Hushly & 6sense Join Hands to Accelerate Lead Conversions

accelerate lead conversion
On 2nd December 2019, Hushly, a pioneer in customer engagement & lead generation platform powered by AI, announced its partnership with 6sense to accelerate lead conversions by serving relevant content. 6sense is a leading Account-Based Orchestration platform, powered by AI. The collaboration is expected to benefit tofu, mofu & bofu digital marketers looking forward to fueling their lead generation techniques for B2B by inducing a deeper level of content personalization. Based on the 6sense’s intuitive ability to deliver company identification, the lead generation methods & strategies can be designed to give the marketers full-funnel insights – especially into the responses of the buyers to the bofu content, to drive the buyers’ behavior towards optimized conversions. The collaboration between the two pioneer conglomerates in the B2B marketing world will assure that the marketers come up with the lead generation techniques & tools for an accurate prediction of the account’s buying stage.
According to a study by Blue Corona, 73% of the B2B buyers say that they want to be served with a personalized, B2B like customer experience.
Also, B2B marketers consider optimized conversions as the topmost benchmark for defining the success of the techniques employed for personalization. The integration between Hushly & 6sense will enable marketers to use 6Sense’s in-market prospect attributes (buying stage, profile score, intent score, profile fit, etc.). The platform will also allow marketers to automatically adjust content streams and personalize user experiences within the Hushly conversion platform.
According to a report by BusinessWire 85% of the marketers believe that lead generation is the most important of all their content marketing goals.
With the leading partnership between a leading B2B conversion platform & the leading account-based orchestration platform, the B2B marketers can accelerate lead conversions by serving relevant content.
According to Latane Conant, CMO of 6sense the account-based sales & marketing requires rich account insights & the ability to deliver engaging experiences. He also assuredly added that the collaboration between Hushly & 6sense will allow marketers to seamlessly deliver the acme of personalization to the customers.
To accelerate lead conversions by serving relevant content, the marketers have to deliver the right content at the right time. James Kessinger, CMO of Hushly also looks up to the collaboration as the right endeavor in the direction to accelerate lead conversions by serving relevant content. He resuscitated that the complementary nature of the two technologies will give new dimensions to the B2B companies executing ABM & other content personalization strategies. He also expressed his glee over the fact that history has it that Hushly & 6sense have been collaborating to deliver real business results. The joint customers of Hushly & 6sense have already started using the platform to accelerate lead conversions by serving relevant content. As personalization gets scaled-up across the diverse marketing campaigns operationalized by marketers, it automatically aids to accelerate lead conversions by serving relevant content. Nick Ezzo, VP of Demand Generation at Sage Intacct, puts the collaboration between Hushly & 6sense as something that will allow the marketers to consolidate & refine their marketing tech stack, heading in the direction to accelerate lead conversions by serving relevant content.  He gave his word-of-mouth on how the Hushly & 6sense collaboration helped their company to improve their content engagement & accelerate their website conversions.

About Hushly:

Hushly is a computer software company headquartered in Cupertino, California. The company specializes in lead generation, OPT IN leads, accelerating website conversion rates & many other intricacies designed to optimize users’ experiences by engineering tools to optimize lead generation & nurturing process. Hushly’s technology is a non-traditional Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) solution with special impetus on leveraging technology to accelerate lead conversions by serving relevant content. The technology is delivered as a SaaS solution that integrates with any web or landing page & no programming is required.

About 6sense:

6sense is known for its grandiose Account-Based Orchestration platform. Leveraging the power of AI, big data & machine learning, the platform enables unique insights for the marketers seeking ways to accelerate lead conversions by serving relevant content. The company also provides marketing revenue teams the additional bifurcations pertaining to monetizing the existing & futuristic marketing opportunities & tips to increase deal size, besides enabling them to focus on accounts in the market to come up with omni-channel, multi-touch campaigns.

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