Why Your Brand needs a Messaging Matrix

Your brand needs a messaging matrix

Branding lies at the core of every B2B marketing endeavor and as such developing a voice for or messaging for the brand is crucial to reflect on the value proposition of its products or services.

What is a Messaging Matrix

The unique message of your brand is amongst it’s most significant attributes and your brand needs a  messaging matrix to simplify the strategies needed to tap into a specific target persona.

Brittany Berger, Founder of WorkBrighter.co, defines a marketing matrix as follows:

“A messaging matrix is a simple chart that summarizes and systemizes your brand’s positioning and messaging so your content can better align with your core value proposition, no matter what.”

How to Create Messaging that Resonates with the Market

So, what is a brand message strategy – the one that would talk to your audience and prospects in languages and tone they prefer?

Brand messaging is an overarching term and a successful brand messaging strategy is all about excelling with the language and phrasing that appears on your website and in other materials or pieces of content used to promote a particular brand. It involves everything from product messaging to marketing messaging and things in between.

Your brand needs a messaging matrix as it is the language or phrasing needed for your website that beyond any slogan or tagline is an indispensable part of your brand messaging strategy.

Consistent brand messaging lies at the heart of building brand loyalty as reflects on brand value. Also, your brand needs a messaging matrix to simplify and understand whether your brand has been speaking with the audience and prospects in ways they prefer.

Thus, your brand needs a messaging matrix to boost audience experience, contextual content marketing, engagement, relevance, and overall sales conversions.

Understanding and prioritizing your audience preferences lies at the heart of creating a messaging that resonates with the market to help marketers accomplish their revenue and other core bottom-lines.

Why your brand needs a Messaging Matrix as a Crucial Component of its Marketing Mix

Your brand needs a messaging matrix as it is involved in methodologies such as Six Sigma, which are crucial to calculating the efficiency and effectiveness of a process output and resource consumption over a period of time. Furthermore, your brand needs a messaging matrix as it is a crucial element to keep your organization up and running in an agile way.

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Your brand needs a messaging matrix as it helps bridge the gap between your buyer persona and the content strategy executed. Your brand needs a messaging matrix as it summarizes in a single document the unique value proposition of your brand, shows the underlying ideas and philosophies that make your brand unique from competitors and guides you on how you can effectively communicate your brand’s value.

Also, your brand needs a messaging matrix keeping in mind the overall competitive scenario that exists in the marketplace, wherein winning a deal and outlasting a competition is all about how brands successfully communicate to their audiences the value proposition of their products or services in accordance with the specific stages in the buying cycles of the prospective customers.

In a nutshell, your brand needs a messaging matrix as it effectively communicates the following ideas:

  1. The core ideas or the overall positioning of your brand
  2. Mapping the vital customers’ profiles that you are targeting
  3. What are parts of your positioning which are most cared for by your persona
  4. How you can design your marketing message to communicate effectively with your persona, audience and existing customers

Your brand needs a messaging matrix as it maps the most important messages to be communicated by your brand in advance and thus, your company has a handy guideline to turn to while creating a content strategy or simply for copywriting.

Your brand needs a messaging matrix as it saves you time on deciding individuality that works for each of the website’s landing pages, blogs or even for each email sent in marketing campaigns.

Your brand needs a messaging matrix as making your team’s expertise accessible in the form of a quick reference form is beneficial is to write constructive feedback on existing marketing practices and is beneficial not only for your marketing team but is also crucial for sales to identify what types of leads were captured and how effectively they were nurtured.

Your brand needs a messaging matrix as it accelerated the precision of your marketing endeavors and is specifically beneficial for you to achieve your content marketing goals in the following ways:

1. Communicate Clearly with your Customers using Strategic Messaging

Your brand needs a messaging matrix as it helps you effectively communicate with your audiences by giving you a core understanding of what your customers are willing to listen to in a particular moment. Your team might have people who are excellent with copywriting; however, communicating effectively with the audiences is a different story altogether.

