8 Reasons to Attend “CMO & Future of Marketing Middle East”: A Marketing Summit Sponsored by Valasys Media

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Save the date: Monday, 23 Sep 2019 – Wednesday, 25 Sep 2019.

23rd Sep 2019, will mark the opening of one of the grandest marketing events in the Middle East which will help the marketers delve deeper into the concepts such as the modern scenario of digitized audience experiences & indulgence, intelligent & predictive content strategies & assimilation of data-driven insights into the critical business decisions of the brands.

The trending topics in B2B marketing such as omnichannel marketing, marketing automation & cloud, social media & influencer marketing, account-based marketing, agile marketing & strategies to build & strengthen the brand equity will be refurbished & redefined beyond their conventional meanings as stalwarts from an array of sectors, viz. E-commerce, telecommunications, professional services, retail, corporations, distribution companies, government agencies, manufacturing companies, energies & Utilities, Banking Finance & Insurance (BFSI), Travel Leisure & Hospitality & Healthcare will be sharing their wealth of knowledge & expertise with their peers & other participants in the event.

The importance of Event marketing is reflected in the following quotation by Walt Disney:

“Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” 

Event marketing is the pragmatic marketing of a brand, service, or product through promotional events that involve direct interaction with a brand’s representatives. Live events provide brands with an opportunity to break free from the online clutters which are littered by the digitized landscapes and equip them to connect with their attendees more realistically. As audiences prefer human interactions over online interaction, event marketing helps a brand in optimizing their sales revenues & also allows them to establish stronger brand resonance.

As Stefanie Grieser, Co-Creator at Shine Bootcamp & Director of Growth at Sphere, stated: “ Event marketing is an extension of your content marketing. That’s the backbone to a really successful event.”

For the attendees live events provide unique opportunities for meeting new people, for sharpening their skilling & sharing exceptional insights on social media that their followers might not have ever heard of.

B2B events marketing is a central theme to B2B marketing.

According to a report by Bizzabo, most event marketers (31%) believe that events are the single most effective marketing channel & surpass digital advertising which is preferred by 27% of the marketers & email marketing, being preferred by 25% of them. Also, 87% of the C-suite executives believe in the power of live events & plan to increase their marketing budget spent on organizing such events.

Live events help in boosting the overall marketing endeavors of a company & lead to optimized sales revenue. The key advantages of hosting live events can be summarized as under:

  • Live events help in boosting the visibility of a company for specific products or services
  • They provide the marketers with an excellent opportunity of speaking at a keynote session or at a panel discussion to showcase their expertise
  • The events can be used as an excellent platform for launching new products or for their demos
  • The events are an excellent platform to inspire innovation & showcase the new solutions devised by the brands
  • Event marketing helps in strengthening brand recognition
  • The events give the brands a chance to build high-quality & higher fetching sales pipelines & drive trust amongst their potential & existing customers
  • Live events are an excellent platform for marketers to brainstorm & share their unique insights & wealth of information amongst each other
  • Live events have a positive impact on sales & contribute to an increase in the sales revenues

Reasons to Join the Action: CMO and Future of Marketing Middle East

CMO and Future of Marketing Middle East will be beneficial for a corporation, an eCommerce organization, government organizations, service providers, retailers, marketing agencies, or marketing solution providers. It will provide marketers with an opportunity to meet the best people in the industry & build-on their wealth of knowledge. The industry-stalwarts possessing different expertise such as those belonging to the field of account-based marketing, influencer marketing, Martech, AI and data analytics will deep delve and brainstorm to derive the underlying ramifications of the latest industrial practices.

The event is supposed to be attended by Chief Marketing Officers, VP’s/ Directors/ Head of Marketing, VP’s/ Directors/ Head of Digital Marketing, VP’s/ Directors/ Head of Channel Marketing, VP’s/ Directors/ Head of Sales, VP’s/ Directors/ Head of Communications, VP’s/ Directors/ Head of PR & Data Scientists & can be looked forward to for the following reasons:

1. Learn to Make Data-Driven Decisions:

The marketers can leverage on this multi-billion dollar opportunity to learn not only to optimize their sales revenue but also to learn how to quantify their marketing & sales endeavors. Quantification & precise measurement ensures that employing a well-integrated sales & marketing plan the brands can make intelligent & diligent data-driven decisions to achieve their core bottom-line endeavors such as optimized sales revenue, improved users’ experiences & a strong brand reputation.

