Why Automated Persona Building is must for your Business?

Why Automated Persona Building is must for your Business

What is Automated Persona Building?

Automated Persona Building is an automatic persona generation technique that builds a fictional profile of your ideal customer. If you are building it for a company, we call it Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Whereas, if you are building it for an end-user, we call it Buyer Persona. The objective remains the same for both. To identify your best fit prospects who are aligned with your services and ready to make the purchase.

How does Target Audience differ from Ideal Customer Profiles?

Simply put, it helps you identify your potential prospects who are looking for the service/product you provide. These potential prospects are called high value customers. Automated Persona Building tools will help you generate ICP. ICPs are different from target audience. How different? Apples & oranges!

Target audience encompasses total addressable market or total available market. In B2B terms, based on level of engagement and interest prospects show on your offerings, they could be classified as:

1. Hot leads: Prospects who have shown strong interest in your product/service and are actively engaging with you. They are often ready to buy.

2. Warm Leads: These are prospects who have shown interest but are not actively engaged. (for example, scheduling a demo, downloading gated content like whitepaper, signing up for a free trial, etc.)

3. Cold Leads: These are prospects who have shown little interest. But they might not be either completely aware or still exploring alternatives.

Target audience comprises of all these three types of leads whereas ICP are your hot leads. Hence, you might not know your broad audience, but it is mandatory to know your precise & ideal profiles.

What does Automated Persona Building do?

Automated Persona Building tools will help you create ICP. These tools leverage data spread over the internet across multiple platforms, accumulate them in a single repository, validates them, and creates a ‘CV’ or a ‘Resume’ of the company. An automated persona is generated based on your specification. This profile gives you as a business a measure of how much aligned your potential prospect is.

But with AI, there is no guesswork involved. Only data work. There are multitude of AI-powered ICP generators available online. So, how do you know which one works best? Consider the resolutions to the following queries:

  • Is your AI-Powered ICP generator simple and intuitive? Or is too complex?
  • Does it have decision-making abilities?
  • What kind of signals and scores does it generate? Are the parameters used relevant to the industry standards?
  • Does it offer more?

If you have yes, in every instance, you know, you have the perfect ICP tool with you.

With a solid automated persona building tool like Delve AI, you can accomplish the following:

1. Data Analysis:

Collect and analyze data provided by clients to identify patterns and behavior trends.

2. Customized Persona Creation:

Utilize AI algorithms to craft more precise and detailed buyer personas, taking into account various variables such as the company’s website, business model, and company size.

3. Advanced Segmentation:

Aid in segmenting your target audience into smaller, more specific groups based on the created personas, enabling more targeted marketing campaigns.

4. Content Personalization:

Combine the AI Persona Builder with the AI Content Wizard to generate personalized content that resonates with the identified personas, thereby increasing the relevance of your marketing messages.

5. Campaign Optimization:

Assist in optimizing marketing campaigns by offering insights into motivations, goals, challenges, and social networks, allowing you to fine-tune your digital marketing strategies.

6. Continuous Feedback:

Enable ongoing persona improvement as new data is collected and analyzed.

7. Persona Organization:

Centralize all your personas in one place using the AI Persona Builder, enhancing holistic visualization, categorization, and data storage.

What does an Automated Persona Profile include?

As referred to in the previous section, this persona or ICP should be like your social media profile page, with every data available. Each and every section in the profile holds a significance. The location of the headquarters will tell you where the decision-makers are based at. The phrases they use colloquially. The time they open the mails. All this info can be personalized for better conversion rates. An automated persona will help you magnify your audience’s performance, preference, behavior, and intent. And all these together will help you gauge the buying intent.

Organizational Details

But when you are profiling a company, you need to include many more details. Here is a complete rundown of parameters and details every ICP should contain.

  •  Demographic Information:

Company size: Number of employees or annual revenue.

Industry: The sector or niche in which the customer operates.

Location: Geographical region or specific countries.

Type of business: B2B or B2C, and the nature of the business.

  • Company Characteristics:

Company culture: Shared values and beliefs within the organization.