Furthermore, your brand needs a messaging matrix as not everyone working in your team is essentially acquainted with the core idea of what your brand ideologies are and what is its core messaging and positioning. So, with the help you’re a marketing matrix you can effectively communicate your brand vision not just to your audiences but also to the people you are working with – be they agencies, freelancers or consultants.

2. Ensures better Cross Functionality and Collaboration Between the Teams

Your brand needs a messaging matrix to ensure better inter-departmental collaboration and cross-functioning between teams including marketing, sales, backend support, product management, HR, etc.

In an era of omnichannel marketing and the internet of things (IoT), the scope of content and copy transcend far beyond marketing to other teams existing within an organization. Your brand needs a messaging matrix as it helps every department effectively create their own content.

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3. Copywriting is Simplified

Compiling information in a way that is persuasive, knowledgeable, contextual and appealing to the prospective customers to take actions towards conversions isn’t an easy task. It requires thinking, brainstorming and tapping into the emotional quotient of the prospects after capturing them in accordance with their specific stages in buying cycles.

Figuring out a perfect message to contextually communicate with your clients, every single time can be difficult. Therefore, your brand needs a massaging matrix to document your content strategy for later so that you needn’t figure out every single time about those minute details at the starting of every new project.

Your brand needs a messaging matrix as with specific massaging you can address the specific pain points of the prospects, highlight the specific features of a product or service in accordance with the stages in the buying cycles of the prospects, and can even pre-decide the desired results you want to accompany your message with.

Your brand needs a messaging matrix to pre-decide on messages to be communicated to the prospects under certain defined circumstances, which saves time and energy to start from scratch every single time.

Suppose you have to create a landing page aimed at certain customers, at such times, your brand needs a messaging matrix to speak to the customers contextually by delivering a message that would resonate with them and that already has been prepared to help marketers save time and running the risk of starting from the scratch every single time.

4. Designing a Content Strategy tailored to the Customer Journey

Your brand needs a messaging matrix to effectively communicate with prospects according to their specific stages in the buying cycles and establish an alignment throughout the different stages of customers’ journeys. Deliverance of messages tailored to the specific stages of the buying cycles of the prospects ensures that content supports the customers’ journeys throughout which creates a seamless omnichannel experience.

Whether your customers are reading the social media posts targeted at customers on the top of the conventional marketing funnel or discussing the closure of a sales deal with a sales representative, your brand needs a messaging matrix. Copywriting is way more simplified and effective when everyone works from the same guidelines and starts on the same page while writing a copy.

The process just gets so much easier and hassle-free.

Wrapping Things Up

Once you decide on how you write a brand message and get things documented, you create a messaging matrix. Your brand needs a messaging matrix to better align with a content strategy in synchronicity with the persuasive positioning of the brand.

Your brand needs a messaging matrix to get started with an effective and tailored message deliverance framework in accordance with the specific stages in the buying cycles of the prospects. To start with you need to gather the customer experience stakeholders and identify the core value proposition of your brands. Your brand needs a messaging matrix as it helps streamline the gap between what your customers care about and what you have to offer them.

Your brand’s value proposition is the ultimate answer to all your customers’ queries. However, they need some molding. Your brand needs a messaging matrix and for that, you need to break down your key customer personas to identify and refine and refresh them often to understand what sort of messaging would best appeal to them at different stages of their buying cycles.

Your brand needs a messaging matrix to talk through the important parts of your value propositioning and messaging and translating it to how each of your core customer personas would hear them and take the complementary actions towards a potential sales.

Once you have all the information you need, you require to fill out your messaging matrix and once you decide to do this often, your customer preferences become more clear to you over a period of time, reflecting on your customer loyalty.

Documentation alone isn’t enough your brand needs a that is frequently used by various departments to collaborate, brainstorm, cross-function as well as perform their cores with ease using succinctly tailored messages. Ensure that your teams are sensitized and well-informed on why your brand needs a messaging matrix and how to put it to use to optimize seamless customer-experience and accomplish the underlying marketing, sales and revenue goals.

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