SDL Tridion Sites Emerges #1 Web Content Management Platform

SDL Tridion Sites Emerges #1 Web Content Management Platform

In the latest industry rankings published by independent analyst firm Ars Logica on the 10th of December 2019, SDL maintained a position as a market leader in the latest industry rankings.

Competing with the top 19 web content management platforms SDL Tridion Sites ranks as a market leader based on Technical & Business performance.

What is SDL Tridion Sites?

SDL Tridion Site is a web content management system built for global organizations that understand that content is amongst the most vital & prized business assets.

The web content management platform powers the digital customer experiences globally & combines centralized control with in-market relevance for continuous customer journeys.

SDL Tridion Sites provides the scalability organizations the need for global deployment while assisting rigorous brand management, besides supporting an agile marketing structure & enabling a flexible delivery.

With the release of the latest web content management (WCM) solution, SDL Tridion Sites 9.1 has been not only recognized as a market leader by Ars Logica but also has been appreciated for its best-in-class enterprise tech stack & for leveraging extreme scalability.

SDL Tridion Sites is SDL’s web content management solution that allows global brands to build engaging digital experiences across any connected web device and in any language.

The digital content management system is primarily used by large enterprises with global operations & customer bases – particularly within hi-tech, manufacturing,
automotive, travel & retail sectors to improve sales & better support the journeys of the existing customers. SDL Tridion Sites customers include Alliance Data, Virgin Money, Clarion, Kone, and OMRON Automation Americas.

The Ars Logica’s Compass Guide to WCM, Q4 2019 Report:

Ars Logics recently publishedCompass Guide to WCM, Q4 2019 report reviews where the industry’s top 19 Web Content Management platforms were examined against a series of technical & business criteria.

SDL Tridion Sites received the second-highest score overall and ranked first in enterprise tech stack leverage & scalability. The platform also featured highly for content marketing tools, enabling the marketing teams to effortlessly create compelling campaigns for global audiences across multiple languages.

Since the year 2006, SDL has been a market leader in web content management platform providers. As stated by Tony White, Founder of Ars Logica, the company still
continues to invest heavily in ongoing development.  He further added that Ars Logica has culminated in a solution that is particularly suited to large-scale enterprise deployments, and combined with SDL’s undisputed leadership in language technologies should be a consideration for any global brand looking to orchestrate large volumes web & other (structured & unstructured) content, into customer experiences.

SDL Tridion Sites’ leading position for enterprise tech stack reflects its ability to integrate with other enterprise technology platforms such as CRM, ERP,
marketing automation, e-commerce, portal, analytics, and social media management for leveraging data & the functionality of these platforms.

SDL has a fairly strong installed customer base which exposes SDL to the largest of global web presences, which is an advantage when talking of a web content
management platform. The extreme scalability demonstrated by Tridion Sites recognizes its ability to cater to substantial increases in system requirements
and allows performance amidst the most drastic technical environments. This is reflected in SDL’s presence in the most complex web content management mplementations.

According to Jim Saunders, Chief Product Officer of SDL delivering personalized experiences to almost millions of customers across multiple countries, languages & connected devices is amongst the biggest challenges being faced by multinational brands.

It is so because the information required to engage on this level is scattered across multiple departments within a company that might be working silos. Therefore,
acting proactively is very difficult, as he concludes.

He further elucidated that the prime focus of SDL is to help disoriented & misconfigured companies with multiple departments operating in silos. This is
what the web content management platform by Ars Logica will help the companies accomplish. He added that the web content management platform has been designed
with the purpose of leading the market for scalability & enterprise tech leverage, making it a robust foundation to support global digital ambitions.

As mentioned in the report a new Tridion Integration Framework allows marketers to easily plug SDL Tridion Sites into a wide variety of technologies. Several connectors have been launched in the market for connecting with SAP Commerce Cloud, Salesforce CRM, Bynder & Aprimo Digital Asset Management platforms.

The combination of SDL Tridon Sites & its several partners allows customers to effectively create & manage processes such as commerce and product-led content across the global web, combined marketing & effectively deliver continuous digital experiences by leveraging the digital & mobile applications. SDL Tridion
Sites & its ecosystem of partners scale to innumerable sites, channels, languages & brands and are also highly interoperable, protecting the existing technology investments.

About SDL:

SDL (LSE: SDL) is the global leader in content creation, translation & delivery. For over 27 years the brand has been helping companies communicate with confidence & deliver transformative business results by enabling powerful experiences to engage the customers across the multiple touchpoints across the globe.

The company is headquartered in Maidenhead, Berkshire & was founded in the year 1992. The company specializes in translation services, web content management,
translation management, campaign management & analytics, translation software, customer experience management & Machine learning.

About Ars Logica:

Ars Logica is a vendor-neutral analyst firm helping companies evaluate their web content management (WCM) requirements & also with the selection of appropriate WCM software. The company assists WCM vendors with market analysis & strategy.

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