World Bank Group Unites with CES for Global Tech Challange

World Bank Group Unites with CES for Global Tech Challange

CES, in association with the World Bank Group, announced the winner of the Global Tech Challenge at CES 2021.


  • The Global Tech Challenge was hosted to reward the innovative technological solutions in the field of resilience in India, Digital Health in East Africa, and Gender Equality across the globe.
  • Overall 10,000 applications were selected, wherein 3 winners were selected for gender equality, 17 for digital health, and 10 for resilience.
  • Technological solutions that helped the communities to respond against the COVID-19 pandemic were given priority in the competition.

The main aim behind the Global Tech Challenge is to provide a stage for innovative technological solutions in the field of resilience, digital health, and gender equality. Moving forwards, the winners of the competition will be getting financial and technological assistance from the government.

With required financial assistance and global stage, the winner will be able to access opportunities to scale the solution to private sector companies, and other development projects financed by the World Bank Group.

The technological solution will focus on reducing the digital gap and providing more resilience against pandemic or other natural disasters. Also, women would be able to capitalize the cutting-edge technology across the globe.

In short, these proven technological solutions will aid in ramp-up the development process globally and nobody will lag to access the technology.

Besides overcoming developmental challenges across the globe, disruptive technologies will also contribute towards job creation. This, in turn, will lead to the economic growth of countries.

Considering the overall significance of the technological solutions, IFC intends to support the private sectors to bring digital health technologies, such as ultrasound devices to diagnose COVID-19 and medical tools to detect real-time cardiac concerns in remote areas, to the emerging markets.

Sponsored by CTA, CES 2021 aims to connect exhibitors, thought leaders, media, and customers on a single platform. The digital experience will enable the participants to watch the launch of cutting-edge technologies, hear the technology innovator, and engage global brands and start-ups from across the world.

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