes. It is never too late to start checking off these boxes – even if you haven’t yet checked off every single one. Take advantage of these hot social media trends and start implementing them today to accelerate your delivery business growth.

Live Videos Transforming Social Media Landscape

Brands have experimented with live videos to connect with their customers in recent years. It has been surprising to see how popular live videos have become compared to video content. The most popular social media sites for live videos are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr. Nearly 82% of the audiences prefer social media for watching live videos.

For instance, cafes and restaurants often publish behind-the-scenes videos and recipe videos to get more engagement.

Long-Form IGTV Content

Instagram’s video feature IGTV took a little while to catch on but has risen in popularity in 2020. More and more brands are using the tool to create long-form video series on the app, which will become even more popular with branded partnership tools.

Personalization is Here to Stay for Better Engagement

According to the above findings, it is not surprising that 2021 will bring about new opportunities in personalization. Your social media platforms give you little insight into your typical customer journey if all you count on is organic reach.

According to a recent survey by Hootsuite, 69 percent of businesses use social media to keep in touch with customers. Thus, users will likely expect the brands they interact with online to take a very personal approach in 2021.

Explosion of Social Commerce

Eyeballs follow the money. The social media channel is winning the battle against search. In the meantime, the pandemic has devastated some brick-and-mortar retail establishments. In 2022, social commerce will boom. To reach customers and build awareness, brands are turning to social media.

Here we can consider how Indian food delivery service, Zomato allows customers to place a food order from Instagram.

Influencer Marketing Stands on the Top

Hubspot asked marketing professionals which trends they planned to implement in years to come? More than 93% of professionals said influencer marketing. At the same time, more than 57% of marketers are already using influencer marketing to increase engagement.

Especially, brands found that micro-influencers work best and offer optimum results. Here we can consider how restaurants collaborate with local food bloggers to promote their signature dishes.

Instagram Continues to Reign Supreme

Most brands use social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc., to promote their businesses. It’s perhaps not surprising that more than 74.3 percent of brands plan to increase their Instagram marketing efforts in 2020. Moreover, brands mostly use Instagram to provide robust data and insight into their communities.

Harness Social Media Platforms Power to Drive Delivery Business Growth

People no longer send letters or postcards, schedule shopping plans, or behold only big-screen stars who are idolized. The social media revolution added a whole new dimension to everyone’s lives. The dimensions of social media keep changing due to the constant changes in configurations, algorithms, and technicalities.

It is critical for every netizen who hopes to make a living to keep up with these changes & trends, and delivery businesses are not immune from these.

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