BNZSA Expands Operations to North America

BNZSA Expands Operations to North America

MADRID, 29th of March 2021, BNZSA, a leading European B2B IT Marketing Agency, has expanded its operations to the North American market, following a significant increase in client demand.

The expansion involves a unique combination of deep first-party data insights, data capabilities, and contact center agents previously unavailable in North America.

BNZSA specializes in tele-based demand generation with a team of more than 200 who are experts in delivering sales-ready high-quality leads to some of the leading technology brands in the world – to deploy campaigns globally in 15 native languages. The client list of BNZSA is more than 100 including many of the world’s leading IT vendors.

Brahim Samhoud, BNZSA’s CEO affirmed that their company is responding to the overwhelming demand to extend their offerings to the North American Market following the delivery of outstanding lead generation campaigns they delivered for the clients in EMEA.

Brahim further adds, “Our clients find that the unique combination of our deep first-party data and insights, digital capabilities, and contact center agents is simply not available to them in the Americas and have insisted that we extend our services to support their State-side sales and marketing programs.”

BNZSA witnessed nearly a 40% increase in the annual revenue in the year 2020. This splendid performance has created a solid foundation for the company to further build upon and materialize its online geographical expansion plans and new offerings to provide the clients with end-to-end strategic campaign delivery.

According to Brahim the combination of a deep tech infrastructure coupled with the agents who physically deliver client’s lead generation programs make BNZSA an extremely powerful and effective client partner.

Brahim also proudly states, “I like to explain BNZSA simply as ‘Lead Generation Powered by People’. Our teams are able to physically qualify and route leads within hours of the lead being generated. This is practically unique in the marketplace – particularly as we bring our industry-standard GDPR compliance to the less regulated North American theatre.”


BNZSA is a leading marketing and advertising company of Europe headquartered in Pozuelo de Alarcon, Community of Madrid. Founded in the year 2013, the companies specialize in B2B marketing, Lead Generation, Intent Data, ABM, Demand Generation, Data build, Lead qualification, Inside Sales, BDR/LDR.

The company boasts a 95% client retention; generating $1.2 billion client revenue pipelines. They have delivered over 620 client campaigns and have a marketing-to-sales conversion rate of up to 70%.

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