CONTENTgine Launches New Website

CONTENTgine leader intent by engagement, launches new website

CONTENTgine (, the world leader in intent by engagement, on June 28th, 2021, launched its new website. With the launch, the platform brings its Perpetual Engine to the public and will introduce marketers to high-quality leads through best-in-class content syndication and multiple intent insights.

Driving these insights is the Perpetual Engine, a continuous stream of intelligence formulated around the most precise engagement data in the industry. The solution seekers are offered case studies and white papers from the world’s most extensive Curated Content Platform by the Perpetual Engine containing over 4,00,000 unique assets spanning 2,000 categories.

CONTENTgine will be able to collect a wealth of marketing analytics through this expansive content library. The Perpetual Engine assists the creation of Content Cultivated Audiences by leveraging educational tools. Content Attributed Leads and Content Category Leads are then derived from prospect downloads. CONTENTgine can go beyond intent marketing by identifying contact, company, content, and other relevant data points.

This innovation was possible through the recent acquisition of Contentree, a content collection that features 1,000 business-to-business vendors in more than 400 industries. Access to the case studies of Contentree, white papers, and other collateral through Perpetual Engine gives marketers access to first-party intent-based lead generation. The insights include contact intelligence, account intelligence, and first-party engagement. The depth of these insights makes CONTENTgine stand out from its competitors.

According to Ian Dix, the Chief Marketing Officer at CONTENTgine, the continual and rapid growth of CONTENTgine is the reason that gave birth to the new website that reflected upon the value proposition of the company to a wide audience.

He elatedly explained further that as the world leader in content indication lead generation, derived from the world’s largest library of B2B content, their new website perfectly explains the how, as well as, the why involved in providing better leads and content syndication.

About CONTENTgine

CONTENTgine is a content-driven lead generation solution provider headquartered in Reno, NV. They have a content discovery platform having the world’s largest collection of business content that scores intent by analyzing engagements at a prospect and account level to educate the business professionals about the solutions to their challenges.

Apart from lead generation, they provide content syndication, purchase intent, lead scoring, and similar other services.

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