The Last Guide to Getting Editorial Backlinks You’ll Ever Need


When you are looking to buy backlinks from a top link building company you will want to know that the editorial content is premium quality and a good representation of your brand’s identity.

How well you rank in the search engine rankings is heavily influenced by the quality as well as the quantity of the backlinks you manage to obtain.

That’s why your focus should be on building strong editorial backlinks.

Here is a guide on what you need to know about editorial backlinks.

Understanding what editorial backlinks are all about

A good starting point would be to have a good understanding of what editorial backlinks are and the role they have to play in your digital marketing strategy.

An editorial backlink is an organic inbound link that has been embedded in a very natural way into a piece of website content. Webmasters consistently use content as a way of engaging their audience. They regularly link to external sites when creating this content.

The fundamental point about editorial backlinks to take on board is that you cannot purchase them. The way to acquire these backlinks is to persuade other webmasters to agree to a link within the content you provide to the other site.

Your domain needs to be considered trustworthy

Another key point to remember is that the way your website has been created can be hugely influential when it comes to the number of editorial backlinks you manage to create.

The bottom line is that a webmaster won’t be comfortable linking to your site if you don’t have a reputable domain extension. Stick to the accepted and commonly used domain extensions. Any lesser-known domain extension will restrict your ability to attract editorial backlinks.

Always aim for evergreen content

Evergreen content is appropriately named. This term describes content that stays fresh for a long time.

Look to create content that offers long-term relevancy. When the content is as ageless as possible, visitors consistently view the content, and visitor number remains high for a sustained period that is years or months, rather than weeks.

Think about using infographics

A well constructed and beautifully presented infographic is invariably positively received. The reason why webmasters love infographics is that they offer a great communication resource.

Infographics are an absolute no-brainer. Many internet users like the level of detail and information they contain. Savvy webmasters are alert to the popularity of infographics and that means they are often more than willing to link to them.

It would be wise to appreciate how useful infographics are for attracting links as part of your strategy.

Be prepared to talk about other businesses

Last but not least, another good strategy to consider would be to include mentions of other businesses in your editorial content.

When you give another business a positive mention it often encourages them to reciprocate by linking back to your page.

Editorial backlinks are a valuable resource for building your online profile and boosting your search engine rankings. Are you making the most of this opportunity?

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