Telemarketing: The Right Way

telemarketing do it the right way
B2B lead generation is not a piece of cake and anybody who tells you otherwise is kidding you. Every B2B telemarketing campaign that you organize will leave you faced with a single reality; there are just too many telemarketers in the business and it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract the attention of the right business prospects. Aside from the stress of being noticeable, there is also the added pressure of rejection that comes with the telemarketers B2B lead generation efforts. So if you have concerns about making your telemarketing work better for you then it is necessary to apply appointment setting tools as reinforcement. One of the most common and quite effective mediums to generate more sales leads is content marketing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach which is focused on creating and distributing relevant. Interesting, and updated content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. And ultimately drive a customer to make a profitable action. This can be through social media or email but it is important to know which will be the better method to reach your business prospects. Most people view content marketing and lead generation as two separate entities but the manner in which you plan your content marketing can very well have a direct bearing on the number of leads you generate. Improve Your Content Marketing Skills Here are 5 of the most effective ways we believe you can improve your content marketing skills and eventually boost your lead generating strategy.
1.  Create engaging stories
Great content isn’t just about flashy presentations or being informational, it needs to tell a story with an interesting voice that holds the interest of the reader. In order to engage your reader on an emotional level, it is effective to use the method of storytelling. For the purpose of incorporating storytelling into content marketing, the following are a few suggestions:
  • Using a shocking or eye-opening statistic, you can hook your readers right from the get-go.
  • A situation can be introduced with the aim of illustrating your point in an easy and relatable manner
  • Visuals like infographics, graphs, videos can be used to draw people in
  • With the help of personal anecdotes, expressing your feelings or opinions you can add personality to your content
2. Target audiences at every level
When targeting a company, balance your focus on every level of the company which means creating content that equally speaks to both senior and junior level employees. Even though the lower level employees aren’t directly involved in the decision-making process, they definitely have an effect on it. It is very likely that senior level decider will rely on the collective advice of their team before making any large purchase decision. Also, it is important not to forget that this will have a greater long-term positive impact as today’s junior members may well be tomorrow’s major decision makers.
3. Webinar creation
Without asking for much effort from the audience’s end, a webinar allows your viewers to rub shoulders with other companies on their own time and in a comfortable place and relaxed manner. Digital events fare better in attendance levels compared to in-person events. Another benefit of using a digital event is that participants get a sense of the value your brand will add to their company. They begin to equate the knowledge and expertise they gain directly with your brand and the outside speakers don’t dilute that impact.
4. Sales and marketing alignment
Marketing and sales teams are famous for how they keep each other at dagger point. Marketing blames sales when leads don’t convert and sales blame marketing when they don’t receive quality leads. Content marketing can put an end to this age-old rivalry. With the help of content marketing, a company can deliver much better and more valuable content over an extended period of time which nurtures prospects and helps in building confidence in your brand as a solution that they can be relied upon. A prospect eventually becomes lead as they keep sampling your online content. This lead is rightly called a highly valued, sales-qualified lead as they have been nurtured into a fully mature and ready to convert entity. This makes the whole lead to customer transition easier which improves the relationship between marketing and sales.
5. Analyze behaviors
For the purpose of deciding content that audiences find valuable, it is vital to analyze their behavior with the help of KPIs like page visits, bounce rates, downloads. According to your findings, you can adapt your approach. Analytics is a very important feature of a B2B content marketing strategy. As a marketer, you need to be able to constantly analyze and adapt to get the results you require. Telemarketing Telemarketing enables a business to have direct contact with their clients, receive immediate feedback, is cost-effective, and reduces operational costs. Even as content marketing can be used to generate more leads, telemarketing is necessary to proactively push products and services.
Advantages of Telemarketing
Telemarketing offers a great advantage to content marketing as it fills in the gaps that social media leave and converts your audience into qualified leads. 1. Developing content topics A telemarketer need not converse with too many prospects before they start detecting patterns in conversations which also serve as ideas for content that is relevant and helpful to viewers. 2. Identifying popular content formats A telemarketer can help in identifying the kind of formats and topics that audiences prefer seeing in your content marketing and which of your content you need to repurpose. 3. Brainstorming new content A telemarketer can help in eliminating some of the work that comes with brainstorming fresh content topics as the potential buyer can be directly asked what they would like to see covered. 4. Being unique A telemarketer has a competitive edge as they invite personal connections through conversing with the prospect and understanding their challenges and obstacles. 5. Best lead generation tool A telemarketer helps in refining a contact list, answering audience concerns and in inviting them to view more of your content. A lead is created through personal connects that are cultivated with the use of trust and loyalty. Which is a result of having actual conversations. So it is vital to answering questions and concerns of your target buyers in order to help. Them move from one step to the next in the engagement process. Content marketing works hand in glove with telemarketing to help your prospective buyer know. Who you are before you contact them and keeps their interest long after as well.

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