Bain & Company Launches NPSx- A New Digital Venture


The most capable customer experience leaders are developed through NPSx with the help of Bain & Company, which has decades of expertise as an industry leader.

The most capable customer experience leaders are developed through NPSx with the help of Bain & Company, which has decades of expertise as an industry leader.

NPSx is the first customer experience (CX) training and certification offered by Bain & Company, the global leader in business consulting and the company that invented both the Net Promoter Score and the Net Promoter System (NPS). NPSx is a new initiative launched by Bain to assist businesses in developing industry-leading customer experiences by providing those businesses with access to world-class CX training and technology.

The NPSx courses are a reflection of Bain & Company's significant client experience, which includes more than 1,600 Net Promoter System and Customer Experience projects spanning a variety of locations and sectors, as well as the most successful aspects of Bain's learning methodology. Each of the Customer Experience (CX) courses may be taken online, at the student's own speed, on-demand, and with an interactive component. Participants are eligible to apply for registration to become Bain-certified CX practitioners if they have successfully completed a minimum of five core courses as well as a certification exam.

The courses offered by NPSx make it possible for people and companies to gain a profound level of competence in the following important CX disciplines:

  • The principles of CX and the Net Promoter Score
  • Insights and data gleaned from customers
  • Growth in earnings and the economics of customers
  • Customer experience design
  • CX construction and carrying it out

As a participant in the course and a practitioner who has earned the Bain certification, participants also have access to a sizable online community comprised of their peers and experts in the field. Participants in these communities receive assistance from other CX professionals from Bain and beyond in their efforts to find solutions to real-world problems posed by customers.

According to Darci Darnell, a partner at Bain & Company and the global director of its Customer practise, "We aim to give customer-obsessed individuals and companies with the absolute best in creative CX and NPS training, allowing our clients to provide excellent experiences for their own consumers." "Our content builds on decades of Bain's best practise cross-industry experience and follows on the tremendous success of our most recent book, Winning on Purpose: The Unbeatable Strategy of Loving Customers," says the author. "Our content builds on decades of best practise cross-industry experience."

According to Stanford Swinton, executive vice president and creator of NPSx, "in today's environment, consumer expectations are changing swiftly and the CX function is expanding at the same rate." "Through the advocacy of both customers and employees, we want to empower practitioners and organisations to not only remain ahead of the competition but also drive development." Our training programmes assist businesses in establishing purpose-driven cultures, establishing appropriate corporate standards, and cultivating the most capable customer experience executives in their respective industries.

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