LinkedIn’s New Data on B2B Ad Engagement over Holidays

B2B Ad Engagement
According to a report from LinkedIn, B2B Ad engagement & B2B holiday content are more engaging than they might seem to be. There’s an appetite for holiday-specific content in December. Content that creates a human connection or that is built around setting a new goal to boost the B2B Ad engagement or LinkedIn ad impressions in New Year makes a mark on the psychology of the customers. So, the obvious answer to the question of the B2B marketers, whether or not they should be running B2B ad engagement campaigns or publishing content over holidays is yes, they should. Counterintuitively people may think that running the B2B ad engagement campaigns over Holidays wouldn’t be much of a benefit as people are spending more time with their families & sharing updates with friends. They like to break free from the work-related posts & material. But, simultaneously people also have more free time than ever before. That causes many of them to read something which is work-related & placates their professional interests. The question to manage the holiday content & whether at all the social media managers should be proceeding with building B2B Ad engagement campaigns has bamboozled several social media managers over the years. Well, to be honest, there is not a definite answer. This year LinkedIn initiated taping its insights fetched from the B2B ad engagement data from the last year. This led to the identification of some key trends in B2B content engagement & for the strategic optimization of content strategy at large & for improving the B2B ad engagement. The key insights derived point out that holidays are the prime for building engagement & the following trends derived from the data-driven insights substantiate the fact:

1. B2B holiday campaigns are highly impactful:

Contradicting the popular belief B2B holiday campaigns, including the B2B Ad engagement campaigns over holidays, are highly impactful. The following are the prime observations:
  • LinkedIn members were highly engaged during the Christmas & the New Year season.
  • The B2B ad engagement for the brands on LinkedIn increased by 18% in December 2018, compared to the average engagement rate during the ordinary seasons except for the holidays (February through October).
  • LinkedIn members were reading & engaging more with content especially on the mobile device as well as are more likely to volunteer to hear from brands during the holiday season
  • The lead generation form submission increased by 22% in over the period in December 2018
  • By the second week of January, when members are likely to be refreshed and ready to start the new year with new goals engagement rates are higher than November. Engagement rates increased by 18% over the year in November

2. The Holiday-Specific Content picks up in December:

Holiday keywords such as holidays, New Year & Christmas are effective drivers of B2B ad engagement. This trick specifically works with LinkedIn Sponsored Content. Marketers can leverage the holiday-specific content to harness the following benefits:
  • Conveying the brand messages ignites the spirit of the holiday season with key terms that will boost conversions & convert buyers into long-term loyalists
  • Thinking about the pieces of content that inspire & motivate the B2B marketers holistically can help influence & target the key decision-makers at B2B companies
  • Content that creates a human connection & inspires empathy can be used to set new goals in the coming year

3. Software witnesses the best Holiday Results:

The following statistics substantiate that software witness the best holiday results:
  • B2B software brands served 13 times more seasonal ads on LinkedIn than any other industry in 2018
  • The top 5 highest performing brands in Computer Software serving seasonal ads witnessed 2.6 times higher Click-Through Rate (CTR) on an average
  • High-Tech witnessed the highest impression rate with holiday ads & generated 5X more ad impressions than average across all industries during the holiday season
  • High-Tech was followed by Finance (3X) & Corporate (1.3X) the impressions
  • The how-to guides & articles saw high engagement rate for B2B holiday creative such as New  Year’s resolutions, checklists & the survival guides for holiday season
According to data from LinkedIn, people are engaged with professional content on the platform over the period.
The engagement betters engagement during the non-holiday seasons. Certainly, keeping the above-enlisted points in mind, the marketers bidding goodbye for the holiday season will be able to optimize their highly precious holiday time for boosting B2B ad engagement & the ad impressions, in general.

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