Within the modern digitized landscapes, the prospects, as well as customers, generate a lot of data on several web-based platforms. Technology has involved & marketing automation tools allow the marketers to collect data from n number of sources – reflecting on the explicit & implicit buying decisions of the prospects.

Furthermore, data from several marketing tactics also requires to be split-tested & optimized & for the competitive benchmarking.

At the event experts such as Quentin Descat, Head of Marketing & Marketing Operations at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Middle East will share their thoughts on the necessities of data-driven decision making & its importance in driving businesses. While Quentin will talk about big & small data on Day one of the conference, several other experts are also scheduled to discuss & unfold impactful approaches towards the data-driven decision-making process.

2. Make Business Connections:

The CMO & Future of Marketing Middle East will give the marketers in the Middle East an excellent opportunity to acquaint with their counterparts in the region form several industries.

As Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, a well-known business magnate, investor, author & philanthropist quoted: “Succeeding in business is all about making connections.”

The business connections made during the event can be beneficial for not only sharing meaningful insights but can also eventually lead to cumulative ventures & mutual partnerships amongst marketers.

This, it can be expected that the event will serve as a platform for building cordial & symbiotic business ties.

3. Extrapolate a DNA for Innovation:

Transcending beyond the conventionalist mindset, the event will give the marketers excellent opportunities to tie-up with pioneering professionals in the field of marketing technologies & new-age marketing.

Peter Drucker, American Management Consultant, educator & author quoted the imperativeness of innovation in business as follows:

1. “Business has only two basic functions – marketing & innovation.”

2. “Marketing & innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.”

Having close cultural association will innovators inspires more inspiration, thereby giving the marketers a chance to be viewed as some of the most innovative ones, operationalizing within their niches.

4. Discuss the Evolution of Marketing & the Road Ahead:

The marketers, agencies, and corporations, as well as the influencers participating in the event, can discuss amongst themselves how marketing as a process has evolved globally as well as in the Middle East.

Keeping abreast with the latest technological, geographical & socio-economic factors influencing marketing helps the marketers in evolving as per the expectations of the customers & putting their best feet forward to optimize the users’ experiences.

5. Unveil unique martech solutions:

The event will serve as an excellent platform for the marketers to innovate creative solutions that can help them in architecting better personalized, quantifiable & brand-oriented strategies. Aligning the innovative strategies to meaningful metrics & linking those metrics with the business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the brands helps the marketers in tracking their endeavors & justifying their returns on marketing investment (ROMI) along with A/B testing their tactics for optimizing their sales revenues.

On the day 1 of the CMO & Future of Marketing Summit, Karim Cheaib, Chief Marketing Officer at AI Barakat Group will share his insights on the topic: “The CMO-CIO dynamic – A success in the making”, where he will enlighten the audiences on ways to use technology to weave memorable customer experiences (CX).

A recent study by Gartner in 2019 quotes: “Marketing technology is the single largest area of investment when it comes to marketing resources & programs,” which highlights that investing in marketing technologies is a top priority in all marketing budgets.

6. Drive better Audience Engagement & Business Growth:

The CMO & Future of marketing Middle East will be an excellent platform for marketers to identify platforms & tools that influence B2B buying, audience engagement & traffic growth.  By identifying new tools, B2B marketers can improve their arsenal of business tools for optimized sales revenue.

The following quote from Tera-Nicholle Nelson, Transformation Expert & CEO of SoulTour, PBC, substantiate that building audience engagement isn’t an overnight task & takes relentless effort:

“You can’t buy engagement. You have to build engagement.”

Day two of the marketing event will witness tech talkers discussing how to drive personalized & targeted relationship building & engagement using impactful strategies for ABM on LinkedIn & other social media platforms.

7. Decipher the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML)-based algorithms have revolutionized every aspect of B2B marketing & sales. Marketing automation tools, chatbots & other innovative technologies play decisive roles in mapping the engagement journeys of the prospects and in deriving meaningful insights from the research methodologies & the first & third-party intent data of the prospects.

