Adobe Lightroom Now Allows Video Support & Editing

Adobe Lightroom Now Allows Video Support & Editing

Adobe on the 14th of July 2022, announced that it is adding the video support and editing functionality to Lightroom which is its innate image organization and manipulation tool. As Adobe Lightroom now allows video support and editing, users will be able to edit the images and videos using the toll. This way they will be able to design & deliver exceptional new visual experiences as well as enhance the existing ones. The tool can also be used to trim down the length of existing videos; while it in no way means that the tool is being entirely re-engineered to replace the ones like Adobe Premiere, and Rush or even to match its close competitors such as DaVinci Resolve.

Adobe has made some impressive updates to Lightroom, including the ability to edit video. One can also compare two images side by side and use AI red eye removal to quickly make fixes. Moreover, Adobe is also adding a number of new features that will make working with presets in Lightroom easier (as well as new premium presets) and it’s adding a new AI-powered red-eye removal tool that can automatically detect red eyes and fix them with a single click. The Compare View might also be helpful for those who have tried out both premium and free presets but aren’t sure which to use.

Adobe’s Benjamin Warde elucidated in a press meeting that editing photos and videos in Lightroom will allow Lightroom users to achieve the same artistic appeal for both kinds of visual endeavors as well as will allow them to do all of this without much hassle since they are already familiar with the Lightroom interface.

Certainly, this up-gradation makes Lightroom an essential and holistic visual imaging solution for professional photographers and creative hobbyists. Lightroom lets you sync edits across photos, easily share your work, and streamline your post-production workflow. However, although Lightroom has secured the glory as a fully functional and solicited video editing tool, it still doesn’t allow integration with other video products from Adobe which could be a limitation. However, if one just wants to quickly share a single video clip on his social handle or is looking for on-the-go video content creation and editing solutions, Lightroom would be a handy choice. The tool is currently compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Why Are These New Functionalities of Lightroom Significant

By means of this upgrade, Lightroom is leveraging on making the best of customers’ psychology for branding themselves as a more esteemed and user-friendly visual image editing platform – not everybody, as a matter of fact, would prefer editing videos right from the scratch. Lightroom with this move emphasizes its innate presets and filters, which Adobe describes as “an entirely new class.” However, this presumed class of newbie presets by Adobe might still feel familiar to people who had some sort of exposure to Luminar AI by Skylum.

Here are some notable amendments and advancements with the innate presets of Lightroom:

    1. One interesting pretext allows users to change the color of skies to be more contrasting or dramatic
    2. Another interesting pretext is the one that allows the subject of your photo pop-out
    3. The exiting presets will essentially be blended with “intensity sliders” and some “adaptive presets” filters that leverage AI to enhance specific parts or images or dim them down what Lightroom technically describe as “dialing effects up or down”

(Image Source: Adobe – AI-enabled Intensity Sliders With New Adaptive Presets to dial the image effects up or down in Lightroom)

  1. Leveraging AI would also allow the automatic red-eye removal functionality wherein AI algorithms will automatically detect any red eye within your image and remove them

(Image Source: Adobe – Automatic red-eye detection & Removal Functionality)

Most of the AI features for Lightroom presets would only be available for Mac and Windows and for Adobe Camera Raw.

With this update in functionality, Lightroom can be easily misunderstood to be transmuting to an explicit video app; however, it is not so. In fact, the video importing functionality was always the part of Lightroom, it’s just that those videos couldn’t be edited. The tool still has some limitations as it doesn’t allow one to orchestrate the video clips into a timeline and if one wishes for features such as color grading a film scene the only solution seems to be moving along with one shot at a time and copying the modifications along the way. As mentioned earlier Lightroom’s video editing functionality is meant for people who by and large love to capture and play with a few clips along with an on-the-go shoot.

Though the video editing feature is enabled for both desktop and mobile devices, this functionality isn’t extended to Lightroom Classic, which apparently already happens to support video editing on a much more constricted level. Lightroom will also equip users to compare images laterally by capturing a more comprehensive adjacent view so that the users can pick the best version of the images shot by them.

About Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom combines powerful photo editing and management in one place. The platform helps you get beautiful results fast with intuitive, streamlined photo editing tools, powerful organizational features, and accurate tethered shooting. Adobe provides free Lightroom presets and Lightroom tutorials to help you improve your photo workflow. Lightroom enables you to keep track of all your photos in one place, organize them, and make them look amazing using powerful tools. The Lightroom software works seamlessly with Photoshop to give you the ultimate creative tool kit.

For photographers, photo editors, and graphic designers, Adobe Lightroom is perfect for improving the look of your images. It’s based on Adobe Camera Raw technology and offers you control over contrast, color, tone, and more. Advanced tools like lens correction make it easy to fix issues with your photos. Lightroom is a free, powerful photo editor and camera app that empowers your photography. With its simple interface, powerful editing tools, and amazing performance, Lightroom makes your photos look better than ever. Import, organize, manage and find your images quickly and easily.

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