Typography Mistakes to Avoid on Instagram

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Typography Mistakes on Instagram

Typography is a necessary part of creating designs by arranging letters and numbers in a way that is appealing and easy to understand. Good Instagram fonts play a significant role in making your brand impressive. There are some noteworthy typography mistakes that many designers make. People will surely like your designs if you avoid these mistakes. 

Instagram has become a popular social media platform where people share millions of posts every day. You can renovate your feed with a few simple changes to the way you post. Read the following list of mistakes in Insta fonts to avoid and make your posts top-notch.

Avoid Using All Caps

All-caps text resembles a shouting tone, so readers don’t want to feel like they are being yelled at. It helps to bring attention to important information but could also disturb the reader’s rhythm and cause them to lose focus. It is better to avoid using all caps in the content.

Avoid Choosing the Wrong Colors

According to color psychology, colors have an impact on our emotions. The colors you choose for your design should reflect your business’ style and evoke the right feelings. So, avoid choosing the wrong colors to make your post appealing. Use contrast colors for the background and text. It will be easy for readers to read.

Avoid Using Too Many Styles of Fonts for Instagram

Choosing the right Instagram fonts may be tricky, but it can make a world of difference. You should use 1-2 Insta fonts in your content to get a consistent look and maintain mystery. It is better to avoid using too many IG fonts. 

Using 1-2 fonts for Instagram in your headings and text will give an organized and clear look to every piece of your content.

Avoid Double Spacing

Spaces between and around the text are as crucial as the type itself. Cramped design is hard to read, so avoid double spacing in your designs. It can create strange breaks in your text and disturb your text’s visual flow. 

Avoid Right Alignment

People from most countries read from left to right, which means left-aligned text is more easily perceived. Sometimes, you can use center alignment to highlight some information or quotes. Avoid the right-aligned text and use left-aligned text.

Best Instagram Font Generator

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End Note

After reading this article, I hope you have a better understanding of the typography mistakes you should avoid on Instagram. I know it can be hard to remember everything at once, but don’t give up and keep working hard. Come back to this article if you remember something. Avoid the listed mistakes and give your design an appealing look.

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