What is Voice AI and how to use it?

What is Voice AI and how to use it?

What is Voice AI?

Voice AI is an AI-powered voice changer platform. It enables you to clone a voice of a celebrity, cartoon character, a robot, or an alien. Moreover, It is more powerful than your average voice filters or modulators. This app gives you complete control over creating your own voice type. Voice AI gives you the ability to set up a custom voice that aligns with your online identity.

What are some popular use cases of Voice AI?

Voice AI is currently popular among the following groups:

1. Streamers: Online streamers on YouTube, Twitch and other channels are currently booming. However, ask any streamer and they would agree, not everyone is comfortable either facing the camera. Or talking to a microphone. Voice AI is a perfect voice modifier for streamers, hyping up their enigmatic presence online. Streamers can choose from a multitude of AI generated voices. In addition, they have the freedom to customize the voice as per their niche, peak the interests of their followers and can watch their community grow.

2. Gamers: Voice AI revolutionizes the gaming experience by enabling players to control in-game actions, interact with characters, and navigate menus through voice commands, offering a hands-free and immersive gaming environment. The technology extends beyond mere commands. This introduces natural language interactions, emotion recognition, and dynamic narration, providing players with personalized and responsive storytelling experiences.

Additionally, language translation facilitates communication among international gamers, while voice-driven virtual assistants offer in-game assistance and information. Whether through customizable voice avatars, adaptive dialogue systems, or enhanced accessibility features, Voice AI enhances the gaming landscape by creating more engaging, interactive, and inclusive experiences for players of all backgrounds and abilities.

3. Content Creator: Whether you are creating an educational video or a review of the product, Voice AI can help turn your script into a conversational voice, adding the much-needed hook for your followers to keep them engaged.


Voice Changer: Voice AI comes with the voice changer feature that lets you mimic any character, or you can customize a voice of your own selection.

Voice Cloning: Unleash your creativity during live streams by transforming your voice into that of your beloved cartoon character, adopting the persona of a robot, alien, or even a politician in your online gaming sessions. Surprise and captivate your followers by effortlessly sounding like a renowned celebrity. Experience the magic with our free real-time voice changer software, and leave a lasting impression that will undoubtedly wow everyone today!

Soundboard: This is an upcoming feature of Voice AI that lets you create your own soundboard. The platform also enables you create custom sound effects with the inbuilt audio editor. You can also use custom uploaded sound clips to bring fun and excitement to your voice chat or in the game lobby. Record audio, download your audio file, and repurpose it on any sound player.

How to set up Voice AI?

Easily install and use this user-friendly voice changer on any Windows system, seamlessly integrating with your favorite programs. Compatible with almost all VOIP applications, this app simplifies voice changing, making AI voices accessible even for beginners or those who’ve only dabbled in basic voice effects.
1: Install voice.ai app
2: Train the AI Voice you prefer
3: Lastly, follow the simple steps that pops-up during setup.

What makes this app unique?

Humongous Database of Voices: Utilizing advanced voice AI technology, this voice changer preserves the emotional nuances from the original voice and audio input, seamlessly applying them to create unique custom voices. With an extensive library of diverse voices and a user-friendly interface, individuals can harness cutting-edge technology without the need for costly recording equipment. Changing one’s voice has never been more straightforward, thanks to this top-notch online voice changer powered by voice AI.

Speech to Speech AI: Numerous voice changers and generators often produce robotic and unnatural-sounding voices by relying on basic text-to-speech software or simplistic voice effects. Distinguishing itself, the finest voice changers leverage AI technology for real-time speech-to-speech voice conversion. This innovative approach ensures a seamless transformation of your voice into a completely new one, preserving the original emotion, emphasis, and speech patterns for a more authentic and natural sound.

Is Voice AI free to use?

The best feature of this app is it’s absolutely free. While it has many advanced packages to unlock specialized features, the free version lets you use most of the features. The basic voice changer is free, and this app allows users to contribute to their ever-increasing database.

Supported Applications:

The following applications are supported by Voice AI:
  • Google Meet
  • League of Legends
  • Steam
  • World of Warcraft
  • Among Us
  • Minecraft
  • Valorant
  • CS: GO
  • Fortnite
  • Roblox
  • Overwatch 2

And many more.

A note on Founders

Founded by CEO Heath Ahrens, Chief Operating Officer, Paul Kats, and Chief Community Officer, Johannes Schiefer, this dream team has been working to democratize access to AI tech. They wanted to foster collaboration and promote communities to redefine creative expression. Additionally, Heath Ahrens before building Voice AI had spent fifteen years inventing numerous game-changing AI tech pertaining to voice modulators. On the other hand, Paul Kats founded the video calling app Vyng and grew the app to over 20 million users. Whereas, Schiefer, a digital marketing leader worked on activating brands such as DHL, Intel, Mercedes, & Vodafone over an illustrious 15-year career. These three came together to make Voice AI possible.

End Note:

All in all, whether you are a content creator on YouTube, a streamer or a gamer, Voice AI can be insanely helpful tool to help create those audio-empowered content, you’ve been waiting for. A must try app in this day and age of AI, Voice AI can rid you off your worries about managing audio, add element of fun and create engaging content your followers have been waiting for. For sure, AI in content creation has taken on a new level with Voice AI.
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