Businesses can now gain a better understanding of their leads’ behavior across multiple platforms thanks to the combination of Claritas best-in-class segmentation and the unrivaled cross-platform measurement and verification provided by Barometric.

Claritas’ acquisition of Barometric, a media tracking and segmenting company, offers precise optimization of audiences across media channels. According to David Huffman, Claritas Senior Vice President of product and professional services, this deal allows Claritas to prove and validate the effectiveness of its offline and online targeting, giving them a matching capability that allows for the creation of a closed-loop solution.

Leading up to the announcement of the deal, Claritas and Barometric had been partnering in-market as mentioned by Claritas CEO Mike Nazzaro. Barometric now becomes a part of Claritas’ media tracking portfolio for the increasing mobile ad market. eMarketer has forecasted that by 2020, spending on mobile advertising will make up 43% of the total U.S. ad market which exceeds the total spending on all traditional media.

Originally developed as an internal tool for AdTheorent, its original parent company, Barometric’s identity graph technology claims to be the only solution adept at collecting mobile IDs across all environments in addition to other devices.

In reference to this acquisition and combining of these two companies, Mike Nazzaro said to Martech, “Businesses can find and target their best customers at scale and verify that their messaging is reaching whom they want it to reach.” He believes that this will be another step in Claritas’ transformation from a segmentation company to a marketing services company. This will also include identifying, delivering and optimizing user targets.

For now, the Barometric brand will be retained and their leaders will join Claritas. Over the next year, the platform will complete its integration with Claritas. They will be then positioned to aid marketers in measuring the effectiveness of the targeted ads through segmentation.

“The combination of Claritas and Barometric is fantastic news for any marketer who is looking for a more precise level of clarity and campaign optimization,” said Mike Nazzaro. “Since our founding, Barometric has always been at the leading edge of cross-device consumer identification and measurement,” said Barometric Co-Founder and CEO Anthony Iacovone. “Now, by leveraging our one-of-a-kind capabilities with Claritas, marketers will have increased precision in measuring and targeting their customers across media.”

Both the companies with some of the nation’s leading consumer brands which include AT&T, Home Depot, McDonald’s, Samsung, and Verizon.

About Claritas

Founded in 1971 and based in San Diego, California, Claritas, Inc., is a market research company, that provides marketing information resources and solutions for consumer and B2B marketing activity companies. They offer a range of market analysis software tools; consulting services that are related to business issues, including segmentation, consumer household files, demographics, consumer demand, syndicated research, and business information solutions; and direct marketing services, media analytics, segmentation and customer analytics, , market and site analytics, primary research, and partner services.

About Barometric

Barometric is a media tracking and measurement company with the most advanced cross-environment media tracking and attribution solution in the market. They currently process 3-4 billion ad calls per day.


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