Techniques to Generate B2B Sales Lead


There are a variety of answers to the question- what the right technique to generate B2B sales lead is? And accordingly, the answers also differ. Primarily, it depends on the niche of your industry. However, when it comes to techniques to generate B2B sales leads the best one is to formulate your lead generation strategy around your industry, product, and customers. Since the market is evolving consistently, the sales and marketing team should keep on experimenting over the period. This enables them to learn and implement new techniques to generate B2B sales lead.

Valasys Media, a pioneer in lead generation, has helped several companies of different niche to generate B2B sales lead. And in B2B sales lead generation process- there are some basic prerequisites. In this post, we will be discussing the basic approach that is widely implemented in B2B domain for B2B sales lead generation.

  • Work on Your Content Game-

In today’s business world, basic architecture begins with content. For every sales funnel, content is designed explicitly. Content, in different forms, is segmented based onthe stage of every sales funnel. For example- Content in the form of blog posts and press release are used to spread brand awareness. This, in turn, converts the target audience into leads.

In short, presenting the right form of content at the right time- can help you achieve the intended result. For high-quality B2B sales lead generation, always curate content around the need of your customers.

  • Know Your Customers-  Your customers present vast opportunities to generate B2B sales leads. Many companies tend to ignore customers once the business is done and the other half focus on building customer relationships. These companies go after the customer to get their feedback.

In this era of cut-throat competition, this feedbacks help you to stand out.  Using the feedback, you can analyze customer behavior, their preferred service, and more importantly- pain points.

These pain points give you an idea about designing a product that provides the appropriate solution to audience of a similar field, who are searching for a solution.

  • Build Your Network– Post office hours, you may not be able to communicate your service to your potential client. But you sure can find them on other platforms if you have a wide network. Social media platforms, especially, LinkedIn and Facebook are some of the best channels to strengthen your professional connections and engage with your target audience. You can share your expertise, provide a solution, and find a lead. There are dedicated professional groups on such social media platforms that allow you to meet and connect with people of the same business fraternity.
  • Interact on Q and A Platforms– This is probably the most underrated platform to generate B2B sales lead. Ironically, Q and A platforms bring in a lot of potential for B2B sales lead. The best way to interact on these platforms is to answer the questions that are relevant to the company’s subject matter. Authoritative and genuine answers are likely to bring more views. This eventually helps in bringing traffic to the website.
  • Technology is New TechniqueIf you have still not switched to the automation tool, you are missing lots of business opportunities. Application of automation software enables you to-
  • Filter your email list and target the audience with relevant client
  • Align both sales and marketing teams
  • Send emails to mass
  • Manage your marketing task and provide you accurate result
  • Alerts you about the action of your leads
  •  Integrate Chatbots on Your Website- Various research studies point in the direction that customers expect low response time, as low as 1 hour. If you don’t respond to your lead immediately, there are high chances that you may lose them to your competitor. In this case, a chatbot helps you save those losing leads when your sales team is not active.  Chatbot engages your customer without any delay and fills the gap by addressing issues.
  • Lead Generation Campaign- Last but not least, campaign is one of the trending techniques to generate qualified B2B sales lead. Campaigns allow you to capture hot leads who are looking for an immediate solution to their problems. However, had it been so easy, anyone and everyone could have generated B2B sales in-house instead of hiring a B2B lead generation agency. Lead generation campaign is a multi-step strategic process. Each of the steps should be planned precisely to gain the attention of the target audience and guide them to the landing page and fill the form.

Know how to design a lead generation campaign


Above mentioned points are not strategy, they are the foundations to formulate strategy. These basic elements will help you attend to the goals of generating B2B sales lead extensively. Before you begin with reaching out to the audience, you must have well-researched data about who your target audience is and where to find them. If you are not clear about these data, no matter how versatile your strategy is, you will never be able to approach them.

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