10 Tips for Building B2B Marketing Campaigns

tips for building b2b marketing campaigns


Over the years B2B marketing strategies have changing, in part because of the superfluous volumes of data being generated & employed by the business in their decision-making process & in part because of the evolution in the researching habits of the prospects.

Building B2B marketing campaigns is all about having proper strategies in place which can be effectively split-tested, quantified & optimized from time to time.

According to a research by Deloitte in 2019, about 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the past two years, bringing us in an era termed the Fourth Industrial Revolution by many experts.

Clearly, the correct use of data for making business decisions & following the right protocols abiding by the GDPR norms, to collect, process & employ data in the building B2B marketing campaigns

The very term B2B stands for business to business & contrary to the B2C companies that deal with customers directly, B2B companies deal with other businesses to help them with their cores & most commonly the bottom-lines.

Steps to Building B2B Marketing Campaigns

According to a study by Gartner, only 20% of the information on B2B websites displays characteristics of buyer enablement – which means that marketers have a big opportunity for building B2B marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, another study from Gartner found that despite the proliferation of digital media, 77% of the B2B buyers still feel that making a purchase is time-consuming & even agonizing.

The optimal use of B2B marketing channels for building B2B marketing campaigns & successfully executing them, requires proper planning & all the minute elements in place.

Perfecting at building B2B marketing campaigns requires constant testing, benchmarking, quantification & optimization of marketing tactics to orchestrate things for the marketers to achieve their bottom-lines.

The blog posts articulates the following 10 tips for building marketing campaigns aligned with the core bottom-lines of the marketers:

1. Research:

Research lies at the cornerstone of building B2B marketing campaigns. Right from the persona discovery to market segmentation, research lies everywhere.

Marketers need to explore their operative niches & need to figure out the right set of personas to be targeted.

The drilling down of ideal persona profiles on the basis of the data fetched from their demographic, firmographic, technographic, psychographic as well as on the basis of their past browsing histories & purchase decisions made, along with the “fit-data” of the personas as well as their first & third-party intent-data, is an essential prerequisite to building B2B marketing campaigns in a data-riven landscape.

With the equation of data being extended to targeting, hyper-targeting & market sub-segmentation into several clusters have become usual norms.

2. Focus on Building Long-Term Relationships:

Building long-term relationships with the customers pays off as returning customers are more likely to purchase. Furthermore, existing customers also serve as brand advocates & leverage Word-of-Mouth Marketing (WOMM) which brings additional traffic on the website.

Existing customers are also aid in online reputation building.

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3. Benchmarking:

Opting for a niche-driven B2B marketing mix, helps in building B2B marketing campaigns with optimal reach. For this competitively benchmarking the niche & following the best practices is the trick to excel at the bottom-line endeavors.

B2B digital marketing also requires benchmarking outside the industry’s prototypical norms. Some out-of-box thinking is always beneficial for building B2B marketing campaigns.

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4. Know the Decision Makers:

Within the B2B niche, there are on an average 7 decisionmakers who are looking for specific solutions including those pertaining to marketing.

Step 1:

Marketers must research about the decision makers

Step 2:

Care should be taken while building the B2B campaign that the perspective of each stakeholder is addressed.

5. Focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Building B2B Marketing campaigns is of no use if they don’t have the requisite visibility in front of the target audiences.

SEO being a complex & evolving disciple has two primary components:

  • On-site SEO:

This uses targeted keyword phrases to communicate the concepts on your site that matter to the audiences. Phrasing relevant keywords & posting relevant information to intrigue the customers does the trick.

  • Off-site SEO:

These practices are focused on taking valuable backlinks to the website. This is beneficial in improving the site authority & brings relevant links back on the website along with the high-quality traffic to enhance the organic rankings.

6. Social Media Marketing:

According to Hinge Marketing Social Media channels are used by 60% of buyers before making a purchase decision, making it more popular than formal referrals & recommendations.

While building B2B marketing campaigns the marketers shouldn’t forget social media channels.

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7. Advertising & Retargeting:

B2B marketing process includes advertising as an essential ingredient for promoting services, driving content to relevant audiences & for improving the visibility of the brands.

Retargeting helps in improving the reach of the marketing campaigns. When building B2B marketing campaigns, brands need to leverage cookie-based technology leveraging the simple JavaScript code to anonymously follow the audiences across the web with relevant ads.

8. Leveraging Reviews & Referrals:

Reviews & referrals play important role to supplement the multichannel B2B marketing channels. Buying is an emotional decision & reviews & referrals help attract, engage, and convert as well as retain the customers.

According to a study by Nielsen, 92% of the customers prioritize recommendations from family, friends & peers above all the forms of advertising.

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9. CRM & Lead Nurturing:

CRM is important for integrating marketing automation efforts to personalize interactions with clients. Hyper-personalized experiences nurture leads for optimized conversions.

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10. Multivariate Testing, Analytics, Reporting & Optimization:

Testing multiple modified variables by hypothesizing to determine the combination that fetches the best results after building B2B Marketing campaigns & optimizes the return on marketing investment post their execution is an important strategy.

Alongside the marketers analytically quantify their B2B digital marketing endeavors.

Tracking the weekly, monthly & quarterly performances of the campaigns helps in optimizing them for improved bottom-lines.

Wrapping It Up

With proper preparation & planning the marketers can be building B2B campaigns for marketing. Execute them for optimal return on investment, after understanding the modern B2B buyer journey.

According to Blue Corona, 90% of B2B buyers loop back to sales funnel & repeat at least one task in the buyer’s journey & hence, the sales funnel is now no-longer a linear structure & has transcended the conventional awareness, consideration, purchase & post-sales experience framework.

The key to succeeding with building B2B marketing campaigns is to keep up with all the different aspects encompassing technology, automation & human elements to optimize the users’ experiences. The above tips can help drive fruitful results.

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