AI & ML lie at the heart of the data-driven insights, so much so, that they are being termed by the marketers as the fourth industrial revolution.

On day two of the CMO & Future of Marketing Summit, the experts from the industry will share insights on how to use AI for data processing & more. The discussions have been titled: a) Making AI work for you: Demystifying the hyped technology & b) Using AI to personalize your CX respectively.

AI & ML are the important constituents of the predictive marketing technics as well as precognitive approaches being opted for by the marketers to optimize the experiences of their prospects to streamline their buying cycles & optimize the revenue being generated from sales.

8. Achieve the acme of Personalization:

Not only the event will be an excellent chance for the marketers to enliven the business connections by making them in real-time, thereby improving personalization for the connections at levels presumably much higher than any digitized strategy; but will also allow marketers to learn more on how to breathe in an air of personalization when it comes to client acquisition, engagement, conversion & retention.

According to John Jantsch, speaker & marketing consultant who authored Duct Tape Marketing, the importance of personalization can be realized in the following words:

“Personalization helps when a marketer or salesperson can take a piece of content & make it more useful for a specific prospect or customer”.

On the day 2 of the CMO & Future of Marketing Summit 2019, Sudharsan Natesan, Global Growth & Revenue Director, Marketing at Aramex will enlighten the audiences on how new-age ABM is all about integrating sales & marketing & marching forward with a collaborative approach towards personalization.

With the technology & the human elements in marketing working in conjunction with each other, the personalization has evolved almost to the level of individualization. As if the segment-based targeting of the prospects wasn’t enough, the marketers are also using niche-specific targeting & employing predictive insights to optimize users’ experiences, articulately address their pain points in real-time & expedite the sales conversions.

Creating intelligent & dynamic pieces of content has added new avenues to invigorate the roads to optimized customers’ experiences (CX).

Wrapping It Up

There are numerous benefits of participating in the CMO & Future of Marketing Summit, 2019. The event is an excellent opportunity for marketers to keep abreast of the latest developments within their niches and globally at large. Capitalizing on the opportunities to participate, will give the brands an upper hand over their competitors, besides giving them a platform to showcase their unique business solutions. The audience at the event will be comprised of some of the key decision-makers within the industry, which will not only help the marketers to exhibit what they have to offer in terms of Account-Based Marketing Experiences (ABMX) but also will allow them to reap the benefits of unmatchable networking opportunities.

The event can be sponsored by Marketing Agencies, Martech Companies, companies dealing with Marketing Data Platforms & Solutions & those who are Marketing Cloud & Automation Providers, SEO Companies, Influencer Agencies, Digital Agencies, Advertising Companies, companies providing Social Media Marketing & Sales services & those providing the CRM Services, Creative Media Agencies, Account-Based Marketing Companies as well as by the Consultancies.

Some of the benefits that the brands can expect from sponsoring & demonstrating their skill-sets at the event include the following:

  • Marketers can establish themselves as Subject matter Experts (SMEs) & as though process leaders
  • They can showcase their product development competencies & other innovative solutions
  • With an ample amount of knowledge & aptest networking & technical resources intact, they can be one step ahead of their competition
  • They can increase their wealth of knowledge & employ it to eventually generate new businesses, either single-handedly or in collaboration with their counterparts from the industry
  • Businesses participating in the event can expect strengthened brand equity & reputation & optimized brand resonance across omnichannel

Daphne Bousquet, a renowned seminar expert, consultant & planner stated: “A successful event isn’t so much about the person at the center of the party, but about the attendee”.

As sponsors, Valasys Media invites executives & senior executives from all levels of hierarchy to mark their presence in the event. An optimal presence of industry-experts will not only create a better experience for the attendees & will benefit all those participating, but will also allow all the participates to share their unique insights, challenges & experiences – paving ways for creativity & innovation to be cultivated to new heights on the grandest stage of them all.

Please refer to the link below to register your presence at the event:


You can also call us on: +971 4 360 2800 or drop us an email at: partnership@iqpc.ae

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