Technology adoption: The level of technology used or willingness to adopt new technologies.

Growth stage: Start-up, established, or enterprise-level.

  • Decision-Making Unit (DMU):

Identify key decision-makers: Roles and titles of individuals involved in the buying process.

Decision-making process: Understand how decisions are made within the organization.

Planning Details

  •  Challenges and Pain Points:

Identify the problems or challenges your ideal customer is facing.

Pain points: Understand the specific issues causing them the most distress.

  • Goals and Objectives:

Understand the short-term and long-term goals of the customer.

Align your product or service with their objectives.

  • Budget and Resources:

Assess the financial capacity of the customer.

Understand the resources (human, technological, etc.) available to them.

Strategic Details

  • Buying Behavior:

Purchase frequency: How often do they make purchasing decisions?

Decision criteria: What factors are most important in their decision-making process?

  • Communication Preferences:

Preferred communication channels: Identify where and how they prefer to be contacted.

Frequency of communication: Understand how often they want to hear from you.

  • Customer Success Stories and Testimonials:

Identify similar customers who have had success with your product or service.

Use these success stories in marketing materials to resonate with potential customers.

  • Market Trends and Influences:

Stay informed about industry trends and external factors affecting your ideal customers.

Anticipate changes that might impact their needs and preferences.

  • Competitive Landscape:

Understand who your competitors are for this customer segment.

Consequently, differentiate your offerings based on their needs compared to competitors.

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV):

Estimate the potential value a customer can bring over the entire relationship with your business.

Helps in prioritizing high-value customer segments.

Advantages of Automated Persona Building

AI-driven ICP scoring will be a game changer in 2024. And automated persona building tools are at the juncture of this crossroad. Here are some of the advantages you can leverage:

  • Improving Accuracy:

AI analyzes extensive data, identifying complex patterns for more precise and detailed personas, allowing effective targeting in marketing campaigns.

  • Time Savings Through Automation:

According to HubSpot, 37% of marketers use AI to automate SEO tasks, speeding up persona creation and eliminating the need for extensive manual research.

  • Scalability Boost:

AI’s automation efficiency is crucial for scalability, especially for agencies managing vast client portfolios, enabling the creation and maintenance of personas for diverse   audiences.

  • Enhanced Personalization:

AI, highly effective in aligning web content with search intent (HubSpot), provides insights for crafting personalized marketing messages and tailoring products and services to     persona characteristics and preferences.

  • Continuous Learning for Improvement:

AI learns from historical and real-time data, constantly refining personas and marketing strategies.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making:

Also, precise data and advanced analytics from AI inform marketing decisions, ensuring they are based on solid information rather than assumptions.

  • Competitive Edge:

Companies utilizing AI for persona creation gain a competitive advantage, better meeting evolving customer needs.


In conclusion, the era of Automated Persona Building has ushered in a revolutionary approach to understanding and connecting with your audience. Consequently, this cutting-edge technique, whether crafting Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) for companies or Buyer Personas for end-users, offers an array of benefits for businesses and marketing professionals alike.

However, Automated Persona Building, driven by artificial intelligence, serves as a compass in the vast sea of data, pinpointing your ideal customers with unprecedented accuracy. Accordingly, by delving into the advantages of this game-changing tool, such as improved accuracy, time savings through automation, scalability, and enhanced personalization, businesses can achieve unparalleled results. Additionally, continuous learning, data-driven decision-making, and a competitive edge contribute to the compelling case for integrating this technology into modern marketing strategies.

As we step into 2024, AI-driven ICP scoring stands poised to be a game-changer, and automated persona building tools are the vanguards of this transformative wave. As a result, they not only streamline the process of creating detailed personas but also empower businesses to stay ahead of the curve by adapting and catering to the ever-evolving needs of their customers. Moreover, remember, while AI is a powerful ally, the synergy of human insights and market knowledge remains pivotal in leveraging these tools effectively. So, gear up, embrace the future, and let Automated Persona Building be the cornerstone of your strategic marketing endeavors.

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