Top 4 Best Free SEO Tools To Improve Your Rankings

Top 4 Best Free SEO Tools To Improve Your Rankings

Modern businesses base their foundation on digital marketing, where they can use various tools and social media to promote their products. Hence, it gives them the opportunity to promote their products and get more returns from the market. That is why you will see that all companies, whether MNCs or SMEs, look to enter the online market to sell their services and products.

Simultaneously, one of the things that companies look to use is SEO or search engine optimization. It allows the brand to rank its digital content in search engine rankings. Therefore, in order to excel in SEO, digital marketers use SEO tools. It helps them to find the latest trends and keywords to rank their content.

So, if you are looking for the best free SEO tools, you need to look at the next section to add to your list.

Free SEO Tools To Improve Your Rankings

The SEO tools will help you find the best keywords and trending topics to include in your digital content. Here are some of the SEO Tools to improve your SERP rankings –

Google Trends

One of the first things that you can use is Google Trends. It is the best place to find keywords and the latest topics that help you rank your content in the SERP rankings. You can enter a keyword in the search bar to see the peak results. That will surely help you to get your content relevant to the online audience.

Furthermore, it will also help you to know where the keywords are trending and use it for leverage. That will help you get a higher content ranking in Google search results and generate more leads.

Google Business Profile

Another free SEO tool that you can use is Google Business Profile. It is the best tool for local businesses to explore and rank their business on the Google platform. You can easily create your account on your Google listing. This will help you to show your business on Google search results and Google Maps. Consequently, your customers will be able to locate your business and visit your shops.

Therefore, you need to have a physical business presence, which will help you to get your brand to rank higher in the business. So, you can use SEO tools to get your business going and bring more customers to the shop.

MozBar SEO Toolbar

MozBar SEO Toolbar is a free tool that you can include in your tool kit. You can download the extension to your Chrome. It will help you understand domain authority, spam score, and on-page authority. Therefore, you can figure out the keyword competitors’ analysis, which helps you to get the best keywords for your content.

Furthermore, one of the things SEO Toolbar does is help you find the number of backlinks to increase the domain authority of your content. So, you can include the tool to increase your on-page authority to rank your content higher in Google rankings.

Yoast SEO WordPress plug-in

Yoast is one of the free tools that you can use to optimize your content properly. It showcases the issues in the content from the number of content. They look to ensure that the content has a less passive voice and increases transition words, headings, and subheadings. This ensures that the content is perfect for Google rankings.

Therefore, you can look at meta tags and meta descriptions, which will help you to grade the content higher in the search results. The application will ensure that the content is perfect for people to read and can generate leads for the company.

SEO Tools Will Guide To More Sales

In the end, we can say that SEO tools are necessary to get more sales. Furthermore, you can generate more leads from your website and get help increasing your internet presence. Therefore, you can use the following SEO tools that will help you increase your SERP rankings and increase your profit and revenue percentage.

So, add the following tools and look at the magic of the digital content that helps you increase your online presence in Google and other search engines.

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