Atomic Reach Integrates with Marketo; Optimizing Email Marketing

Atomic Reach, the leading content intelligence platform announced on May 16th 2019 its integration with LaunchPoint by Marketo, an Adobe company. The companies, as a team, are making the best use of artificial intelligence (AI) so as to help marketers optimize and personalize email content at scale. Atomic Reach is a Marketo Innovate partner that enables companies to experience an increase in engagement and conversion rates, for their email marketing campaigns, through the following ways:
  • Detecting and sharing what attracts and engages audiences
  • Customizing email subject lines and body content
  • Personalizing content as per each customer segment and persona by means of custom content profiles that are created within the platform
  • Using its automated “Smart Editing tool,” they support teams in writing effective content, faster
Bradley Silver, CEO of Atomic Reach, explained that the language used by marketers to communicate with prospects and customers is of critical importance and AI helps navigate these critical nuances and variables of effective content and at scale. This lets markets speak to their customers the way they want and in turn drive the most value out of their email marketing campaigns. This also lets them free up time to focus on other high-touch priorities. According to Shai Alfandary, the global head of ISVs and LaunchPoint ecosystem, Adobe, “The collaboration between Marketo and Atomic Reach tackles one of the challenges marketers face most – creating effective content at scale.” Shai Alfandary further added that the combined powers of Marketo Engage capabilities along with the AI-enabled content creation will lead to a huge improvement in engagement and conversion rates while simultaneously saving valuable time for marketers. The setup of this integrated solution will take less than 5 minutes. About Atomic Reach Founded in 2010, Atomic Reach is a content optimization platform that uses a combination of machine learning and data analytics in order to help marketers create high-quality content that steadily converts and drives more leads.

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